This quick instruction will help any-one to make a Bootable MacOS Catalina Installer.ISO and.DMG images in MacOS and Windows. MacOS Catalina.ISO is needed for installing Catalina into a virtual machine using VMWare and Virtual box and other purposes. How to create a Bootable MacOS Catalina.ISO image on a Mac? Step 1: Download MacOS from App Store into Applications. Since ISO is a better format for Windows, you can also convert the DMG to the ISO format and then use the ISO disk image to create the bootable USB. Please note that you can't boot your Mac from bootable USB made from an ISO file, which means you'll have to convert it back to DMG prior to that.

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  1. The DMG image format is by far the most popular file container format used to distribute software on Mac OS X. Here’s how to convert a DMG file into an ISO file that can be mounted on a Windows PC.
  2. From MacOS Mojave 10.14, Apple doesn't provide the DMG file directly, so it is difficult for us to setup a bootable disk for Hackintosh or Virtualization. I've found a way to convert MacOS Mojave installer into ISO file and it works.

Here are ways that you can convert dmg files to iso files on Mac OSX, Windows and Linux.

Before we start, let’s download a dmg file from the public domain. I found one on Apple’s article about The XMLHttpRequest Object website while I was learning Ajax and that can be downloaded from this link. This is just a 150KB dmg file and will be handy if you want to have something to test with while you’re following this tutorial.

How To Convert DMG Files To ISO Files On Mac

Method 1: Using the Mac terminal

1. Open a terminal window from Finder > Applications > Utilities > Terminal.

2. Assuming that you have a disk image called apple.dmg in the current directory, type

hdiutil convert apple.dmg -format UDTO -o apple.iso

3. This will actually create a file called image.iso.cdr in the current directory (even though we asked for the output to be image.iso). This file can be safely renamed to image.iso, copied to a Windows server or machine, and burned with your CD/DVD burner of choice.

Generally, the command hdiutil can be used this way:

hdiutil convert /path/to/filename.dmg -format UDTO -o /path/to/savefile.iso

Method 2: Using DMGConverter (freeware)

1. DMGConverter is a disk image (.dmg, .cdr, .iso) creation and conversion tool which is simple and easy to use. It is a very useful tool for the collective processing of more than one file and every folder, and it can deal with all the fundamental processing with the drag & drop of the file/folder. For Mac Only.

How To Convert DMG Files To ISO Files On Windows

This is for Windows users who might have downloaded a dmg file and wondering how to extract the content, or not even knowing how and what to do with the dmg file. I’ve been there at a certain stage. the sharewares mentioned are fully functional and allows you to use the “convert dmg to iso” function even when it’s not registered yet.

Method 1: Using MagicISO (shareware)

1. Download MagicISO, install and run program.

2. Click to open dmg file.

3. Click to open “Properties” dialogs.

4. Uncheck Apple HFS and Apple HFS+

5. Check “ISO 9660” “Joliet” “UDF”

6. Click OK

7. Click to save as to iso image, or click to burn to CD/DVD without saving.

Method 2: Using UltraISO (shareware)

UltraISO basically does the same thing, but it can save you time from doing step 3 to 6 compared to method 1.

Alternative Solutions: dmg2iso (freeware) and isobuster (shareware)

I’ve heard and read that some people had been able to convert dmg files into iso files using dmg2iso (freeware). I’ve tried dmg2iso, converted my dmg file to iso without problem, but the converted iso file is corrupted and can’t be open by any tools (Daemon Tools, Alcohol, MagicISO, UltraISO and ISOBuster) that I’ve tested. It might work for you, but no guarantees.

ISOBuster is pretty similar to MagicISO and UltraISO. But too bad that the function to “convert dmg to iso” is restricted and won’t be functional until you buy the software.

How To Convert DMG Files To ISO Files On Linux

Free open-source app AcetoneISO provides a great deal of disc image manipulation tools not found in the Gnome desktop. It can mount/unmount a variety of image formats (ISO, DMG, MDF, NRG, BIN, NRG), convert images, create, encrypt, and decrypt ISOs, play DVDs (with the required codecs installed), and much more. It is particularly useful for mounting proprietary formats found in Windows and Mac boot discs. AcetoneISO is a one-stop-shop for all of your CD/DVD image manipulation needs, and is a free download for Linux only. This works on all famous linux distro such as Ubuntu, SUSE, Fedora, Mandrake, and Redhat.

So there you have it, and this should get you covered no matter what operating system you’re using.


An ISO file contains optical disc file system and contains elements that would be written in optical disc. It comes with .iso extension but sometime .img extension is also used in some cases like Microsoft Dreamspark. The file which doesn’t contain ISO 9660 but have UDF which comes with .udf extension. It is sector by sector copy of data.

What is ISO FILE

The full form of ISO is International Organisation for Standardization. The ISO name is taken from ISO 9660, used with CD ROM media but it contain a UDF(ISO/IEC 13346) file system ( used for DVDs and Blu-ray Discs). Most of the operating systems like Unix, Linux and Mac OS have built in capability to mount an ISO. Most of the emulator uses .ISO file to create image of CD. Emulator like PCSX2, Dolphin use .iso to emulate Wii and GameCube games and Playstation 2 games respectively.

Benefits of ISO file

  • It is the program file which is neatly copied in a single file and it is used to distribute large program over the internet.
  • It is used to create backup of CD or DVD because it creates the exact copy carry, and converts all the data with bits from the disc. Whenever the file is copied, it lacks the header file but when iso file is created it covers all the things including the header file.

Softwares used to create iso file

  • ISO Recorder
  • Magic ISO
  • Power ISO
  • Any to ISO

What is .dmg file

DMG file is Apple disc image which is used for Mac OS. It comes with .dmg extension. DMG stands for Disc Image File. It has UDIF(Universal Disc Image Format) for Mac OS X with .dmg extension. It is capable for the compressed, encrypted data, file spanning amd some of which are password protected. It is downloaded from internet and mounts a virtual disc on the desktop when opened. Disc image file is only used for Mac OS not for the Windows. DMG file support 128-bit and 256-bit AES encryption.

Benefits of .dmg file:

  • It has supporting feature for creating hybrid optical media, that has multiple file system
  • It also supports some of the file system like Hierarchical File System (HFS) , HFS Plus, ISO 9660, Universal Disc Format (UDF), File Allocation Table(FAT).
  • DMG files are read only file ,allow the file to change nothing after being created. This makes the software more secure and free from any virus.
  • It is easy to send more than one file over the internet that contains software and its Installer.
  • It has ability to show multilingual software licence agreement before mounting the disc image.

We have so much in Mac that would make it easy for us to convert an ISO file to DMG and DMG file to ISO and also no additional software is required. Although there are some processes that would be used to convert the DMG file into ISO file in Mac OS X.

The first process is by using opening disc utility , the second process comes with the command line and the third via different software.

Opening Disc Utility

This is a powerful technique. We should be careful while doing this because by our single mistake it would easily wipe out data from some of our discs. So be cautious.

Explanation of process:

  • First of all we have to insert the CD/ DVD which contains the file that we want to convert into a CD burning capable mac.
  • After that, go to the Finder file and open it. After opening click on the application and then double click on the Utilities folder.
  • After that, to open the Disc Utility, double click on the application.

Creating DMG file

  • After opening the Disc Utility window, go to left and check name of the disc that we want to insert in the highlighted region.
  • Then click on the file menu which is at the top and go to downward menu option, click New, then click on Disc Image (name of our disc).
  • Give a name to new file and navigate on the desktop to save the file there.
  • Choose the compressed image format
  • Click on save menu and now we have .dmg file save in the desktop. Now our next task is to burn the file onto a blank CD/DVD.

Burning the DMG file

  • Take out the original CD/DVD from the computer and put a blank CD/DVD on it. If you promoted with a pop-up window, click ignore.
  • Then after return to Disc Utility and go to top of the window and click the Burn button.
  • Then after, go and check out on the desktop and highlight the .dmg file and save. Then click on Burn button.
  • Click Burn again in the new window to set the new default setting.
  • CD/DVD is automatically ejected, once the program is finished. Now we have a burned CD or DVD with a copy of original file saved in .dmg format.

Second Method

Using Command line:

Convert Dmg To Iso Osx

This is the easiest method to convert the ISO file into DMG by using command line.


  • Go to the Finder and open it, then open the terminal by clicking GO > Terminal
  • Type the following command on the terminal
  • hdiutil convert /path/imagefile.iso –
  • format UDRW -o /path/convertedimage.dmg , here /path/imagefile.iso is the path to the file.
  • Then after press Enter , it will take few seconds or minutes according to the size of file. After completion, the file comes with .CDR extension. Just rename it to .ISO . The file is ready to use.

Third method via different software

Adobe indesign cs6 mac dmg. Softwares which are capable to convert the ISO file into DMG

Convert Dmg To Bootable Iso

Some of the softwares atr also used to convert the ISO file to DMG file. Some of them are

  1. MagicISO: It is a software which is capable to convert many format into disc image file. Click on the MagicISO then click on the File and then click on open our ISO file. Click on Property and then Apple Disc Image and click Save. The ISO file is converted to DMG file. To download the MagicISO go to the official website . It is available for 64 bit as well as for 32 bit.
  1. PowerISO: It is also another software which is capable of converting many types of format into disc image file. Open the Power ISO and click File and then click on open ISO file. Click on the Properties and then select the Apple Disc Image. Click on the File icon and save it from the drop down menu and click Save. The ISO file is converted to DMG and ready to use. To download the PowerISO go to official website .
  1. Nero Burning Rom: Like the MagicISO and PowerISO, Nero Burning Rom is also used to convert the ISO file into DMG file. Click on the Nero Burning Rom amd click on the File and then click on open the ISO file and then click on the File and Save As dialog box. “Output File Type” property is changed Disc Image File and the Save it . This is how we convert the ISO file to DMG using Nero Burning Rom. DMG file is ready to use. To download the Nero Burning Rom go to the Official website .
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