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Nov 12, 2019 A DMG file is a mountable disk image created in macOS. It contains raw block data typically compressed and sometimes encrypted. DMG files are commonly used for macOS software installers that are downloaded from the Internet, which mount a virtual disk on the desktop when opened. Aug 13, 2018  The DMG mounts in two places: on your desktop and in the Finder sidebar under your hard drive. Clicking either one of these opens the DMG file. When you open a DMG file, you’ll usually see two things: the app and a link to your applications folder. Some DMGs—like the Steam DMG shown above—have styled backgrounds.

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Mar 26, 2016  If you can open those.dmg files from a different user account - Maybe try the diskimage pref files for your user account. Delete these files from your user Library/Preferences folder: com.apple.diskimages.fsck com.apple.frameworks.diskimages.diuiagent.plist com.apple.frameworks.diskimages.plist com.apple.frameworks.diskimages.uiagent.plist. Nov 13, 2019 Since DMG files are used predominately to install applications on Macs, you cannot properly open DMG files on Windows computers. Double-click the DMG file. This wikiHow teaches you how to open a DMG file on a Mac.

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  2. Open DMG File. The usage of the DMG file extension is in the context of a mountable disk image file which is generated by the Mac OS X Operating System platform. Once the file is opened, the system will mount it in a virtual disk located on the user's desktop.
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In computing world, DMG or (Disk Image File) is a file extension that belongs to Mac OS X. DMG file can also be termed as Apple Disk Image. The icon used equivalent to this file is an Internal Hard-drive. Disk Images are generally used worldwide in-order to distribute applications and software across the Internet. DMG file provides some attractive features that allow securing password along with file compression.
These virtual or physical Apple disks can be cloned from one to another. This is one of the powerful features of Mac.

Tip: If you want to open and view DMG files of Apple Mac OS X so, you can try DMG Viewer tool.

Why DMG Files Are Created?

Earlier, Mac applications made use of Resource fork. These are the part of file system on Mac Operating System, which consists of both the structured data and non-structured data. Mac could not transfer these Resource forks over the mixed networks. Hence, the usage of Resource fork dwindled and this was the reason that Apple created disk image formats(DMG). The Resource forks are very important as they contain Meta data regarding the file.

Mounting and Dismounting on Mac OS

It is equivalent to plugging in a removable drive, where E drive is automatically created and while removing one chooses ‘Safely Remove Device’. Similarly, you have to eject the Mac drive for both the virtual and physical.
Two Disk Formats supported are:

  • NDIF
    This was previously used as the default format of Mac, also known as New Disk Format. These files generally have an .img file extension.
  • UDIF
    The native disk format of Apple Mac DMG file is UDIF (Universal Disk Image Format) with a file extension of .dmg.

MIME Type of DMG File:

Supported File Systems

  • Hierarchical File System (HFS) – This was developed by Apple Inc. for the systems supporting Mac OS. Earlier, these file systems were used in floppy disks and hard disks but later were used to read CD-ROM as well. It is known as Mac OS Standard.
  • HFS Plus – It was developed after HFS, which is an extension of the same. It is known as Mac OS Extended.
  • File Allocation Table (FAT) – It is a file system generally compatible with all file systems and helps in exchange of data between systems.
  • ISO9960 – This is also a file system which was issued by ISO (International Organization for Standard) supporting various OS and helps in exchange of data.
  • Universal Disk Format –This is a file system usually used to store broadcast media like DVD and optical disk formats.

How To Open Dmg Files On Windows 7

How to Open DMG Files?

In Mac:

  • When you download a Disk image, all the applications in it must be copied to the Application files, because many of these files will be in read-only format. Running these files inside the drives may produce some erroneous results.
  • Double clicking the DMG File will open the file and you can view the contents in it. It might be images, documents, programs, etc.
  • The DMG File consists of an application file. You can simply drag and drop to install them. If there is a possibility of having an installer, you can run these files instead of installing.
  • Right-click on the File >> “Eject” (click on virtual disk instead of, original file)
    Delete the old DMG Files after installing. The reason is old files may take more space when we install new programs.

Resize DMG Files

  • Right click DMG File >> Click Get Info (View the original size).
  • Open Disk Utility >>Select Images Tab>Click on Resize>>Select the DMG file to be resized.
  • Click on Open >>Type the file size to be reduced>>Select Resize>>Done

In Windows:
Originally, DMG files are the default Disk Image file for Mac. Hence, they can be opened only on Mac OS.
Since there are no manual methods available to view the DMG Files in Windows, users can install external third-party software available online on Internet. DMG Viewer is one of the tools from such category.
The software provides you with the following features:

  • Open DMG File in Windows OS based machine
  • Read: Corrupt, Password Protected & Encrypted DMG
  • Recover permanently deleted files from DMG
  • Search a specific file type in large DMG Format Files


Considering the ongoing necessity to view DMG files, we have described a manual process to let the users understand how to open & view DMG files. Else, users can take the help of a reliable third-party tool named as DMG Viewer. It is the best application that helps to read .dmg files in Windows OS. Users can use any approach as per their choice.

A file having the DMG file extension is an Apple Disk Image file, or once in a while called a Mac OS X Disk Image file, which is fundamentally an advanced reconstruction of a physical disc. Because of this explanation, a DMG is regularly the file format used to store the compacted programming installers as opposed to using a physical drive. You will in all probability possibly observe them while downloading the macOS programming from the web.

This macOS disk picture group bolsters the pressure, document crossing, and encryption with the goal that some DMG files can be protected by a password.

DMG files in macOS High Sierra

This Versions of Mac more up to date than OS X 9 help DMG files, while the more established Mac OS Classic uses the IMG file position for this purpose.DMG is additionally an abbreviation for some specialized terms that are not identified with the Mac circle picture file group, similar to the Direct Mode Gateway and the Diversity-Multiplexing Gain.

What Can Open Dmg Files On Windows

DMG files are planned for the Macs, so opening it on a Mac is simple. A DMG file is associated as a drive and is conveyed by the working system as though it were a physical hard drive, making it extremely simple to see its substance. The product you download for your Mac is a DMG design that can be exposed like different files on a Mac, and afterward the arrangement program can be run to install the software.

A DMG file can completely be opened in Windows, yet that doesn’t that mean you can really utilize anything you find inside it. For example, say a DMG file isn’t just barely putting away compressed files like pictures and recordings however is rather holding a product program. You can reference or open the DMG file in Windows using one of the projects referenced below, however you cannot really execute the program and use it like you would some other Windows application. To use the program in Windows, you have to download the Windows version of DMG, not the Mac DMG version.
In spite of the fact that accepting that the DMG file contains files like pictures or recordings which are probably going to be in the arrangement that is likewise good with the Windows, or on the off chance that you need to perceive what’s inside the DMG file, you should have no problem using one of the below projects to view them.

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  • Image with DMG file. Windows can open any DMG file with having any compression program that supports the format.
  • DMG Extractor is supporting if you want to do more with DMG files than uncompress them.
  • Catacombae HFSExplorer helps to viewed DMG files on Windows.
  • Dmg2iso will have the capacity to convert the DMG file to an ISO image file.

As we have written above on dmg2iso that it very well may be used to change over DMG to ISO. It is a direction line tool, so perhaps you have to refer the download page for the guidelines on the sentence structure and different principles. Additionally, on the download page, there is a DMG to the IMG tool on the off chance that you need to change over the file to an IMG file.

For changing over the DMG to the PKG necessitates that you first concentrate the content of the DMG file and afterward build another PKG file utilizing that information.

How To Run Dmg Files

Would you like to make a bootable DMG file, at that point you need not worry about changing over it to a USB design with any of the devices that are referenced previously. The whole DMG file to the USB procedure is conceivable with the assistance of a device named TransMac. You Just need to click right the USB drive in that program and choose the Restore with Disk Image, and then you can boot from the USB drive to run the DMG program.


What Can Open Dmg Files List

On the off chance that any of the systems composed above have not helped to opening the DMG file in the Windows, macOS, or Linux, there is an astounding possibility that you don’t generally have a DMG file. This may occur at the hour of file extension has been confused for DMG.

For example, the DGML file extension looks a ton like the DMG, despite the fact that the two are not identified with one another. The previous is used for the Visual Studio Directed Graph document file and opens with the Microsoft’s Visual Studio.

What Can Open Dmg Files On Linux

GMD is another case of a comparable looking addition that is held for the Game Maker Program Code files and Group Mail Message files. Once more, the arrangements are not identified with the DMG Mac file format, so if your file finishes in one of those extensions, you need Game Maker or Group Mail introduced for using the file.