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Spell critical strike (often abbreviated as 'spell crit') is when a spell or magical effect (most damaging spells, healing spells, some damage over time effects) has an increased effect. To see your chance to critically strike with spells, open your character pane and view your spell stats. Intellect gives spell power at a (1:1) - 10 ratio, and I think you get roughly 10 mana per point of Intellect (not including base). Spell crit depends on your level. I'm pretty sure it's 15 mana per point. Jul 16, 2019 We’re going to be looking at the dps gained by adding 1% of spell crit vs 1% of spell hit for warlocks with 300 spell damage. Gearset 1: 300 spell damage, 0% crit, 0% hit. Dps (warlock): 406.10648 - expected dps at this gear level (SpellHit,4.6422424) - dps gained by adding 1% spell hit (SpellCrit,4.2705383) - dps gained by adding 1% spell crit. Jul 29, 2019  Meanwhile, a longer cast spell such as Fireball gets 100% of the Spell Damage in your gear as added damage. This means that 100 Spell Damage on your gear would cause Fireball to deal 100 extra damage per cast, but Frostbolt would only deal 81 extra damage, using the same gear. A table with the exact coefficients for all spells in WoW Classic can be found in this reddit thread, by u/RobertVests.

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This article is about spell critical strikes only. For physical critical strikes, see Critical strike.

Spell critical strike (often abbreviated as 'spell crit') is when a spell or magical effect (most damaging spells, healing spells, some damage over time effects) has an increased effect. To see your chance to critically strike with spells, open your character pane and view your spell stats. Mobs are unable to get critical strikes with spells.

Spell critical strike chance is gained from both critical strike rating and intellect, as well as various talents and abilities.

  • 3Increasing spell crit chance
  • 5Using spell crit effectively

Spell crit damage

The size of spell crits depends on the character's class and spec, as well as the spell cast:

  • All healing crits heal for 200% of the normal amount
  • All druid, mage, priest, shaman and warlock crits deal 200% normal damage
  • Elemental shaman crits deal 250% normal damage through [Elemental Fury].

With damage over time, heal over time and area of effect spells, spell critical strike chance applies independently to each tick and each target.

Certain metagems, such as the [Chaotic Shadowspirit Diamond], increase spell critical strike damage beyond 200%.

Base spell crit chance

The base chance to critically strike with spells is based on the Intellect attribute and a class specific constant.

Intellect per crit %Class-specific
ClassLevel 60Level 70Level 80Level 85

Increasing spell crit chance

Spell critical strikes have a generally low chance of occurring, however, you can increase your crit chance in certain ways:

  • Talents (some classes)
  • Potions (temporary)
  • Buffs (temporary)
  • Debuffs (temporary)

Critical strike rating

The easiest method to increase the chance of a critical strike is to equip gear with the attribute 'Increases your critical strike rating by 'x'.' For some classes, critical strike rating is of less value. Unlike Intellect, critical strike rating increases the chance to get a critical strike equally for all classes.

Critical strike rating required for 1%
Level 60Level 70Level 80Level 85Level 90


For a level 85 character:


  • Talents that affect the crit chance of 'all spells' (e.g.: [Piercing Ice]), or talents that specifically affect spells of a certain school, directly add to the calculated 'Crit Chance %' on the character pane.
  • Talents that only affect the spell crit chance of a specific spell are NOT included in the spell 'Crit Chance %' on the character pane.
  • Mousing over the 'Intellect' value in your character pane will show you the Intellect portion of your spell 'Crit Chance' (eg: 'Increases Spell Critical Hit by x.xx%'). This works out to the '(INT/648.91)+ClassConstant' portion of the formula.

Using spell crit effectively

When evaluating the tradeoff between critical strike rating and other secondary stats, there are some things to consider:

  • Some classes have abilities or talents which proc off of spell critical strikes, as do some items.
  • Spell crit can lead to more unpredictable damage. As such, it can be powerful, but unreliable.
  • In group PvE, a string of 'lucky' spell crits can pull aggro off the tank, possibly resulting in a dead caster.
  • In PvP, a string of 'lucky' spell crits can take your opponents by surprise or simply overwhelm their defences, winning you the fight. Steady, predictable damage is easily anticipated and defended against; sudden spikes of damage are hard to anticipate and often impossible to defend against.

Spell hit or spell crit?

Without considering factors such as talents, a 1% increase in spell crit chance will result in a gain of 0.5% or 1% of a spell's base damage (depending on class/spec, see above), whereas a 1% increase in spell hit chance will always give a 1% increase of a spell's base damage. When dealing with 150% crits, this may make reaching the hit cap for your chosen area of play more valuable than increasing crit chance.

Numerous talents proc from crits (Ignite, [Divine Aegis], [Master of Elements]), while many more proc from certain spell hits regardless of crits. These talents can significantly increase the desirability of increasing your crit chance. It should also be remembered that hit affects other types of spell such as ccs ([Polymorph], [Hammer of Justice], [Psychic Scream]), which can often be even more critical than damage.

In general, increasing crit chance without reaching your hit cap will lead to more unpredictable effectiveness, in terms of damage, talent procs and even ccs. This can be handy for PvP, where sudden burst damage can surprise and overwhelm opponents, but can also cause crucial spells to miss at critical moments.

There is still debate whether spell casting is based on a one-roll system (like 'normal' melee) or not, although there is currently overwhelming evidence that it is a 'two-roll' system - hit rolled for first, followed by a roll for crit.[citation needed]Download mavericks dmg 10.9.2.

Patch Changes

  • Patch 6.0.2 (2014-10-14): Spell Crit %, Melee Crit %, and Ranged Crit % have been merged into a universal Crit %.
  • Patch 5.0.4 (2012-08-28): All spells now have a base critical damage bonus of 100%, up from 50%.
  • Patch 4.2.0 (2011-06-28): All healing spells now crit for 200% instead of 150%.
  • Patch 4.0.1 (2010-10-12):
    • Damage over time effects and channels are now capable of critically striking (there are some exceptions to this, such as Ignite).
    • All mage and warlock spells now crit for 200% damage.
    • Balance druids, shadow priests and elemental shamans receive a specialization bonus allowing their spells to crit for 200% damage.
  • Patch 3.0.2 (2008-10-14):
    • Spell Critical Strike Rating has been merged into Critical Strike Rating.
    • Channeled spells such as [Blizzard] are now capable of critically striking.
  • Patch 2.0.1 (2006-12-05):Combat Rating System introduced. Items no longer increase spell critical strike chance by a fixed percentage.
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How Much Crit Spell Dmg Classic Wow Server

I played a lot of rogue back in the day, and one of the things i'd read about on Elitist Jerks from time to time is that if you're lacking hit rating, it is in some cases better to take crit pieces over some raw damage, when possible. That being said, I look at mages, whom have no hit gear right now, but, from what I see, a lot of mages are rushing straight flat spell damage gear, over crit.
Why is this? Wouldn't it be more beneficial to pick up crit gear where possible, over spell damage right now, until more hit becomes available? Or at the least, get to a specific crit chance before going for flat spell damage?
How Much Crist Spell Dmg Classic WowReading an Elitist Jerks thread about Hit vs Crit that dates back to 2006, the mages value crit the same as, if not more than hit rating, so with the lack of hit gear in the game right now, wouldn't that make spell crit your go to stat?

How Much Crit Spell Dmg Classic Wow Release

The reason I ask, is that we recently did a guild raid. Our mages rushed 'preraid BiS' which consisted of a lot of raw spell damage, and a small amount of crit on gear, where as, I went a different route, and put a priority on spell crit, over spell damage.
In the end, I ended up blowing the other mages out of the water, in terms of damage done. How much crit spell dmg classic wow release

How Much Crist Spell Dmg Classic Wow Server

Any thoughts?