Sep 09, 2018  I want to make tamed dinos do 50% more dmg and take 50% less dmg. So I have tryed putting TamedDinoDamageMultiplier=1.50000. To make wilds weaker vs tamed you would need to use specific multipliers eg. That in your game.ini file for each dino class you want to increase there resistance and/or damage. Ark code to raise specific dinos dmg 2017. Jul 08, 2016  You use the command for all dinos to be stronger and then use the command for tamed dinos at like 0.5 or whatever to reduce the buff on them. Yes that was the plan make tamed dino dmg lower by setting it to 0.5 for ex and resistence to 2 to make them take the double dmg. Dino Damage Increase Now right hand I realize you are saying you didn't touch damage and it's just framerate being fixed but let me put it this way, I'm lvl 38, I have full chit armor 2 from BP so the armor is higher I have 250 health a lvl 2 sabretooth hit me for 130 damage one hit and broke the chit armor in. How to change stats on individual dinos? Hey - we are playing with Primitive Plus, so a mod is not a possibility for getting where we want to go. In general we would like to nerf the carrying weight on Argentavis and Quetz as they make land based dinos more or less obsolete for hauling. Using 'PerLevelStatsMultiplierDinoWild7=?'

X DMG Setup or update files on your hard drive and then update your system accordingly. Open dmg file. There are some torrent links for OS as well.

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Nov 15, 2018  Look at these must-have Addons for BfA which helps you to move from one place to another and in this way level up the hero. You can choose from useful Addons with the following orientation: Increase speed like Felslate Anchor, Aquatic Mounts, Felslate Anchor, Checkered Flag. Oct 04, 2011 Warrior PvP - Bajheera - 4.2 Arms Warrior Guide p1 - Macros, Keybinds, Addons. Macros in no particular order XD The tooltip command should give you and idea of what the macro's primary purpose. Feb 08, 2019  the assassin buff you get a couple kills befor being marked as a bounty gives you +15% dmg and +15% healing, the idea is u should be a fair match for maybe 2 - 3 other players. At the same time the bounty group is rocking 3-5 people with +15% dmg and healing nothing to sniff at with current bfa numbers in health vs dmg, pvp pace is much. Jul 29, 2018 Sick of not getting better at the game? I'll show you the tools required to progress into harder content & become a better player! Addon/ macro run down for new and returning players, My UI/ Links.

also yes, it is supposed to be to punish you, but it also rewards you with bonus honor/conquest, and also acheives if you do special things.
also your stronger, so 1v1 your better off
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You get more conquest points for kills with a bounty on you head. Longer you can keep killing.
According to ion there's a conquest point reward for killing with a bounty on your head, but I don't think the pvp reward system is in beta yet
Ah thanks guys. I didnt know that. Now everything makes sense.

Pummel Gives You Dmg Bfa Free

Pummel Gives You Dmg Bfa Program

So you do get bonus conquest points when you get a bounty on your own head