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Weapons in Final Fantasy XV are what the Characters use to deal damage to Enemies while in Combat. Noctis has a number of different weapons with different methods of attack, and some will be usable as shields. Some weapons can have status effects attached to them. Firearms will have rapid fire shots instead of combos, and will require reloads. Weapons can be improved and forged from materials the player can collect in the game through the game's Upgrades system. Weapons are graded by tier which is a numerical value that can be viewed in the menu.

There are various types of weapons. Noctis alone can wield all weapons, while the other Characters each specialize in a primary and a secondery arm.

World of Final Fantasy is a turn-based role-playing game (RPG) being developed by Square Enix for Playstation 4 and Playstation Vita. The game seeks to bring a whole new generation to the Final Fantasy universe. Players will collect, raise, and take into battle the monsters of Final Fantasy lore, including the cactuar, chocobo, and behemoth. About to start FFIX and would like some tips. So I'm about to beat KH1 on the PS2. After I beat it, I'm going to start playing FFIX and I haven't played it since I was young so I don't remember gameplay much. Jun 22, 2019  The Materia system in Final Fantasy VII is still one of the most beloved equipment customization and magic systems in the entire series. It can be as flexible or as complex as you want it to be if you are willing to experiment. Most players will be content with linking the All Materia to Magic and mastering the Summon Materia like Bahamut, and, of course, The Knights of the Round.

Weapons Information

The player can equip up to 4 main weapons and spells and switch among them via the d-pad in real-time. During normal attack combos, weapons will automatically be switched and players can continue their attacks using their four chosen weapons. For attacks that involve specific timing, such as Counter and Raid, if players do not configure anything specific the main weapons will be used, but it is possible to set weapons for these attacks and automatically switch between them. Players won't be able to equip sub-weapons, but other party members can. Players can rotate through various weapons, but party members will switch through their sub-weapons.

The following are the special actions where you can queue up a specific weapon when initiating your combos, as you progress the combo the weapons will automatically swap in based on the stage:

  • Crush: Initial assault
  • Ravage: Melee barrage
  • Vanquish: Lethal force strike
  • Counter:
  • Descend:

Some weapons feature special Techniques tied to them that can be activated with a button press. These weapons are normally balanced by having a weaker attack. Some weapons have no Techniques but are very strong. Mixing and matching different types depending on the situation is key. Weapon attributes vary according to type. Swords assist in MP recovery, greatswords deal heavy damage, and so on.

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There are 8 Weapon classes in the game, below you will find a full list of Weapons in the game by type.

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Royal Arms

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Royal Arms in Final Fantasy XV (also called Armiger Weapons or Phantom Weapons) are special Weapons that Noctis can wield after finding them in the tombs of past kings. Using these drains your HP constantly so they must be handled with care. They are scattered across the world and must be discovered. Initially you begin to find them via a quest from Cor, who will explain their function and help get you started with locating them. There are 13 in total and once all are acquired you will gain the Trophy/Achievement Fateful Heir.

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Sword of the Wise194+100--+30+30+30-----

Peforms preemptive warp-strikes to close the distance quickly

Blade of the Mystic396+150--+30----- +20%-

Increases wielder's Strength via self-buff

Greatsword of the Tall518+200-----30-40%-40%-40%-40%-

Deals multiple hits with each blow

Costlemark Tower (Dungeon)

Mace of the Fierce334+300----------50%

Deals increased breakage to body parts/appendages

Swords of the Wanderer153---+50-+50-----

Can transform into a single weapon to deal powerful blows

Star of the Rogue177------+20%+20%+20%--

Capable of dealing multiple hits in rapid succession to various targets or body parts

Axe of the Conqueror483--+60-80-------

Attacks with slow and powerful hits at the cost of defense

Shield of the Just251+1000-50-100+200 -- +10%+10%+10%+10%+10%

Enables cover status when guarding, enabling HP recovery at the cost of MP

Scepter of the Pious237----+150----+50%-

Changes forms with each form having different attacks

Trident of the Oracle388-+60---------

Creates phantom polearm that performs additional attacks

Breath of the Glacian (quest)

Mhw does peak performance affect elemental dmg. (It took me from 27 to 29 iirc).So your attack 4 and PP 3 are likely only boosting your elemental shot damage by 3 but significantly impacting your normal shot damage. That was the case in previous iterations, but it's only partially true in world, and only true to the extent that an elemental shot deals physical shot damage in addition to elemental damage.Go test it in the training area if you don't believe me.Attack 7 will give around 2 damage total to your attack.

Katana of the Warrior361-----+100+25%+25%+25%-50%-

Attacks quickly and relentlessly after startup

Hand of the King (quest)

Sword of the Father141--+100-+100------

Increases Strength for a brief time after finishers

Zegnautus Keep (quest)

Bow of the Clever203----+80-----+50%

Fires piercing arrows while allowing the weilder to move freely