.. and not separate from base damage. I keep thinking this should fix Hero critical damage. I have made a thread about this issue Monday in Bug/Glitch. Here is the link: http://maplestory.nexon.net/communit..-UI%26nxid%3D6

  1. How Much Extra Dmg Does Crit Do Maplestory Go
  2. How Much Extra Dmg Does Crit Do Maplestory Go

The SE part is right, it does give 140% extra crit dmg and not 40% like the skill description says. Phoenix/Frostpray damage is based on your DEX not your range, so having or not a bow will affect it dmg in a negletable amount since bows usually give 07 DEX. Max for classes with skill/s that give Min Critical Damage Min for classes that don't Since you're a decently leveled Aran, you probably have maxed High Mastery, so I would recommend Decent Sharp Eyes or Max Critical Damage. Rexaar showed me damage maplestory formula. On him, I do around 21-22M then crit damage, I do around 26-27M max!!! I had done tests by using enrage WITHOUT combo attack, then tested Chance Attack without either those skills, their difference between my current crit dmg and the one seeing on AP window is smaller than with combo attack. How much Ignore DEF you need depends on what bosses you want to do. You need at least 67% Ignore DEF to do more than 1 damage on the 300% PDR bosses (because that's the minimum it takes to reduce their PDR to 99%, meaning you would do 1% of your damage).

And in this thread, Rexaar showed me damage formula and we notice the critical damage is calculated separately from base damage, we use same factors to calculate its damage as we do for base damage, then we add critical damage to the base damage, like below:

And in my thread, I myself calculated that advanced combo attack doesnt calculate critical damage. As example, if I was dealing 22M damage including advanced combo then i want calculate critical damage, we divide 22M by 2.2, so 10M. I add 50% max critical damage from 10M and not from the 22M or else I would do 33M ms2 mesos damage on hard magnus. On him, I do around 21-22M then crit damage, I do around 26-27M max!!! I had done tests by using enrage WITHOUT combo attack, then tested Chance Attack without either those skills, their difference between my current crit dmg and the one seeing on AP window is smaller than with combo attack.

By looking what Rexaar showed me, I really wonder why Nexon havent made it even simplier! I keep thinking in this current critical damage formula, this system ignore up to 1 damage multiplier/amplification and i think it ignores the highest one. Because I meet same issue with enrage when I dont use advanced combo.

5e dmg magic item tables. Spell Sheet; Monster List; Magic Items; Encounter Size Calculator; Initiative Tracker; Random Generator; Random Dungeon Generator. 5e Magic Items. Dungeon Master Tables. Useful tables for 5E Dungeons and Dragons. Magic Item Table A. Magic Item Table B. D100 Magic Item; 01–15: Potion of greater healing.

So, I make this suggestion thread, asking to change the current damage formula for the one I will show. Slightly different because I completely remove critical damage math then I add the actual crit dmg value as a factor, to it multiplies the *overall* damage !!! Like below, I will put critical dmg in bold and also added damage amplification:

[weapon multiplier * (4 * primary stats * (1+%primary stats) + secondary stats * (1+%secondary stats) * (Weapon Attack * (1+%attack) / 100) * (1+%boss damage + %total damage) * (damage multiplier 1) * (damage multiplier 2) * .. * (damage amplification 1) * ( damage amplification 2) *..] * (1 + %critical damage/100)

The simpliest way it should be made. I am pretty confident this will fix the Hero critical damage. If impossible to change, then give Hero an hidden buff (which should not be shown either on AP window) which multiplies critical damage by (1 + 0.12c)

0.12 because +12% dmg/combo then letter c for number of combo. This little factor is true if we maxed advanced combo and apply hyper skill SP into reinforce combo, or w/e

I am sure this will also fix other classes with the same issue. But Hero is the worst case.

EDIT: I just reread the very last sentence of what Rexaar said. 'As you can see by the brackets the damage multiplier and critical damage is separate, thus damage multiplier are additive with critical hits.' I fail to understand why Nexon makes damage amplification different than damage multiplier when both multiply the normal damage. And, for Hero case, enrage also multiply critical damage when advanced combo is being used. Really, in my opinion both of them should multiply critical damage.

We can't really say dmg multiplier is additive with critical damage because, by looking at his math, has no relation with critical damage. Except Enrage kinda multiplies critical damage because we have an other and bigger damage multiplier being advanced combo. From a reply I have read in the past (in other threads), for KMS it is an intended error. So unfair.


Nexon Still Has A Lot to Do With MapleStory

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How Much Extra Dmg Does Crit Do Maplestory Go

Why MapleStory is not popular, Nexon is dull!

When you try to forward it to Customer Support, they'll usually throw you back to the graveyard here.

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How Much Extra Dmg Does Crit Do Maplestory Go

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