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Jun 14, 2018  So Jeff Kaplan said that they nerfed Tracer’s ULTIMATE because it was too much of a tank buster. First of all, it is in an Ultimate, it isn’t ready for to be used every 10 seconds, it should do high damage. Secondly, it is extremely hard to stick and anyways Orisa and Zarya were most vulnerable to this but they each have ways to stop it. But then Hanzo got changed and got a new ability. Genji Ultimate damage number- seems below 150 which was shown in his trailer. So far Genji Ultimate damage from katana swing seems to be lower than it should have been (150 damage per swing), at least judging from his trailer.

Overwatch Strategy Guide

McCree is one of the best DPS heroes in the game thanks to his powerful revolver. He can do good damage up close and from a medium range distance. McCree is great for soloing enemies with his flashbang ability. If you are coming from FPS games like Counter Strike (CS), then McCree will feel very natural for you as his aiming is very similar in respect to the guns in games like CS. If you are new to FPS, then there will be a learning curve for how to aim properly with McCree. McCree's weakness is his lack of long distance damage and map mobility skills. Because of his lack of map mobility, McCrees' tend to stick around the tank and deal DPS and not wonder around like other attack heroes such as Genji, Tracer, or Reaper. Let's check out his abilities in-depth:

Name: Jesse McCree
Difficulty: Medium
Role: Offense
Age: 37
Occupation: Bounty Hunter
Release Date: 10-27-2015

Base Hitpoints: 200


In This Guide:
Fan Fire
Combat Roll
Strong Against
Weak Against
Neutral With
Allied Synergies

Main attacking weapon
(primary fire)

McCree fires off a round from his trusty six-shooter.

Ammo: 6
Normal Fire Rate: 1 shot per 0.5 second.
Damage: 35 - 70 (per hit) - Damage decreases with distance.
Reload time: 1.5 seconds
Default Hotkey: LM / RM

Bullets from McCree's Peacekeeper has no travel time and hits targets instantly. This is one of the reasons that makes McCree's weapon very powerful. Although due to fall-off distance damage, the further you hit a target, the less damage will be done. Proper aiming with the Peacekeeper will take a lot of practice.

Main attacking weapon
(Alternate Fire)

McCree fires off a round from his trusty six-shooter. He can fan the Peacekeeper's hammer (alternate fire ability) to swiftly unload the entire chamber.

Ammo: 6
Fan Fire Rate: 6 shots over 0.85 second.
Damage: 270 max (25-45 per bullet) - Damage decreases with distance.
Reload time: 1.5 seconds
Headshot?: no
Default Hotkey: RM

It's generally better to use the alternate fan fire ability up close and use his regular shots for longer distances. Keep in mind that when using the alternate fan fire ability, it will only unload the rest of the bullets remaining in the current chamber with an inaccurate shot spread. It can be useful to first do a combat roll to get close to the enemy and then do the Fan Fire attack so you know for sure that your gun will be loaded while also getting up close to the target.

The alternate fan fire is great when combined with Flashbangs and Combat Rolls (as explained later).

Ability with cooldown

McCree dives in the direction he's moving, effortlessly reloading his Peacekeeper in the process.

Cooldown: 8 seconds
Default Hotkey: Shift

This ability has multiple purposes, but mainly it's used to confuse your enemies and to dodge out of enemy fire. This can also be used to quickly reload your revolver while in the midst of combat, while at the same time adding some confusion to your enemies.

Combat Rolls can only be used when McCree is on the ground and it can be used in any direction he is moving. This means you can do a Combat roll backwards by pressing your back button while using Combat Roll, etc.

Ability with cooldown

McCree heaves a blinding grenade that explodes shortly after it leaves his hand. The blast staggers enemies in a small radius.

Cooldown: 10 seconds
Damage: 25
Stun Time: .7 second
McCree's Recovery Time: 0.35 second (amount of time before McCree can fire again)
Headshot?: no
Default Hotkey: E

Flashbangs only travel a very short distance (like about 15 feet) then explodes with a splash radius. It does a very small amount of damage (25). Most importantly it stuns all enemies in the radius for 0.7 seconds. This weapon is very deadly when used with McCree's alternate fan fire weapon (throw a flashbang, then quickly unload the revolver). If the enemy doesn't die, then do a combat roll to quickly reload and continue firing. This combo is what makes soloing enemies as McCree very efficient.

Keep in mind that shields and barriers will stop Flashbangs from effecting enemies behind them.

Flashbanging Enemies Close Up
You can throw a Flashbang to make it explode sooner and closer to you by simply aiming at the ground in front of you. This is a very valuable tactic, especially if an enemy is right up close to you because you can have the Flashbang have a higher chance of not missing close up targets and it will also detonate a bit sooner.


Ultimate Ability

Focus. Mark. Draw. McCree takes a few precious seconds to aim; when he's ready to fire, he shoots every enemy in his line of sight. The weaker his targets are, the faster he'll line up a killshot.

Charge Time: 1 second per 200 health of each enemy in sight
Max Duration: 10 seconds
Default Hotkey: Q
Headshot?: no
NOTE: Deadeye will use 50% Ultimate charge on activation, and 50% upon shooting.

When using McCree's ultimate, he will walk very slowly around and be all lighted up for the enemy to see while McCree is zoning in for headshots. You will see circles around the enemies heads as he is revving up the shot and will be able to kill a target once the circle(s) is totally closed in on a target and turns into a red skull. The circles will zone in faster depending on how much health an enemy has, the less health the faster McCree will line up a shot. When firing the Deadeye, it will hit all targets within view but only kill targets that have a red skull on them. It can still do a lethal amount of damage to targets that were almost lined up for a killshot.

McCree's ultimate is best used mostly as a clean up ability. You should try to use it when McCree is not to vulnerable to the enemy, because you cannot use any other abilities and he will just stand there while revving up the shot(s) and can be easily killed during the process.

While lining up shots, you can see two different circle colors:

  • Red circle is a target that is within view and is zoning in for a lined up shot.
  • White circle is a target that is not within view and is NOT zoning in for a lined up shot.

Targets get lined up at 200 HP per second. Niresh os x-mavericks.dmg download. So if a target has 400 HP, it will take 2 seconds for that target to get lined up.

More info on Deadeye

  • You will see a tumble weed right in front of McCree while he is using Deadeye. This is only a visual effect, but this can perhaps help the enemy in locating you quicker by spotting the tumble weed first.
  • Once Deadeye is activated it will quickly drain your ultimate charge to 0% in 0.25 second.
  • McCree can move during Deadeye, but it is a very slow movement.
  • You can cancel Deadeye during it. Canceling it will allow you to move quickly again.

A Fully lined up shot turns into a red skull. If you fire the gun, any red skulls on your screen will be dead targets upon firing.

Red skulls will be dead targets upon firing

It's a good idea to be behind a shield while using Deadeye, so getting behind Reinhardt's shield or Winston's barrier can be very useful here. Also Zarya can put a barrier on you as well.

One thing I've noticed, if you can get a lot higher up than your opponent while using Deadeye, it makes it harder for your enemy to spot you quick enough. I'll soon make a guide listing the high spots and other hidden spots on all the maps where McCree can use Deadeye more safely.

It's also important to know that Deadeye can be prevented by the enemy by having another enemy target get in front of another enemy that Deadeye is being zoned in on. So for example, a beefy tank such as Roadhog can jump in front of weaker allies that are in the line of the Deadeye sight and take the damage instead. Also enemy shields can stop Deadeye shots.

McCree's Strength and Weaknesses Vs Other Heroes

Reaper: Not many heroes can counter a Reaper 1on1, but McCree is actually a good counter to Reapers, and that's mostly thanks to McCree's Flashbangs. Flashbangs will prevent a Reaper from using Wraith Form quick enough and will also interrupt Reaper's ultimate (Death Blossom). I would still try to stay a distance from Reapers as only a few shots from their shotguns can kill a McCree in as little as 2 hits.

Flashbangs do not work on Reaper's Wraith Form. Reaper can also use Wraith Form to escape from a Deadeye.

Reinhardt: McCree performs decently at tanks, and his abilities works well against Reinhardt. A few fan fire attacks at Reinhardt's massive shield will bring it's hitpoints down tremendously fast. In fact Reinhardt's shield is one of the few instances where using the fan fire at a longer range makes sense since it is so big of a hit area. Reinhardt's shield will block Flashbangs, but McCree can actually throw his Flashbang above his shield to successfully stun Reinhardt.

You see a Reinhardt charging at you? No problem, just Combat Roll out of the way real quick to avoid it. Reinhardt will be too scared to get to close to do damage with his Rocket Hammer thanks to McCree's Flashbangs.

McCree's Ultimate Deadeye is weak against Reinhardt due to every one of Reinhardt's abilities. Since Reinhardt has a large amount of hitpoints and the fact that his shield can block it, protecting allies behind him, makes Deadeye very weak on Reinhardt. Reinhardt can also Charge at McCree when using Deadeye as long as he spots you quick enough and isn't too far away from you along with having enough health for it. A quick Fire Strike can also be used from a distance to deal some damage to McCree as he is revving up his Deadeye. Oh yeah, and Reinhardt's ultimate Earthshatter will put an end to it as well.

Pharah: Pharah is hard to flashbang since she is mostly flying around in the air, and her concussive blast ability will help keep McCree away from her. McCree can attempt to shoot her down and vice versa. McCree has a bit more DPS than Pharah overall and should come out on top with good aim. Pharah is especially vulnerable to McCree's ultimate since it will be harder for Pharah to take cover quick enough while floating around in the air. Keep in mind when Pharah uses her ultimate Barrage, it is mostly McCree's job to quickly take her out. It shouldn't be too hard since she remains still while using barrage.

How Much Dmg Does Tracers Ultimate Dog Food

Winston: Since Winston can only do damage in close range with his Tesla Cannon or his ultimate Primal Rage, he is very vulnerable close up to McCree's deadly Flashbang and fan fire combo. Winston can use his Jump Pack to help him stay away from McCree and his Flashbangs. Winston can block McCree's shots with his barrier shield, protecting his team at the same time. If Winston uses his Primal Rage Ultimate, you can still Flashbang and fan fire at him, but it's best to back up away from him by using Combat Rolls to avoid it for the most part.

McCree's Deadeye is less effective on Winston due to his large hitpoints (of 500) and his ability to block it and protect his team with his Barrier Projector. Plus with Winston's Primal Rage, he can leap right up to McCree using Deadeye and knock him out of view from firing his shots off.

Overall McCree still has the upper hand thanks to his strong medium range fire and up close Flashbang and fan fire combo against Winston.

Bastion: McCree's poor mobility makes countering a Bastion difficult. Bastion Sentries do a LOT more damage at medium to long range and can kill McCree almost instantly even at long range. Although if you manage to get close to a Bastion Sentry, your Flashbang and Fan Fire ability can quickly take him out. You can use Combat Rolls to avoid Bastion's line of sight if possible.

Deadeye is usually not as effective against a Bastion Sentry due to his high HP of 300 and it will take 1.5 seconds to line up a shot with him at full health before he focus fires you down.

Widowmaker: Since Widowmaker is usually a distance from McCree, it's usually best to avoid attacking a Widowmaker from a distance due to McCree's poor long distance damage. McCree has a much better chance of survival if your team has a Reinhardt shield up to block Widowmaker's shots. However if she comes up close, then McCree can take her down much easier. It's generally not McCree's job to go off on his own and hunt down a Widowmaker (that is a job for heroes like Reaper, Tracer, and Genji).

Before using Deadeye (ultimate), make sure there is no Widowmaker around sniping or you will be easy prey to her.

Hanzo: As long as Hanzo keeps a distance from McCree he does very well against him. Hanzo's climb ability helps him to further keep a distance from McCree. Although if Hanzo gets to close to McCree it could be a quick death for Hanzo. Be careful while using Deadeye right after Hanzo uses Dragonstrike, as this can make your teammates run away making you more vulnerable for getting shot.

Zarya: Zarya's Particle/Projected Barriers help protect her (and her allies) from McCree's flashbangs and fan fire attacks. However her shield only lasts for a very short period of time, leaving her vulnerable to McCree most of the time. Overall, Zarya's Particle/Projected Barriers, health, and damage from her particle gun will give McCree a tough time.

Keep in mind, Zarya's short range particle beam is stronger than her longer range explosive charge shots. Because of this, consider using a Combat Roll backwards away from her to get out of her short range particle beam.

Out of all the tanks, Zarya is the weakest to Deadeye. Her lack of mobility to take cover and lack of damage mitigation to protect her whole team makes using Deadeye against her easier and more potent overall.

Zarya's ultimate Graviton Surge is very deadly to McCree as he is usually right in the targetable spot for it along with not having ways to escape or counter it.

Torbjorn: McCree is very deadly up close, however Torbjorn usually keeps his distance from his enemies and doesn't need to worry about McCree that much. McCree's Flashbang and fan fire combo is still deadly on Torbjorn, but Torbjorn's turret works great for keeping McCree away from him. McCree's Flashbang does work on Torbjorn's turret, and his fan fire attack can deal a lot of damage to Torbjorn's turret if he manages to get up close to it.

Combat Rolls can keep you from taking extra damage from turrets when moving around the map.

Deadeye is less effective on Torbjorn since he is usually in a position where he can take cover quickly. However, if Torbjorn is out in the open there is not much he can really do to avoid Deadeye. He can give himself an armor pack which can make lining up a shot to him 0.75 seconds longer, and he can try to headshot McCree with his Rivet Gun.

Genji: A good McCree player can be devastating to Genji. Most new McCree players will try to throw their Flashbangs directly at Genji. The issue with this is that Genji can Deflect Flashbangs thrown right at him. But McCree can actually throw a Flashbang either into the ground in front of Genji or up in the air above Genji to avoid his Deflects and successfully get the Flashbang stun in.

Dealing with Genji can still be difficult though, as he can quickly Swift Strike up to you and then melee you for some quick damage.

When using Deadeye, Genji can use Deflect against it to easily take you out if you fire at him. You must pay attention to Genji and wait until he is not using Deflect to fire off your Deadeye shots.

When Genji is using his ultimate Dragonblade, he can still use Deflect, so still try to aim your Flashbangs above or below him to get the stun in. Use Combat Rolls to get away from Dragonblade if you can.

Mei: McCree can usually pull off his flashbang and fan fire faster than Mei can slow/freeze McCree, however she usually has enough health after that to freeze herself to regenerate her life back. When she unfreezes, you better either Combat Roll in medium range or finish her off really fast or she will freeze you (it only takes 2.25 seconds of targeting for freeze to happen). Mei's icewall helps her to block McCree's shots as well as help her run away from McCree. Mei's alternate icicle shots helps her to deal decent DPS safely at longer ranges. Mei's icewall is an excellent counter to McCree's ultimate.

D.va: Fighting a D.va as McCree is similar to fighting a Winston. She can block shots with her defense matrix ability and keep a distance thanks to her booster ability. Unlike most other heroes, close up fights with D.va can be difficult for McCree. D.va can do a lot of damage with her cannons with no reloading close up, and she can use her Defense Matrix ability to potentially block Flashbangs. Combined with her large hitpoints only makes it harder to quickly kill her in close range. It is usually best to keep a distance from her and spam shots at her. D.va's cannons do much less damage to a single hero at longer ranges. Since D.va is such as big target, McCree's fan fire ability even works well at medium ranges against her.

McCree can use his Combat Roll to quickly get behind a wall to avoid D.va's Self-Destruct, and D.va can use her Defense Matrix ability to block McCree's ultimate Deadeye.

Lucio: Lucio does a good job of keeping a distance from McCree thanks to his alternate fire (Soundwave knock back) and fast movement aura. But Lucio can still come in close encounter to a McCree occasionally making him very vulnerable to flashbangs and fan fire before it's too late for Lucio to use either Soundwave or Sound Barrier to save him.

Be careful when using Deadeye around a Lucio, as his ultimate (Sound Barrier) will make charging up shots for Deadeye MUCH slower thus making you vulnerable a lot longer. Try to use Deadeye when you think Lucio does not have his ultimate charged up yet.

When Lucio uses his ultimate Sound Barrier you are better off taking cover until it is over. You can use a Combat Roll to help you move away from the enemy during this time.

Roadhog: Both heroes deal decent damage in close to medium range, although McCree does a bit more DPS, Roadhog has much more health to compensate. If your quick enough, you can use combat rolls to avoid Roadhog's Chain Hooks.

McCree's Flashbang will cancel all of Roadhog's abilities, including: Take a Breather (his self-heal) and his Whole Hog ultimate.

Be careful while using Deadeye around a Roadhog, because if he uses his Chain Hook on you, it will cancel it. Also since Roadhog has the most health in the game, it will take the longest to rev up a shot with Deadeye if he is at near full health.

Tracer: Fighting a Tracer is generally an even matchup. The problem with Tracer is how fast she moves around, it can be incredibly difficult to hit a moving Tracer. The fight really comes down to who has the better aim and use of abilities. One important tactic I do recommend against Tracer is the best time to throw a Flashbang at her is when she is firing, that is when she is generally most vulnerable to flashbangs.

If Tracer sticks a Pulse Bomb on McCree, he will die (unless he receives a Projected Barrier from Zarya or Sound Barrier from Lucio), even a Combat Roll does NOT work to unstick a Pulse Bomb.

Mercy: The problem with Mercy is she is always hiding away from her enemies. McCree's poor mobility makes him not so good at hunting down Mercys as opposed to other heroes such as Tracer, Genji, and Reaper. However, try to aim for Mercy first before who she is healing/buffing.

Symmetra: Symmetra is usually hiding behind shields, tanks, or busy putting up traps and is harder to hit most of the time. Shooting down Symmetra's sentry turrets as McCree requires more precision than most heroes, so be cautious if you know the enemy has a Symmetra, peak around corners for traps before entering rooms/hallways. You can use a Combat Roll to either roll back out of the room or to roll past the room in attempt to avoid her turrets. Also, Symmetra can put 25 hitpoint shields (that regenerate) on all her allies, which will make shooting individual heroes a tad more difficult.

You can usually spot where a Symmetra is at by tracking back her slow moving photon orbs. Photon orbs are also relatively easy to avoid, especially by using a Combat Roll to dodge them.

Close up and Symmetra is a sitting duck to McCree's Flashbang and fan fire combo due to her lack of mobility and damage mitigation.

Unfortunately, McCree is the worst offensive hero at hunting down Symmetra's Teleporter ultimate due to his poor mobility to get around maps easily.

Deadeye happens to be very effective against Symmetra due to her poor mobility to take cover from it and only having 200 HP makes lining up a shot relatively fast.

Ana: Since Ana is a backline support sniper, she usually doesn't come into close contact with McCree a whole lot, however if she does, McCree will most likely kill her very quickly with his Flashbang & Fan Fire combo unless Ana is quicker with her Sleep Darts, but this is usually not the case since Flashbangs are much easier to hit targets than Sleep Darts.

Overall it can be hard for Ana to land a Sleep Dart on McCree, especially when McCree uses a Combat Roll. However, McCree's Deadeye makes him move very slow while revving up his shots, this is the ideal time for Ana to quickly throw a Sleep Dart at him before he gets his Deadeye shots off. Deadeye is also one of the most important targets for a Sleep Dart as it will also end the ultimate as well.

McCree is a usual target for Ana's Biotic Grenade as most of the time McCree will have healers providing healing for him and the prevention of healing from the Biotic Grenade can make it much easier for Ana's team to take him out.

A Nano Boosted enemy (Ana's ultimate) might have the extra strength needed to withstand McCree's Flashbang & Fan Fire combo along with being able to escape from McCree's Deadeye more effectively.

Soldier 76: McCree does better damage in close ranges, but Soldier 76 does more damage overall from medium to long range. Soldier 76's helix rockets fly until it hits something (unlike McCree's flashbang), thus giving Soldier 76 more of an edge at longer ranges. Use combat rolls to avoid Soldier 76's helix rockets. If you can get closer to Soldier 76 it can spell disaster for him.

Zenyatta: Zenyatta actually does fairly well when soloing enemies thanks to his Discord Orb ability (which amplifies all damage to the target who has the orb). As long as Zenyatta stays out of the range of McCree's flashbang then Zenyatta might have a chance to beat out a McCree. It's a pretty close fight.

McCree is overall very susceptible to Zenyatta's Discord Orb as there is not much he can do to counter it. McCree can use a Combat Roll to quickly get behind a wall, but not much else.

Deadeye can be very powerful against Zenyatta due to his poor mobility to hide from it in time, but he can focus fire you down quickly with his Discord Orb and energy orbs to take you out quickly, or initiate his ultimate Transcendence which can save him and then block your shots for any of his allies behind him.

Junkrat: Close match up. Junkrat will try to stay around walls/corners while lobbing grenades and hiding traps/mines for the approaching McCree. If McCree can mange to get up close to Junkrat while avoiding his traps/mines, it's GG for McCree. Since McCree's mobility is mostly slow paced, he walks around the map slow enough to see traps before he gets to them (unlike fast heroes such as Tracer or Genji), and can then shoot/kill them more safely. Also since McCrees will tend to kill Junkrats close up, you have to remember to always avoid Junkrat's suicide bombs when he dies. McCree will have the upper hand at medium range as long as Junkrat is within view.

Remember when Junkrat throws his ultimate out (Rip Tire), it can be shot down quickly with a few shots from McCree.

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Overwatch Strategy Guide

Hanzo is a ninja from Japan who specializes in using a bow to slay his enemies. Hanzo is a defensive hero that works similar to Widowmaker in which they are both snipers and have different ways of mobility: wall climbing for Hanzo, and grappling hook for Widowmaker. Hanzo differs a bit from Widowmaker in which he is a bit more on the offensive side and can keep up in the front line with his team to help push forward, while Widowmaker usually stays in the back and snipes. Hanzo's Scatter Arrows make him very deadly close up and with enough practice one can get really good with Hanzo's aiming from all distances. Although Hanzo has a high skill ceiling to master, new players will still have a lot of fun playing with his abilities and getting kills from a bow & arrow always feels so good to pull off. Hanzo's ultimate Dragonstrike is a very useful tool for helping his whole team push forward and destroy static defenses (such as those annoying Bastion Sentries).

Name: Hanzo Shimada
Difficulty: Hard
Role: Defense
Age: 38
Occupation: Mercenary, Assassin
Base of Operation: Hanamura, Japan (formerly)
Release Date: 10-27-2015

Base Hitpoints: 200


In This Guide:
Storm Bow
Sonic Arrow
Scatter Arrow
ULTIMATE: Dragonstrike
Strong Against
Weak Against
Neutral With
Allied Synergies

Main attacking weapon

Hanzo nocks and fires an arrow at his target.

Ammo: Infinite (no reloading)
Fire Rate: Varies (max charge is 1.2 second)
Damage: 29 - 125
Default Hotkey: LM
Additional Key: RM will cancel a charged shot

The mechanics for Hanzo's Storm Bow are simple: charged up shots will fly faster, with less of an arch and deal more damage, so those will be more efficient for longer distances, or for doing high damage in any range. The main drawback of charged up shots is that Hanzo will move considerably slower (30% slower) until you release the shot (or cancel it by pressing RM). The second drawback is that charged up shots can only be fired once every 1.2 seconds. Non charged up shots can be shot more frequently but they will fly slower with a big arch to it plus doing less damage, making them much harder to aim precisely (especially at longer distances).

Fully charged shots do about 66% more DPS overtime and you will typically be using charged shots more often than non charged shots.

Reasons for doing quick non charged shots

  • Quick non charged shots enable you to move faster while firing, which can let you retreat from a losing fight more effectively or chase after fleeing enemies while still being able to do some DPS.
  • When you only need to do a little bit of damage to finish off a victim.
  • Lets you get a shot off before an enemy runs around a corner from you.
  • To get a quick shot off before you think your about to die.

Enemies to keep a distance from with non charged shots

Some enemies are very deadly close up and (as Hanzo) you should try to keep your distance from these heroes below. You can use rapid non charged shots to enable you to move faster while still doing some DPS to the enemy:

  • Mei - You will want to keep a distance from her freeze blaster.
  • Reinhardt - Up close and he can use his Rocket Hammer to knock you down, or Charge at you.
  • D.va - Her Fusion Cannons become more deadly the closer you get to her.
  • Roadhog - Get far away from Roadhog as you can to avoid his deadly Chain Hook ability.

Bow Shot Then Melee Combo
Keep in mind that Hanzo can do a melee attack instantly after firing a bow shot. This holds true for all of Hanzo's different types of arrows as well. This combo enables Hanzo to do a good amount of damage almost instantly to enemies up close.

Hanzo's Storm Bow ranks right up there at the top of some of the hardest aspects of Overwatch to master. It will take a lot of practice and game playing to get better at aiming with Hanzo correctly.

Ability with cooldown

Hanzo launches an arrow that contains a sonar tracking device. Any enemy within its detection radius is visibly marked, making them easier for Hanzo and his allies to hunt down.

Cooldown: 20 seconds
Duration: 10 seconds
Damage: 29 - 120 (Remember that Sonic Arrows still do damage too)
Default Hotkey: Shift
NOTE: Pressing the default key again will cancel the Sonic Arrow rev.

Just like Widowmaker's ultimate Infra-Sight which allows her team to see all enemies on the entire map, Hanzo's Sonic Arrow works similar but in more frequent smaller bursts around a fairly large radius, this is obviously extremely helpful for many reasons. It's good to use this in spots where you and your team are trying to push forward to, or in spots where the enemy could possibly flank you, such as alternative choke points around the map. For example you can put a Sonic Arrow next to a hallway that is a choke point leading up to your team's Bastion Sentry or Widowmaker. The Sonic Arrow can catch enemy heroes such as Genji or Tracer trying to sneak up on the Bastion or Widowmaker to flank him/her, which can inform your team to go protect your defenses quickly.

It's important to remember to keep using the ability. As soon as the cooldown finishes, immediately start thinking about where you want to put the next one, this is something I have noticed that not many people keep up with properly.

Sonic Arrow Sticks
Sonic Arrows also do damage like regular arrows do and if shot at an enemy directly it will stick to and follow that enemy. Being able to stick a Sonic Arrow on an enemy allows you and your team to keep track of that enemy for a period of time. This is especially useful on offensive flankers such as Reaper, Genji, and Tracer. It can also be useful on a McCree to warn your team when he approaches you and your allies to prevent getting flash banged.

These two heroes can dispel the Sonic Arrow from them:

  • Reaper can dispel the Sonic arrow from him by using Wraith Form.
  • Tracer can dispel the Sonic arrow from her by using Recall.

Please note that when Tracer or Reaper use these abilities, the Sonic Arrow will drop to the ground and continue to provide infra sight for its remaining duration.

Enemies cannot see Sonic Arrow
Sonic Arrow is a silent ability. The enemy does not have any indication or feedback that a Sonic Arrow was shot next to them or on them, as it will all appear and sound like a normal arrow to them.

Two Sonic Arrows at the Start of a Game
Hanzo has a neat trick where he can have two Sonic Arrows out on the battlefield at once. To do this you simply look straight up in the air and then fire a fully charged Sonic Arrow. After 18 seconds that Sonic Arrow will land on the ground right where you looked straight up at to fire it. Now, Sonic Arrow's cooldowns start right when you fire it. This means that you can fire the second Sonic Arrow before the first one lands on the ground, allowing you to have two Sonic Arrows on the battlefield at once!

This double Sonic Arrow trick gets the most use at the very start of a match. This can provide a wider area of coverage for seeing where your enemies are coming out when a match starts. Achieving this is simple: at about 16-18 seconds right before a match starts, simply fire a Sonic Arrow straight up in the air where you want it to land at (usually in front of one of the attacker's entrance doors), and then fire the second one right when the match starts when the attackers are first coming out of their spawn. I highly recommend getting into the habit of doing this at the start of every Defender's match as Hanzo.

There might be more valuable uses for this trick and I'll be sure to include them here once they get discovered. You can also use this same exact trick for Scatter Arrows as well.

Ability with cooldown

Hanzo shoots a fragmenting arrow that ricochets off walls and objects and can strike multiple targets at once.

Cooldown: 10 seconds
Damage: 75 per arrow, 6 total arrows once scattered, and 375 total damage if all arrows connect. - 125 unscattered
Bounces: 5 total
Headshot?: no (but initial arrow can headshot, scattered shots cannot headshot)
Default Hotkey: E

Scatter Arrow is one of my favorite abilities in the game, as a lot of it has to do with simple geometry. The initial arrow of Scatter Arrow acts just like any regular arrow, until it hits something. A target hit by the initial impact of a Scatter Arrow will not take any initial ricochet damage until the scatter arrows actually bounce off of something else first.

In order to deal damage to enemies with Scatter Arrow, a trick all Hanzo players will need to get used to is firing the Scatter Arrow at the ground in front of the enemy. The arrow will then scatter upwards to the target and can dish out more damage (sometimes a LOT more damage) than what a normal arrow would do. This also makes Hanzo very deadly in close ranges.

After the initial arrow of Scatter Arrow hits something it will scatter 6 arrows that will bounce 5 times each. The scatter shots can strike through multiple enemies and only bounce once they hit walls.

Overall, shooting Scatter Arrows effectively will take some practice. It's really a matter of simple geometry of the ricocheting arrows to try and hit your opponent.

Effective Scatter Arrow strategies

How Much Dmg Does Tracer's Ultimate Do It Take

  • If you are off in the distance and you see an enemy run into a room or hallway, fire a Scatter Arrow in there, you will be surprised by how often you will get kills by doing so. Smaller rooms make Scatter Arrows more deadly from the smaller space the arrows bounce around in.
  • Taking out Bastion Sentries. Simply aim a Scatter Arrow at the ground in front of a Bastion Sentry to easily deal a lot of damage to him.

Double Scatter Arrow Trick
Like how I mentioned above about double Sonic Arrows, you can achieve the same thing with Scatter Arrows, allowing you to have two Scatter arrows out at nearly the same exact time. This works by simply firing a fully charged Scatter Arrow straight up into the air and after 18 seconds it will land on the ground and then scatter upwards. The best known time to use this trick is also at the start of a match so that when the enemies come out they have a chance of getting hit by it when it comes down or when it scatters after hitting the ground. I recommend doing this trick about 15 seconds before the match starts, which will hit the ground precisely 3 seconds after a match starts. Just do this pretty much right after you fire your Sonic Arrow straight up in the air.

If there are any other useful strategies related to this trick I will be sure to include them here as they get discovered.


Ultimate Ability

Hanzo summons a Spirit Dragon which travels through the air in a line. It passes through walls in its way, devouring any enemies it encounters.

Cast Time: 1.5 seconds
Damage: 200+ DPS
Range: 4 meter radius
Headshot?: no (but initial arrow can headshot, the Dragons cannot headshot)
Default Hotkey: Q

Ah Dragonstrike. one of the coolest looking ultimates in the game. New players might think Dragonstrike is a killing machine, but in actuality it's really meant for breaking up enemy formations, defenses, and scattering enemies around so they become easier to deal with and allow your team to push forward. Avoiding an enemy's Dragonstrike is actually not too hard as you can easily strafe around to avoid it.

Dragonstrike mechanics

How Much Dmg Does Tracer's Ultimate Do It Get

  • Hanzo has a brief cast time of 1.5 seconds. While casting Hanzo cannot move but he can continuously turn and aim before actually firing the Dragonstrike.
  • Hanzo will first fire the initial arrow before it turns into spiral twin dragons. The initial arrow will act like any other arrow dishing out normal damage to any targets in front of him, but it can travel through walls. Regardless if the arrow hits an enemy first or not, it will then turn into the spiral twin dragons after it travels about 5 meters.
  • The twin spiral dragons will fly directly towards the middle of Hanzo's crosshair.
  • The dragons will fly through everything, including barriers, shields, and walls until it leaves the entire map.
  • The Dragons will do a damage over time effect of 200+ DPS.
  • Enemies will take more damage if they are closer to the center of the spiral dragons.
  • A Dragonstrike does NOT do any damage to things that are constructed, including: Torbjorn's turret, Symmetra's Teleporter and Sentry Turrets, Junkrat's Traps and Mines, and Widowmaker's Venom Mines. Although, it will do damage to all heroes, including robot heroes.

The issue of actually getting hit by a Dragonstrike comes from an unexpected shot through a wall in which you have very little time to respond to it. There are many areas in the game where you can aim a shot so it will appear out of a wall unexpected to the enemy causing potential frags for Hanzo. I will cover all these spots later on in a separate guide.

Dragonstrike strategies
A very important use of Dragonstrike is to break up defenses. It can be used to kill Bastion Sentries, and force Widowmakers to move somewhere else.

Dragonstrikes are useful in tight confined spaces such as hallways or narrow passages, as enemies will have a much harder time escaping it.

Allied ultimates that pair well with Dragonstrike

  • Zarya's Graviton Surge - After an allied Zarya uses her ultimate Graviton Surge (clumps up enemies together), simply shoot a Dragonstrike at it to kill all the enemies that are clumped up in the surge.
  • Reinhardt's Earthshatter - Earthshatter will drop enemies to the ground for a few seconds, which could give Hanzo some easy kills with Dragonstrike.
  • Widowmaker's Infra-Sight - Being able to see all the enemies on the map can enable Hanzo to fire a Dragonstrike through walls to kill those enemies before they even have time to react to it.
  • Mei's Blizzard - Blizzard can slow and then freeze a bunch of enemies together. This would be a great opportunity to launch a Dragonstrike at the chilled/frozen enemies.

Hanzo's Strength and Weaknesses Vs Other Heroes

Bastion: All of Hanzo's Storm Bow shots can be devastating to a Bastion Sentry as you can fire them from long distances and since a Bastion Sentry is stationary, it will be very easy for Hanzo to aim and fire at him dealing a lot of damage in return.

Remember the closer you get to a Bastion Sentry the more damage he will generally do to you than you will do to him, so keep your distance if you can.

You can fire a Sonic Arrow on Bastion which will stick to and follow him even if he relocates elsewhere, which will make it easier for you and your team to know where he is at (for a brief time). Remember Sonic Arrows will also do damage like a normal arrow as well. Hanzo's Scatter Arrow shot at the ground in front of a Bastion Sentry is an easy target and will deal a large amount of damage to him too.

Dragonstrike is very powerful against Bastion. Dragonstrike travels across the entire map (even through walls) and does insane DPS to anything in its path. This can either kill a Bastion Sentry or force one to move around to avoid it, thus giving your team an easier time to push forward.

Zenyatta: Zenyatta is not too much of a threat to Hanzo. Zenyatta is a relatively slow moving hero and is not too hard to hit with the Storm Bow. Scatter Arrow shots at the ground in front of Zenyatta can be difficult to aim because Zenyatta floats in the air a bit and the Scatter Arrows can actually go underneath of him and miss.

The worst thing Zenyatta can do is put a Discord Orb on you, and even then Hanzo is usually not a prime target for Discord Orbs. Hanzo can climb walls to potentially help him get behind a wall to remove the Discord Orb but other than that Hanzo is very susceptible to additional damage done by the Discord Orb.

Zenyatta's slow mobility makes him a bit more susceptible to Hanzo's Dragonstrike, but he does have option of using his ultimate Transcendence to save himself and potential allies from it.

Mercy: Hanzo does well against Mercy since he is able to shoot long distances along with being able to see behind walls. Mercy tends to hide behind corners and tries to stay out of the line of sight from her enemies, but Hanzo is able to use his Sonic Arrow to see behind walls enabling him to line up shots faster once she comes in contact with him. While being able to see behind walls, Hanzo can also attempt to ricochet Scatter Arrows behind walls/corners in hopes to take her out as well.

Torbjorn: Torbjorn is another slow moving hero that is relatively easy to hunt down for Hanzo. Torbjorn is often found repairing or building turrets usually next to a wall for him to take cover. With Sonic Arrow, Hanzo can see him before he pops around the corner to repair his turret, giving you an easy opportunity to head shot him quickly when he comes in contact. Scatter Arrow can also be used to ricochet off of walls in hopes to take Torbjorn out before he finishes building/repairing his turret.

Torbjorn's turret is immune to a Dragonstrike, but Hanzo has a relatively easy time taking turrets out simply with charged bow shots.

Ana: Hanzo counters Ana in similar ways how Widowmaker counters Ana. Hanzo can snipe from a distance doing more impressive damage with potential headshots (Ana does no headshots). Sonic Arrows enable Hanzo and his team to spot Ana behind walls making it easy to snipe her when she pops in view.

Ana's poor mobility makes her an easier target for Hanzo's Scatter Arrows, but as long as Ana keeps her distance from Hanzo she should be safer from Scatter Arrows.

As Hanzo revs up a bow shot, he moves considerably slower, which is a better chance for Ana to land a Sleep Dart on him during this time, but since Hanzo and Ana are both long distance snipers, overall it will still be difficult for Ana to land a Sleep Dart on a target that is far away. Although Ana will have an easier time landing a Biotic Grenade on Hanzo which will prevent healing on Hanzo for a short period of time while also doing some damage.

Since Ana snipes from a distance she is generally a bit safer from Hanzo's Dragonstrike, but Ana's poor mobility will make it extremely difficult for her to escape from a Dragonstrike if caught in the midst of one.

Ana's ultimate Nano Boost can be very effective against Hanzo. A Nano Boosted enemy will have a much easier time honing in on Hanzo to take him out.

Roadhog: Since Hanzo is not a close up combatant, he does well against Roadhog since he is usually out of reach from Roadhog's Chain Hook. Sonic Arrow further helps Hanzo stay out of Roadhog's reach and helps him to aim and ricochet Scatter Arrows at the same time at him. If Roadhog does actually manage to Chain Hook Hanzo in, Hanzo will most likely die as there is not much he can do about it except fire a Scatter Arrow, which won't do much to Roadhog.

To get away from Roadhog's deadly Chain Hook more effectively, you can do rapid fire shots at him to enable you to back away from him quicker while still doing some damage.

Since Roadhog is a slow moving hero with poor mobility, it's generally very easy to aim bow shots at him, and Roadhog will have a harder time dodging Hanzo's Dragonstrike due to his poor mobility as well.

TIP: When Roadhog uses his ultimate Whole Hog, he will be forced to move very slowly until the 6 second duration is up, this would be a great time to launch a Dragonstrike at him to finish him off, since he will be unable to avoid it in time.

Reinhardt: Reinhardt's shield is the main reason why he is tough to deal with for Hanzo. His massive shield protects everyone behind it from Hanzo's Storm Bow. The fact that Reinhardt can move closer to Hanzo while having his shield out makes Hanzo an easier target for Reinhardt's Charge ability. As Hanzo do the best you can to get as high up as possible from Reinhardt (use wall climb). When you are high up you are protected from most of Reinhardt's abilities, including his deadly close range melee attacks, Charge ability, and safe from his ultimate Earthshatter. Reinhardt has no vertical mobility so that is another reason to stay elevated away from him. You just need to watch out for Reinhardt's Fire Strike ability, which he can use every 6 seconds. Fire Strike travels in a straight line and you will need to strafe around to avoid it properly.

If you find yourself on the same ground level as Reinhardt and he is approaching you, that would be a good time to back away from him while doing rapid non-charged bow shots, so you can move faster (but do a bit less DPS). If Reinhardt gets too close to you he can use his Rocket Hammer to knock you down or even Charge at you close up easily.

When trying to shoot down Reinhardt's shield, you will be able to do more DPS by doing fully charged shots. Your DPS will drop the less charged up your shots are.

A Dragonstrike can be used to temporarily make Reinhardt move out of the way, disabling his shield for a short period of time, enabling your team to do some good damage for a short while.

Winston: Winston's Barrier Projector (shield) does a good job of protecting his team from Hanzo's Storm Bow shots. Winston's Jump Pack ability allows him to quickly propel himself in close range, where he can do some serious damage to Hanzo and his team with his Tesla Cannon and Primal Rage (ultimate).

As Hanzo, keep your distance from Winston and if he leaps at you, use a Scatter Arrow shot on the ground in front of him and try to keep backing away from him. If you can, quickly climb a wall next to you, it should give you enough time to escape before Winston can use another Jump Pack.

If there is a lot of enemies inside of Winston's Barrier Projector, consider firing a Dragonstrike at it to force all the enemies to scatter out of the barrier.

Genji: Brother Vs Brother, who wins? Overall I think it's a pretty close matchup, but I think Genji has the advantage thanks to his Deflect ability. Deflect can be used to deflect arrows back at Hanzo to kill him. Genji would need to time Deflect very precisely though which can be a bit difficult. When fighting a Genji as Hanzo, keep strafing, that way you will avoid being hit by deflected arrows. Scatter shots to the ground in front of Genji can be an effective way of taking Genji out, but Genji can do double jumps in the air which can potentially avoid Scatter Shots to the ground more easily.

Genji is also a good target for sticking a Sonic Arrow on him, allowing you and your team to track his whereabouts for its duration.

For 1on1, Genji's ultimate Dragonblade is more effective than Hanzo's Dragonstrike. Genji can Deflect the initial arrow from Hanzo's Dragonstrike, sending it back at Hanzo and turning it into a Dragonstrike for Genji's team (it's rare to see this though). But Genji cannot Deflect the actual twin Dragons once deployed.

Tracer: Tracer is a tough fight for Hanzo, it's incredibly difficult for Hanzo to hit fast & small moving objects with his Storm Bow. One would need to be really good with Hanzo (lots and lots of practice) to get better at shooting down Tracers.

If you can, try to shoot a Sonic Arrow on Tracer as it will follow her, allowing you and your team to see exactly where she is at. Unfortunately though, Tracer can dispel the Sonic arrow from her by using Recall. The dispelled Sonic Arrow will drop to the ground and continue to provide infra vision for its remaining duration.

Tracer can easily avoid Hanzo's ultimate (Dragonstrike) by blinking away from it, but Hanzo will most likely die to Tracer's Pulse Bomb, as there is not much Hanzo can do about it. However, I predict when it comes down to high level of play, this will become more of an even fight between the two.

Widowmaker: Sniper Vs Sniper? This is an interesting matchup and I believe that Widowmaker has the advantage here simply because her sniper abilities are simply more superior in long range snipe battles. However, the closer Hanzo gets to Widowmaker the easier it will be for him to take her out. Since Widowmaker is usually way in the back from her team and away from Hanzo, she doesn't need to worry too much about a Hanzo shooting her down (even though it can happen). There are numerous places in Overwatch that Widowmaker can use her Grappling Hook to get up to that Hanzo cannot climb to, thus giving her more of a safe advantage over Hanzo in those situations.

On the bright side for Hanzo, he doesn't usually need to worry about Widowmaker's Venom Mines, since her mines are mostly used for dealing with offensive heroes that try to get close to her team.

Hanzo's ultimate Dragonstrike happens to be somewhat useful on Widowmakers, since it forces her to leave her current sniping spot to find another one, temporarily disabling her from combat for a short period of time, which can be huge.

Reaper: Hanzo is one of Reaper's prime targets to take out. Reapers are very deadly to Hanzo thanks to his sneaky mobility with Shadow Step (teleport) and Wraith Form (invulnerability). If you know the enemy has a Reaper, always be on the lookout for getting flanked from behind. Make sure you stick with your team so they got your back and fire Scatter Shots at the ground in front of Reaper to hopefully take him out before he uses his shotguns on you. If you see him coming at you from a distance, remember you can always wall climb yourself away from him if possible.

Use Sonic Arrows to detect Reaper from flanking you and be prepared to take him on if he approaches. If you see Reaper using Shadow Step, get ready and fire a charged bow shot at his head when he teleports in, it could be an easy kill for you.

You can fire a Sonic Arrow on Reaper to track where he is at, which can potentially warn you and your team if he gets close too close. But keep in mind his Shadow Wraith ability does remove the Sonic Arrow from him. The dispelled Sonic Arrow will drop to the ground and continue to provide infra vision for its remaining duration.

Reaper can avoid a Dragonstrike by using Wraith Form to escape it safely. Unfortunately if you are close to Reaper when he uses his ultimate Deathblossom, there is nothing you can really do about it except try to either run from it, head shot him quickly to take him out, or Scatter Arrow shot to the ground in front of him.

Pharah: Shooting Pharah down as Hanzo can be very difficult, as aiming at her while she is moving around in the air can be hard to land shots on. While revving up Storm Bow shots Hanzo moves a bit slower, thus making it easy for Pharah to fire rockets down at him. Pharah can also use a Concussive Blast on Hanzo if she needs to either reload or knock Hanzo around to protect her from bow shots.

A good Hanzo player can be devastating to a Pharah. With good aim, Hanzo can shoot Pharah down from the air more consistently, but this will take a lot of practice.

Sonic Arrow makes it easier to spot a Pharah's movement behind walls. This can make lining up a shot easier for him and his team. As Hanzo, you need to watch out for Pharah possibly flanking you from behind. Use Sonic Arrows around choke points leading up to you, to see if enemies such as Pharah tries to sneak up on you.

Pharahs tend to be out of range of Hanzo's Dragonstrike, since she is usually flying around in the air. But Hanzo will need to watch out for Pharah's ultimate Barrage since his mobility is not the greatest for avoiding it. When Pharah uses Barrage, Hanzo can fire a headshot on her to take her out with one shot (as long as she is not protected in some way).

McCree: As long as Hanzo keeps a distance from McCree he does very well against him. Hanzo's climb ability helps him to further keep a distance from him. Although if Hanzo gets too close to McCree it could be a quick death for Hanzo, due to McCree's deadly close up Flashbang and Fan Fire combo.

If McCree uses his ultimate Deadeye and you have Dragonstrike ready, quickly get behind a wall to take cover then fire the Dragonstrike at him to maybe take him out and/or make his team scramble away making McCree an easier target to deal with.

Sticking a Sonic Arrow on McCree is an effective way at warning your allies if he gets close to flashbang them.

Mei: Don't under estimate the power of Mei's Ice Wall. Her Ice Wall can shield herself and her teammates from Hanzo's Storm Bow shots allowing her team to move closer to the objective, or preventing the other team from guarding the objective. Keep in mind that an Ice Wall can be completely destroyed by one of Hanzo's Dragonstrikes after a few seconds.

As Hanzo, you may find yourself coming in close contact with Mei trying to freeze you with her Endothermic Blaster, which can be very deadly. Your best bet in this situation is to aim a Scatter Arrow at her to hopefully kill her or at least force her to use a Cryo-Freeze to disable her for a few seconds. You can also get away from Mei's freeze blaster effectively by doing quick non charged up bow shots to enable you to back away from her quicker while still doing some damage at her.

Mei's ultimate Blizzard can be tough to deal with for Hanzo. Run away from it if you can and you should be fine, and remember you can climb walls to help you escape it.

If you can climb really high up away from Mei you will generally be very safe from her, as she can't do much to you when she is further away from you (besides Icicle shots). Keep in mind she can use her Ice Wall to propel herself upwards a bit to get to higher spots, but Hanzo can still climb higher.

Soldier 76: This is an even matchup. Soldier 76's Pulse Rifle is great for short to medium range, but his damage starts to drop off at longer ranges, giving Hanzo the advantage from long range. If Hanzo keeps his distance from Soldier 76, he will have an easier time dodging his Helix Rockets and take less damage from his Pulse Rifle.

In short range, Soldier 76 becomes more deadly, but Hanzo can always shoot a well aimed Scatter Arrow at him to potentially take him out.

Soldier 76 can avoid a Dragonstrike by sprinting away from it.

Soldier 76's ultimate Tactical Visor can be deadly to Hanzo. Hanzo can try to avoid Tactical Visor's aimbot by losing line of sight with him, possibly by climbing away.

Junkrat: Since Hanzo doesn't have any super fast movement abilities he is less prone to getting trapped by Junkrat's Steel Trap or Concussion Mine, even though it can happen. If you know the enemy has a Junkrat, just be on the lookout for his traps and mines laying around on the ground and you should be fine.

Junkrat's Frag Launcher spam can be annoying for everyone, but remember Hanzo can always climb walls to get to spots where Junkrat may not think about spamming his Frag Launcher at. Speaking of staying at higher grounds, that is generally a better place to be to avoid Junkrat's ultimate Rip-Tire. Even though Rip-Tires can climb walls, not many Junkrat players steer Rip-Tires up walls, at least from what I have observed, but at least watch out for it! Remember, a good Scatter Arrow shot to the ground in front of the tire will have a good chance at killing the Rip-Tire before it reaches you.

Another deadly ability that Hanzo can do is use a Sonic Arrow to spot Junkrat behind walls, and he can then attempt to shoot a Scatter Arrow to ricochet in his area to knock Junkrat out.

Lucio: Lucio himself isn't much of a threat to Hanzo, but his crossfade team auras can give Hanzo an overall much harder time. Hanzo already has a tough time aiming at his enemies with his bow, imagine all his enemies with much faster movement, it becomes so much harder to hit enemies, that's why Lucio's amplified movement speed is devastating to Hanzo. Lucio's amplified movement speed also helps his team escape from Hanzo's Dragonstrike ultimate.

Lucio should be a prime target for Hanzo, as it's important to remove his team auras as often as you can.

When you hear Lucio use Sound Barrier, you are better off just taking cover for the next 5 seconds until their shields wear off. This would be a good time to reposition somewhere else to confuse the enemy of your whereabouts.

Symmetra: Symmetra usually stays in the backlines while putting up Sentry Turrets and lobbing slow moving Photon orbs at her enemies, and is usually out of Hanzo's sight most of the time. If Symmetra gets close to Hanzo her Photon Projector can be a pain to deal with as it will auto aim at you and it can be hard to fire bow shots at her during this time.

How Much Dmg Does Tracers Ultimate Downloads

Sentry Turrets are probably the second biggest threat to Hanzo because they can be hard for him to shoot down with his bow and his lack of fast movement abilities will make it harder for him to avoid them. If you know there is Sentry Turrets in a room, you can fire a Scatter Arrow in there with the hopes of knocking some of them out.

Keep in mind that Symmetra's Sentry Turrets and Teleporters are immune to Dragonstrikes.

Hanzo is usually not a Teleporter hunter as that is a job for offensive heroes with superior mobility, so that is another advantage for Symmetra. Although Hanzo's Sonic Arrow could potentially spot Symmetra putting down a Teleporter behind a wall. This can be tough to deal with for Symmetra because enemy Sonic Arrows have no indication that it was used on the battlefield.

A good way to spot a Symmetra, is to see exactly which angle her Photon Orbs are flying at you, just trace it back and you should see Symmetra in the distance. Shoot a Sonic Arrow in her area and use some good charged up long ranged shots to take her out when she peeks within view to lob her photon orbs.

Hanzo: Fighting another Hanzo comes down to who has the better overall aim with the Storm Bow and who can pull off their Scatter Shots better. Sonic Arrows also really help when dealing with opposing snipers such as Hanzo, as it will allow you to start aligning shots while taking cover.

Zarya: Zarya isn't too much of a threat to Hanzo due to her weapons being mostly short and medium ranged, but she is one tough chick to take down. As a tank with a lot of HP, it's going to take a number of well aimed shots to take her down. Zarya can put a Particle Barrier on her and one on her teammates occasionally. Don't shoot at these Particle Barriers because they will block and absorb damage, then turn it into energy for her weapon, making it stronger.

How Much Dmg Does Tracer's Ultimate Do It Work

Zarya's ultimate Graviton Surge clumps her enemies together and can be rough for Hanzo, as he has no counters for it. The best way to deal with her ultimate is to try not getting stuck in it in the first place by splitting up a little bit from your teammates. Find a higher ground or another area to shoot from to avoid being pulled in by her Graviton Surge.

Zarya's Particle Barrier will block and absorb Hanzo's ultimate Dragonstrike, but a Particle Barrier will not fully protect Zarya (or an ally with a barrier) from a Dragonstrike, as Dragonstrike actually does a damage over time effect, in which it can take down her Particle Barrier and then quickly eat away at the actual hitpoints.

D.va: D.va is another tough tank that will take a number of shots from Hanzo. D.va doesn't really have anything too brutal for Hanzo to deal with but you will need to keep your distance from her as best as you can because her Fusion Cannon weapon becomes stronger in closer ranges.

How does tracer wire work

To get away from D.va's deadly Fusion Cannons up close, you can do rapid fire shots at her to enable you to back away from her quicker while still doing some damage at her.

Remember when her mech is destroyed, the little D.va will pop out of her mech and you will then need to kill her too before she calls up another fresh mech.

D.va can use her Defense Matrix ability to block and absorb the initial arrow of Dragonstrike, but once the actual Dragon gets deployed it cannot be blocked/absorbed by Defense Matrix.

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