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A two-handed weapon with a base damage of 20 and its critical damage set to 10 as a result, following the standard formula, does 10 extra points of damage with 1 rank of Deep Wounds, 12.5 with 2, 18.75 with 3, and 20 when performing a sprinting power attack with Great Critical Charge; on average, this means 1, 1.875, 3.75, and 20 damage per hit, respectively. Which is the best mod for adding new spells? I am planning on creating an illusion sneaky spellsword who will late game create the ultmate imba armour so he can use any school of magic. Though I don't know what magic mods to use as there are many. Skycomplete looks very good. I think I'll use that instead since I can't get Unknown Enchants to work at all. (It appears in MCM, but the menu is black when I click on it. Tried to use Jaxxon's MCM kicker but it made no difference. Maybe that's why the mod is hidden.). Dec 27, 2014 Thanks for watching our Skyrim Mod Spotlight! Support us on Like us on Facebook! Follow us on Twitter!.

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Frost Damage
Base Cost1.1
(Click on any item for details)
Built-In Potions

Enchanting description:Target takes <mag> points of frost damage to Health and Stamina.

This mod is focused on adding balanced spells to the world of Skyrim. Specifically, these new spells focus on filling a niche that the current spells do not address, while keeping everything balanced. Jun 16, 2012  Changing Spell School - posted in Skyrim Mod Talk: Is it at all possible to change the school that a spell belongs to? Say for example, changing paralyze and mass paralysis to be illusion spells. If so how would I go about this because I haven't found any obvious way to do this. Also is it possible to make the concentrated poison perk a constant racial effect or otherwise make it so that a. Oct 30, 2013  Triggered by taking part in a 9 people orgy with the Harmony spell. Why do the spells have target level limits? My aim with the mod is to spice up the vanilla Illusion tree, but keeping Skyrim still playable as a game. This means more challenge in lower levels, more powerful abilities later on.

Frost Damage is one of the three elemental damage effects available from the school of Destruction. In addition to damaging health, Frost Damage also drains the target's stamina, usually by the same amount as the Health damage dealt, and slows movement. Another advantage is that Frost Damage's AOE spell, Ice Storm, can go through walls (though it does far less damage this way) and enemies, easily hitting them where the other two elements' AOE spells would have trouble. Its disadvantages however is that it is the most resisted element in Skyrim, with most of your NPC opponents being Nords which have an inborn 50% resistance to it, as well as a good amount of creatures not to mention Frost Dragons. On top of this, Ice Storm has the shortest range of any non-concentration spell. Frost Damage is more useful on Solstheim, however, where more enemies have resistance to its opposite, Fire Damage.

There are 57 distinct magical effects that cause frost damage in some form or another. This allows the game to use different visual effects for various types of frost damage, and also is one way that side-effects of the frost are customized. Other side-effects of frost spells are implemented by including multiple effects into a single spell.


The following items use this effect. You can learn how to enchant custom items with Frost Damage if you find one of the following items and disenchant it:

  • All weapons of Chills
  • All weapons of Cold
  • All weapons of Frost
  • All weapons of Ice
  • All weapons of Freezing
  • All weapons of Blizzards
  • All weapons of Winter

Artifacts and unique items that use the effect but cannot be disenchanted include:

Weapons that inflict Frost Damage but use a different variant of the magical effect include:

  • Weapons that don't Slow:
    • Chillrend instead causes Paralysis.
    • The Pale Blade instead causes Fear.
    • A Staff of Frostbite, unlike the spell, simply fails to inflict any Slow.
Skyrim spell dmg enchant mod download

Artifacts that increase the Frost Damage effect on spells, weapons and shouts include:

  • DukaanDB


The following spells use the Frost Damage group of effects. Following each spell is the specific variant of the effect that it uses:

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  • Frost Cloak: Frost Cloak (0003aea0; FrostCloakFFSelf)
  • Frost Rune: Frost Rune (0006796d; RuneFrostFFLocation)
  • Frostbite: Frostbite (00013caa; FrostDamageConcAimed)
  • Icy Spear: Icy Spear (0010f7f0; FrostDamageFFAimed75)
  • Ice Spike: Ice Spike (0001cea2; FrostDamageFFAimed)
  • Ice Storm: Ice Storm (0001cea3; FrostDamageFFAimedArea)
  • Wall of Frost:
    • Frost Barrier IceWraith (000ed397; BarrierFrostConcAimedIceWraith)
    • Frost Barrier (0008f3f7; BarrierFrostConcAimed)


  • Frost spells will freeze the terrain, slow down the enemy, and deal 1 point of damage like fire effect.
  • The amount of slowing is affected by the amount of magic and frost resistances and weaknesses, as well as the Augmented Frost perk.
  • Frost damage enchantments are amplified when placed on stalhrimDB equipment.

See Also[edit]

This effect is related to:

  • Weakness to Frost, Resist Frost
  • Damage Health, Fire Damage and Shock Damage

Skyrim Spell Dmg Enchant Mode

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Skyrim Spell Dmg Enchant Mod Free

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