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Like Explosions? And staying alive when they hit you? That's a build just for you

This is a very versatile and enjoyable tank build for Fallout 76. It can be played with a wide variety of weapons, and our main recommendation will be Heavy Explosive Guns. If not for their performance, they are exactly what makes this build so fun to play. Highly Explosive Tank offers smooth gameplay even in higher level zones and is considered a viable endgame choice.

Below you will find all the recommended Perks for each of the SPECIAL attributes. We have decided to not include Perks that are typically for either Power Armor or non-Power Armor users so that you can efficiently both ways. When you are casually exploring lower level zones, just recall your Power Armor to not damage it and waste Fusion Cores, and when you need some better Damage Resistance, you can always hop inside momentarily.

Fallout 76 Build General information. This is a very versatile and enjoyable tank build for Fallout 76. It can be played with a wide variety of weapons, and our main recommendation will be Heavy Explosive Guns. If not for their performance, they are exactly what makes this build so fun to play. Fallout 4 Mod Requests and Suggestions 51 Two shot assault rifle 4 I am extreamly angry Im stuck in the institute for many many days, many hours of googling and watching videos. I am stuck st 10. Jan 20, 2018 Back with another Fallout 4 Video and today, I figured it could be fun to talk about what the highest or most damage possible is in Fallout 4! This video will be going over Melee weapons as they.

You can also check our other builds on FO76 Builds and a beginner's guide to character customization

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SPECIAL Attributes and Perk Cards



Gain +60 damage resistance while firing a heavy gun

Your non-explosive heavy guns now do +20% damage

Your non-explosive heavy guns now do +20% damage

Your non-explosive heavy guns now do +20% damage

Heavy Guns weigh 90% less

Strength is the primary attribute for this build. It increases your maximum Carry Weight and lets you use all the Perks related to Heavy Guns. Depending on how many weapons you want to carry around, you can either use Bear Arms, Pack Rat, or Bandolier Perks for better capacity management



You now gain +40 Energy Resistance

Your explosives detonate with twice the radius

Perception has a few useful Perks, but it can be assigned as the last SPECIAL attribute when you are getting close to level 50



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Gain a total of +45 to your maximum Health

Your limb damage is completely eliminated

Immediately gain +60 Fire Resistance

You gain increased benefit from being Well Fed or Well Hydrated

Endurance is a very important attribute which is related to your defenses and survivability. It's should be your second priority



Reduce your target's damage output by 10% for 2 seconds after you attack

You can consider spending more points on Charisma attribute if you plan to play in a team more often. It offers a wide variety of useful Perks for team players. This can be achieved by transferring a few points from Intelligence(First Aid) or Agility(Dodgy)



Your explosives do +60% damage

Stimpaks restore 45% more lost health

In Power Armor, heavy guns gain excellent accuracy and ignore 45% armor

Stabilized is the most important Perk under the Intelligence SPECIAL attribute. It grants an amazing DPS bonus, however, it works only when using a Power Armor. On the other hand, Demolition Perk is optional. After the recent nerfs, 60% increased damage seems quite costly for 5 points



Action Points regenerate 45% faster

Avoid 30% of incoming damage at the cost of 30 Action Points per hit

Action Boy is a very useful Perk for every Fallout 76 build. Dodgy on the other hand is a useful defensive Perk but because of high AP consumption, it can be treated as an optional addition to this build



Heavy guns gain a 12% stagger chance and a 12% chance to cripple a limb

10% bonus damage means enemies may explode into a gory red paste

Bloody Mess is one of the best DPS-oriented Perks in the game, while the extra chance to stagger and cripple limbs has great defensive utility

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ARMOR: This build can be played with Power Armor or without one. It offers versatility in that matter. In terms of regular Armors, you should aim to get high ballistic Damage Resistance on each part and seek out for Vanguard's Legendary mod which increases your Damage and Energy Resistance by up to 35 depending on how high your current Health is

WEAPON: You can use any Heavy/Explosive weapon you find and have ammo for. Fat Man is one of the weapons you will most certainly enjoy playing with, and M79 Grenade Launcher is the weapon you should carry around for more casual usage

CHEMS: Med-X (DMG Resist +25) and Psycho (DMG Resist +25, Damage increased by 15%) are the best Chems that you can use in this build. Just remember to now overdo it. In most scenarios, the effects aren't worth getting addicted to Chems


If you are considering getting mutated in Fallout 76, you should mainly focus on defensive mutations when playing this build. Also, I have personally found Marsupial a very useful addition to my character. Remember to pick the Starched Genes Perk so that you don't accidentally remove your beneficial mutations with Rad Away

  1. Scaly skin - which increases your Damage and Energy Resistance at the cost of reduced maximum AP
  2. Marsupial - increases your maximum Carry Weight and jump height, but reduces Intelligence by 4. It is very useful if you don't plan to craft your own gear
  3. Grounded - which grants 100 additional Energy Resistance, but reduces your Energy Damage by 20%. This shouldn't be considered if you decide to use Heavy/Energy Weapons instead

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If you have any suggestions related to this build or you have a suggestion for our future build, let us know in the comments below.

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For an overview of submachine gun models in the Fallout series of games, see Submachine gun.
SkillSmall Guns
Attack statistics
7 ()
70 ()
37.1 ()
Ammo & reloading
Ammo Type10mm
Ammo Cap.302.7
Item HP250
Repair10mm submachine gun
Editor ID?
Base ID00004321
003f72(sim version)
00c06f(alloy steel)
Perk Effects

The 10mm submachine gun (SMG) is a small gun in Fallout 3.

  • 3Variants


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Commonly considered to be one of the finest weapons in the world, the Heckler & Koch MP9 submachine gun fires the powerful 10mm ammunition. Although the single shot is comparable to the Colt 6520 or the N99 pistol, the MP9 truly shines in burst and fully automatic modes. Coupled with the compact design, sturdiness, and light weight, it becomes a powerful asset in the hands of anyone in the wasteland. Although, the high fire rate means the urge to spray-and-pray must be controlled, unless the operator wants to run out of ammunition. Thankfully, the ease of handling makes this easier than it seems.[1] An unique feature of the weapon is its two selectors: one for switching between safety, single shot mode, and automatic mode, and another for specifying the size of the burst, up to fully automatic fire.[2][3]


10mm SMG expanded

An incredibly powerful weapon in close combat, the SMG can eat through enemies extremely fast thanks to its high fire rate. Its efficiency rapidly decreases with range, as without Concentrated Fire it is too inaccurate. However, it remains a powerful weapon in confined spaces, particularly against particularly durable enemies, such as mirelurks and mirelurk kings.

Note that it requires a large ammo pool due to its fire rate. It also degenerates fairly rapidly and can fire 1186 rounds, or about 40 magazines, before breaking. However, it's common enough to make repairing it easy.


  • Sydney's 10mm 'Ultra' SMG: A customized variant with expanded magazines and improved firepower.
  • Operation: Anchorage The sim version from Operation: Anchorage is a variant with 999,250 hit points, making it invulnerable. It is not available outside the simulation. A separate version, called the 10mm alloy steel submachinegun is included in the game's files, indicating that the weapon was supposed to have an unique skin and be available outside the simulation.


NameTypeDmg/shotDPSAtt/secCrit multCrit dmgSpreadAP costAmmoAmmo capWeightItem HPValue
10mm submachine gunSubmachine gun77010x0.171.52010mm round305250330
Sydney's 10mm 'Ultra' SMGSubmachine gun99010x0.191.52010mm round505250430


  • National Guard Depot: Plenty to be found throughout.
  • L.O.B. Enterprises: Multiple throughout.
Non-player characters
  • Rivet City: All guards carry these as standard issue.
  • Brotherhood Outcasts and Lyons' Brotherhood of Steel troops carry these at low levels.
  • Paradise Falls and Lincoln Memorial slavers carry them
  • Raiders can spawn with them.
  • Doc Hoff, Dukov, the Child slaver, Michael Masters, Murphy and Robert.


  • Fallout 3 concept art for 10mm SMG.

  • The Lone Wanderer kills a super mutant with a 10 mm SMG.

What Is Pa Bat Dmg Rate Fallout 4 1


  1. Vault Dweller's Survival Guide p.5-16: 'One of the finest weapons in the world. The H&K MP9 is a solid submachine gun, capable of single or burst mode attacks. The single shot is acceptable, comparable to the 6520 pistol, but the burst mode is spectacular! The MP9 is easy to control, and spews 10mm death like no other firearm in it’s size category.'
  2. Appearance of the weapon in Fallout 3 and Fallout: New Vegas
  3. Models are presented together as per the precedent established by the CZ57 Avenger in Fallout: New Vegas; since the two submachine guns look very much alike, have the same niche, and perform the same function, they are most likely intended to be the same model.
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What Is Pa Bat Dmg Rate Fallout 4 2017

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