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May 25, 2018 My first impression of DARK SOULS REMASTERED. Spyro Had One of the Coolest Anti-Piracy Measures Ever Tech Rules - Duration: 12:41. Tech Rules Recommended for you. Prayer of a Maiden is an achievement in Dark Souls. It is worth 25 points and can be received for: Acquire all miracles. Sep 18, 2016  Offensive miracles aren't viable in PvP because ninety percent of the Dark Souls community can dodge just about any spell thrown at them. These are the outliers. Lightning Blade is just about the only offensive miracle to use, and that's because most. Almost two years ago, for the first Global Restart Day, I created a guide for what I called objectively the best build in Dark Souls. And now that Dark Souls Remastered is here, I've risen from my ashen cemetery to bring you THE CLERIC KNIGHT BUILD: REMASTERED.

So I've been told by both FamousAmos and Tolvo Dusk Crown doesn't affect miracles, I didn't believe them so its time to test!
I'm on my SL120 Dex/Fth build testing on the hollows in the duel area, I'm on NG. My character has 45 Fth, and with a Darkmoon Talisman 208 Magic Adjust. I'll test a few spells.
Without Crown:
Hollow Warrior 525 Dmg
Crossbow Soldier: 525 Dmg

Dark Souls Remastered Xbox One

Spear Soldier 524 Dmg/209 Shield Up
With Crown:
Hollow Warrior: 630 Dmg
Crossbow Soldier: 630 Dmg
Spear Soldier: 639 Dmg/252 Dmg
Great Lightning Spear:
Without Crown:
All Same 562 Dmg and 252 through shield
With Crown
All Same: 675 Dmg and 275 through shield
Without Crown

Dark Souls Remastered What Increases Miracles Dmg 2

Healed from 206 to 831, so 625 HP
With Crown
Healed from 175 to 800, so 625 HP

Dark Souls Remastered What Increases Miracles Dmg Download

Dark Souls Remastered What Increases Miracles Dmg Lyrics

So Dusk Crown buffs offensive miracles, but not heals. Now you know