1. Does Ninja Tabi Work Against True Dmg Full

So.. I feel like the new ninja tabi's are worse than the old, while they didn't need a nerf. Create dmg from app on windows 7. Ninja tabi's were not built very often except for when they were necessary for being able to win your lane, or if the enemy team has a ridiculous amount of physical damage.
12% dodge to 10% damage reduction. This in itself is a nerf. Their effects on regular attack damage is the same, except the new one is more reliable. Reliability is not necessarily a buff, though. Part of what made tabi strong was the surprise dodge on the last hit when you would have died no problem if they had seen the dodge coming. Reliability is as good for the defender as for the attacker.
However, this is not all. I actually think the worst part is this: on-hit effects. Without dodge, things like irelia's true damage, vayne silver bolts, wits end, and so on and so forth, will not be countered by ninja tabi. A dodged hit would also dodge on-hit effects, and thus be a good item to counter such champions. However, this is no longer possible and their on hit effects are now actually really good against tabi, as only the regular attack gets it's damage reduced.
The only tiny upside is that some auto attack enhancers, I think, could make a hit undodgeable (not 100% sure but I believe these exist, next to sword of the divine). The normal portion of this attack would at least still be reduced by new tabi.
If I'm wrong, or missing something, please let me know, but this feels like a plain nerf to me, that was not necessary.


Does Ninja Tabi Work Against True Dmg Full

May 07, 2019  Ninja Tabi with dodge runes + the dodge mastery means you have like 20% dodge chance and you get a movement speed increase every time you dodge an attack. So in reality, you probably won't lose too much speed, and you'll decrease a LOT of damage. Extremely viable. Jun 20, 2016  American Ninja Warrior tonight stops in Oklahoma City, the fourth of five cities the show will visit this season for its qualifying and, later, city final rounds. These are the start of a journey. Sep 05, 2013  Ninja Tabi's passive reduces damage from basic attacks from champions, minions and neutral monsters. It does not reduce damage from towers however. The change in the V1.0.0.154 patch changed them from champ only to champ, minion and monster. Jun 17, 2012  See vlad with ninja tabi against irelia top at dreamhack and was wondering if this was the case. At first I thought, 'no, true damage can't be mitigated,' but the wording on Ninja Tabi makes it seem like it may be so. Unique: Reduces the damage taken from non-turret autoattacks by 10%. This damage reduction cannot be penetrated like armor.