I have a folder to distribute. On Mac, I can put all the folder's contents into a DMG, which the user can just click to open and see all the contents.

Bonjour, J'ai un petit souci pour ouvrir un fichier.dmg sous windows. Pourriez vous m'aider? Comment ouvrir un fichier.dmg sous windows. Merci d'avance. Pour lire un ISO sous Mac, tu l'ouvres tout simplement avec l'utilitaire de disque, il te le montera sur le bureau.

What is the equivalent on Windows? Some have said ISO, but when I create one, Windows either sees it as a DVD image and opens Windows Disk Image Burner or sees it as a compressed directory, making the user extract all contained files before they can be used.

Isn't there something that can just be opened in the same way as a DMG?

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J'ai un dossier à distribuer.Sur Mac, je peux mettre tout le contenu du dossier dans un fichier DMG, sur lequel l'utilisateur peut simplement cliquer pour ouvrir et voir tout le contenu.

After installing DMG Extractor, all you have to do is double-click your DMG file to open it up. You can browse the files right in the DMG Extractor window if you just want to see what’s inside the DMG file. If you need to extract the file, click the “Extract” button on. What to do with dmg file.


Quel est l'équivalent sous Windows?Certains ont dit ISO, mais lorsque j'en crée une, Windows la voit soit comme une image DVD et ouvre Windows Disk Image Burner, soit elle le voit comme un répertoire compressé, ce qui permet à l'utilisateur d'extraire tous les fichiers qu'il contient avant de pouvoir les utiliser.

N'y a-t-il pas quelque chose qui peut simplement être ouvert de la même manière qu'un DMG?

Is there any reason you cannot just distribute it as a .zip archive file?user343989421 oct. 162016-10-21 15:49:14

I'm distributing an application update and would just prefer the users don't have to add any extra steps or have 3rd party software involved. They're not the most tech-savvy bunch.corpico21 oct. 162016-10-21 16:15:49

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You do not need to be tech-savvy to double-click a .zip archive file however if you're distributing an application update for a Windows program, then just distribute it in a proper Windows Installer Executable as a single .exe/.msi file.user343989421 oct. 162016-10-21 16:23:19

Having to extract the files though—I know they're going to get confused. The program isn't a typical Windows one. It's housed on an external drive. The update though consists of an exe and a resource folder, which the exe uses. Would an installer be able to wrap the two of them and just run the exe?corpico21 oct. 162016-10-21 16:37:39

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Yes, there are single executable self-contained Windows Installers however this whole subject it really off-topic for Ask Different.user343989421 oct. 162016-10-21 16:52:51

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As it is an update I would look at Windows installers - used to be .msi filesMark21 oct. 162016-10-21 19:24:50

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