This guide covers the basics of PWM audio on the Raspberry Pi Zero

Oct 22, 2008 Most 2-Channel stereo's/receivers I've used have the option to switch between 'stereo' and 'mono' output. This happens inside the unit. How to output mono from 2ch receiver?? Wed Sep 02, 2015. 28mm speaker: DMG console; 23mm speaker: GBP, GBA and GBC consoles; PAM8302A: 2W mono amplifier. Input voltage: 2.5-5V; Current draw: Varies by supply voltage and other factors; Small form factor; 1.85-2.11cm; Hook up wire; Compatible with any console; Datasheet: PAM8302A; Installation instructions: Game Boy DMG (coming soon), Game Boy Color, Game Boy Advance.

But at the end of the day, I mostly make proto parts. Why work for dmg mori. They all absolutely chew through metal and have remarkable speed and accuracy.

It was based off of this article .. o/overview

Dmg Gameboy Mono Or Stereo Output 2

Parts Needed:
150 OHM RESISTOR ( x2 for stereo)

Dmg Gameboy Mono Or Stereo Output 2

270 OHM RESISTOR ( x2 for stereo)
I ordered my parts from Tayda Electronics you can click on the links above to see the exact parts I ordered. Keep in mind you must have $5 in your cart to be able to order from them but they are a very good company. You may buy from your favorite electronics site and just use the links for reference as well. There are also slightly varying parts you could use.
Simplified schematic:
Note: The orientation of 270R, 150R and 33N do not matter.
10U Must be oriented correctly, the negative pin is usually denoted by a dashed line on the side of the capacitor and a shorter post.Stereo
If you want only left or right channel audio just split the schematic at the ground and only use one side.
My implementation:
Software End:

Should I Record In Mono Or Stereo

Dmg Gameboy Mono Or Stereo Outputs

Add the following text to the end of /boot/config.txt and reboot your piYou should be able to cut out the part you don't need if you are using only the left or right channel but I will not provide it since it varies based on which you choose.
Thanks to @tindalos for this method
You should now have audio! If you have any questions about anything in the guide or concerns with how I implemented it please let me know!