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    Audacity macOS 2.1.1-DMG (screen reader accessible)

A free multi-track audio editor and recorder. Audacity for Mac is an open source, cross-platform audio editor and recorder. The appcan record and play sounds and import and export WAV, AIFF, MP3, and OGG files. Edit your sounds using cut, copy, and paste features (with unlimited undo functionality), mix tracks, or apply effects to your recordings. Mar 17, 2016 Audacity for Mac is a robust audio editor that beats all the existing mac tools. Download & Install Audacity for mac easily on Mac OS X 10.11 El Capitan. Audacity runs best with at least 1 GB RAM and a 1 GHz processor (2 GB RAM/2 GHz on OS X 10.7 and later and macOS). For lengthy multi-track projects, we recommend a minimum of 2 GB RAM and 2 GHz processor (4 GB RAM on OS X 10.7 and later and macOS.

Audacity-macosx-ub-2.0.6.dmg Files in this torrent could contain viruses. Are you sure you want to see the links? Yes I understand the risks, show me the links. Using BitTorrent is legal, downloading copyrighted material isn’t. Be careful of what you download or face the consequences. Download audacity-macosx-ub-2.0.0rc1.dmg free. File size 28MB. Direct download link.

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Audacity® is a free, open source (cross-platform) digital audio editor, recorder, and mixer. It is a sophisticated software application that comes with an extensive list of features.


- recording (from a microphone or mixer)

- import/export of WAV, AIFF, AU, FLAC, MP3 (via LAME encoder) Ogg Vorbis files

- advanced editing (cut, copy, paste, delete commands with unlimited 'Undo' and 'Redo,' multitrack mixing)

- digital effects (change the pitch, remove background noises, alter frequencies, remove vocals, create voice-overs for podcasts, etc.) and plug-ins (support for LADSPA, Nyquist, VST Audio Unit, including VAMP analysis plug-ins).

The full list of Audacity® features can be found on its official homepage here. Audacity is available under the GNU General Public License (GPL), offers support for over 20 languages and it runs on Microsoft Windows®, Mac OS X®, and Linux®.

How to convert a dmg file to windows. Here’s how to convert a DMG file into an ISO file that can be mounted on a Windows PC. First head over to this website and grab yourself a copy of dmg2img by clicking on the win32 binary link. Once the file has downloaded, open your Downloads folder, right click on the file.

Trademark Note 1: Microsoft®, Windows® and other product names are either registered trademarks or trademarks of Microsoft Corporation in the United States and/or other countries.

Audacity® Review

Setup: Please note that when you install Audacity® for the first time (in Windows), you will be prompted to install two shipped DLL effects (hard limiter and sc4) which are not VST's, and they will load in Audacity whatever you decide in the dialog. You can find them in 'Plug-Ins' folder, and if you need to add a new effect later, you should check the manual, section 'Adding a new VST effect in Audacity(R).'

Important: I've seen a lot of useful programs without a proper help guide. Audacity® is a positive example of how support should look for the 'regular' user. When you open this application for the first time, there's a dialog window named 'How to Get Help.' The first two support links 'Quick Help' and 'Manual' point respectively to the 'Getting Started' section and the front page of the Manual. The Manual is present if you get the Windows Installer or Mac DMG file, so no internet connection is needed to start learning and experimenting.

Audacity mac os x ub 2 0 6 dmg file

If you download the ZIP or the source code, you can still download and install the Manual. Otherwise, you will need an Internet Connection for the online version of the Manual.

Introduction: Audacity® is a sophisticated tool, you can achieve a lot of things, but still, unless you're an audio engineer, a passionate or advanced user, you have to spend some time with the help files. I believe most (novice) users use this software to perform only one or a few functions. For those who never used this program before, I thought it might be a good idea to list a couple of things that Audacity® can accomplish.

Copy tapes, LPs, MiniDiscs and other legacy media

You can preserve old recordings by transferring them from many sources.

Cassette tapes, Vinyl LPs, reel-to-reel tapes, video cassettes, mixers, portable MP3 players, digital voice recorders, personal video recorders, etc.) to a DVD, CD, external storage device (USB HDD or memory stick) or even on your computer.

If you want to use this function, you ought to check the Audacity® tutorial - 'Tutorial - Copying tapes, LPs or MiniDiscs to CD.'

Create and edit live tracks: Manipulate tracks recorded from various sources before copying them to another source such as a DVD or CD. You can split long tracks (that would not fit due to their size) in multiple individual songs, cut certain portions between your songs and unite them in a single track.


This was just a primary example of a process that can get even more complex. You can check this tutorial - 'Tutorial - Recording and Editing.'

Create Podcasts: If you're interested in producing podcasts, Audacity® is an excellent choice. You have two options: first, you can use another device such as a digital recorder and then edit the file in Audacity(R), or you can record it on your computer. All you need is a microphone or a headset for recording process (the sound quality might vary depending on your equipment), and again, you can use Audacity(R) for making podcasts.

You can create a simple podcast and choose to export it to a compressed lossy format such as MP3 or Ogg Vorbis. Additionally, you can use other lossy formats such as WMA, AAC, and AC3. The FFmpeg library provides the support for such formats in Microsoft Windows and Linux. For more info on creating a podcast check this Tutorial - 'Creating a simple voice and music Podcast with Audacity(R).'

Audacity Mac Os X Ub 2 0 6 Dmg Download

Create Ringtones: Right now, individual mobile operators are charging their users if they want a customized ringtone. Those who do not wish to pay for this, usually search for an alternative; such as a free site that offers free ringtones. Unfortunately, most websites that I know delivers a bonus (besides the free ringtone): adware or malware. Now, why would you pay or download from an untrustworthy website when it's easy to do it using this free, clean digital editor?

Three simple steps:

Audacity Mac Os X Ub 2 0 6 Dmg Free

(1) create the audio file (you can import an MP3, MP2, WAV, AIFF, OGG and FLAC files including MP4 files on Mac OS X® - without additional libraries)

(2) Check the audio file format supported by your mobile phone

(3) Transfer the file(s) on your cell phone (it's a good idea to check the manual/website of your phone as the audio file formats, including the folder where you need to copy the new files is different from one manufacturer to another). Again, there's an excellent tutorial covering this subject here - 'Tutorial - Making Ringtones.'

Conclusion: There is much more to explore and discover in Audacity®. You can perform multitrack recording and editing, create mono/stereo recording and even surround sound. The plug-ins (also known as add-ons) helps Audacity® to offer even more features: special effects, filters, tone generators and analysis capabilities. I will jump over a lot of other features that I didn't list, and I will say that you can customize this editor in many ways but this is a territory for advanced users.

My simple review is trying to reveal only a few things that you can achieve using this free digital audio editor and recorder. Dumb for an audio engineer but, I am confident that users who never used an audio editor, might feel overwhelmed about this excellent but complex tool.

My intention was to list only a few features that can encourage the regular home user to use this software, even if it's for a simple task such as a ringtone creation. Once the user feels comfortable, it might be tempted to explore other advanced functions.

Finally, please don't forget that Audacity® was and it still is a clean, free, open source software for the last 16 years! There's a whole dedicated team working on a daily basis so, a donation will help and encourage them to release new, better, improved versions in the future. Therefore, 'please' donate for an excellent piece of software!

(There's no video for Audacity yet. Please contribute to MR and add a video now!)

Audacity Mac Os X Ub 2 0 6 Dmg 2

What is Audacity?

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Audacity is an open-source audio recorder and editor. It has a plethora of features and is well praised.

LameLib.sit(86.48 KiB / 88.56 KB)
Mac OS 9 / compressed w/ Stuffit
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audacity-mac-1.0.0.sit(1.54 MiB / 1.61 MB)
Mac OS 9 / compressed w/ Stuffit
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audacity-macosx-ub-2-0-6.dmg(30.86 MiB / 32.36 MB)
Mac OS X / DMG image
78 / 2018-04-05 / e007c3cb3cad84d1557dae944d1f6f5c213baa52 / /

Compatibility notes

ver 1.0.0 requires Mac OS 9

ver 2.0.6 requires Mac OS X 10.4 or later

Emulating this? It should run fine under: SheepShaver

Audacity Mac Os X Ub 2 0 6 Dmg File