Hello new exile! This guide will help orient you to the complex structure of Path of Exile and give you a heads up to some of the more obscure mechanics in the game. In no particular order, the tips! HAVE FUN and don’t worry if you’re using the best or most optimal builds! All builds run into a brick wall without the right gear. Whether it’s due to lack of uniques, jewels, DPS or armor. This brick wall can prevent lab runs, boss completions and getting stuck in the atlas. Be prepared for this. If a brick wall is hit, one of the best things you can do is create another character. PoE was built for this.

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  1. Best Stuff To Alch For Spell Dmg Poe 2
  2. Best Stuff To Alch For Spell Dmg Poe List
Hi everyone.
I have a hard time figuring out which wands, sceptre's, shields etc. to buy for my arc lightning witch, most DPS calculation guides i can find is based on physical damage.
the best i have found is this formula:
avg dmg pr. cast => ((max dmg+min dmg)/2)(spell dmg+elm. dmg + proj dmg)
cast pr. second => 1/(spell cast time/(1+ additional cast speed))
DPS (not. incl. crit) => avg dmg pr. cast * cast pr. second
i am just really confused to where i find the values of the spell dmg, min/amx dmg etc. not to mention the total spell/elemental damaga and cast speed from the passive skill tree ?.
could someone explain this to me ?.. perhaps a guide/tut or even better video explaining it :D
billion thanks.
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on Jan 26, 2015, 8:13:32 PM
Oh hi
The full formula without crit is ((((minD + maxD)/2)*increasedD)*moreD) * ((1/baseCastTime)*increasedCastSpeed)
Increased damage = the sum of elemental + spell + in your case lightning damage
arc does not count as a projectile, so projectile damage wont do anything (you can see the properties of a spell at the top of the tooltip - area, fire, aura, projectile etc)
More damage is limited to a very few items/passives/gems - pain attunement or concentrated effect for example
A little example
MinD = 100
MaxD = 200
Total increased spell/elementalD = 175% = 2,75 multiplier
30 % more spell damage because of pain attunement = 1,3 multiplier
Base cast time = 0.8
Increased cast speed = 50% = 1,5 multiplier
(100 + 200)/2 = 150
150 * 2,75 = 412,5
412,5 * 1,3 = 536,25 <-----your damage per cast
1/0.8 = 1,25
1,25*1,5 = 1,875<-----casts per second
1,875*536,25= 1005<-----damage per second
Min/max damage of your spell can be found on the gem tooltip ( on the gem itself, not on the tooltip at your hotbar) or at the poewiki
Go to poebuilder.com if you want to know the spell damage of your passivetree
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on Jan 27, 2015, 1:10:14 AM
EDIT: figured it all out! See formulas and calculations here.
This formula isn't working for me (or more likely, I'm making some error)--can anyone tell me what is wrong?
(Level 18 Flame Surge, no quality and no links to support gems)
(No auras or golems running)
MinD = 428 / MaxD = 642
IncreasedD = 450% (increased % spell + elemental + area + fire dmg from skill tree & gear) = 5.5 multiplier
MoreD = 0% = 1.0 multiplier
BaseCastTime = 0.5
IncreasedCastSpeed = 43% = 1.43 multiplier
(<[{minD + maxD}/2]*increasedD>*moreD) * ([1/baseCastTime]*increasedCastSpeed)
(<[{428 + 642}/2]*5.5>*1) * ([1/0.5]*1.43)
(<[535]*5.5>*1) * ([2]*1.43)
(<[535]*5.5>*1) * ([2]*1.43)
(<2,942.5>*1) * (2.86)
(2,942.5) * (2.86)
= 8,415.55 DPS
..But, this doesn't include crit. So, to add crit in, I follow this formula:
net DPS = base DPS * 1 + (base Critical Strike Chance * <1 + increased Critical Strike Chance> * [0.5 + {1.5 * increased Critical Strike Multiplier}])
Inputs: 90% increased critical strike chance; 30% increased critical strike multiplier
net DPS = 8,415.55 * 1 + (0.06 * <1 + 0.9> * [0.5 + {1.5 * 0.3}])
net DPS = 8,415.55 * 1 + (0.06 * <1.9> * [0.5 + {0.45}])
net DPS = 8,415.55 * 1 + (0.06 * <1.9> * [0.95])
net DPS = 8,415.55 * 1 + (0.06 * <1.9> * [0.95])
net DPS = 8,415.55 * 1 + (0.1083)
net DPS = 8,415.55 * 1.1083
net DPS = 9,326.954065
..Unfortunately, this is wrong. Looking at flame surge in my character tab shows that my DPS is actually 9480.7. I've double-checked all my values, and I haven't found anything, so I think there probably is an error in one of my calculations (or I missed 9% increased spell damage somewhere?).
If anyone could deliver me from this mathematics misery, I would be very grateful!
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on Dec 14, 2015, 3:22:49 AM

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PoeCurrencyBuyDate: Jan/12/18 01:23:43Views: 3365

Right click to remove from a socket., Bladefall Bladefall Spell, AoE, Physical Radius: 12 Mana Cost: (12-23) Cast Time: 0.70 sec Critical Strike Chance: 6.00% Effectiveness of Added Damage: 90% Requires Level 28 Ethereal weapons rain from the sky, dealing damage to enemies in a sequence of volleys. Modifiers to Spell Damage apply to this Skill's Damage Over Time effect Place into an item socket of the right colour to gain this skill. Right click to remove from a socket. Critical Strike Chance: 6.00% Effectiveness of Added Damage: 75% Requires Level 28 Creates a magical. Simple weapon DPS calculator for Path of Exile. Path of Exile Weapon DPS Calculator. Hover over weapon ingame and press CRTL + C to copy weapon info, using CTRL + V paste that info in text area below and press Calculate button.

So far you do a good job following the guide and there are alot of possible ways for you to improve your character a big damage boost will be wrath - an aura - that boosts lightning damage then the next easiest way will be jewels - try to use poe.trade do search for jewels with spell damage, lightning damage, maximum life, cast speed (any 2 or 3 of those) or abysal jewels with 40dmg to spells, life, elemental penetration (take even 30dmg and life or 40+ dmg without life in the beginning. While interesting, this keystone is generally not worth taking, as it is reliant on randomness and taking damage, two things that are generally best avoided. All in all, Elegant Hubris demands a delicate balancing act and a good roll to be worthwhile on a build.

Poe Cremation is A targeted corpse explodes, dealing area harm and turning into a volcanic geyser, which will repeatedly unleash projectiles sequentially over the surrounding location for a duration. The explosion from the corpse is just not impacted by modifiers to spell damage, and cannot be reflected. In this Post, PoeCurrencyBuy Will share Path of Exile 3.1 Builds With Cremation Gem Skill for you personally. 18 dmg and healing 10 stamina enchant vanilla wow download.

NO.1 [Duelist] COMK IS BACK! Sundering Volcanos! OP / Low-cost / Exciting!
With 39% Extra Spell Harm it is just about any other help gem you would ordinarily choose, and with 0.25 sec cooldown it will proc ( Unlike Cast on Crit's 0.five sec. ) Enemies inside the middle of one's Sunder will get hit by numerous overlapped sunder explosions so a minimum of 1 will die.
Cast on Crit does not function with Cremation; you might spawn new volcanos just before they poop out any balls.
+ Distinctive!
+ Affordable!
+ HC Viable
+ Super Tanky
+ Quick Clearspeed
+ Excellent for Abyss spawns
+ Insanely rapid and smooth leveling applying Molten Strike + Ancestral Get in touch with
+ Excellent party build ( 20% Culling = Good )
+ Virtually every ascendancy is viable
- Cast on Melee kill has a quite pretty undesirable reputation.
- God Complicated
- Monsters devoid of corpses
- Endgame build expense
Video Link:
Chayula Rift - https://youtu.be/d-PjzKDVft4
Example Hyperlink: http://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/2039197
NO.2 [Marauder] Meatball Mage ?a Spending budget, Beginner-Friendly Volatile Dead/Cremation Berserker for All Content material
This is a guide to get a reasonably fundamental Volatile Dead build using an ideal mix of damage and tank as well as the capability to do pretty much any content material. Berserker is made use of to granting entire life and mana leech to fuel Mind over Matter, also as a significant chunk of damage.
Most efficient way to get through with the playstyle is usually to watch the video under. Nevertheless, many strategies from my experience with all the build so far:
Drop your corpses below mobs if achievable! The corpse explosion damage is incredibly substantial, and can usually single packs when you stack enough elemental harm.
Try to chain Videos whenever you can, but don't be also concerned a great deal about it. It can usually be faster to Desecrate below a pack and blow them up than wait for the Videos from your last package to hit them.
In breaches, abysses and related conditions you can often neglect about Desecrate and just spam VD. It is glorious.
Spell Cascade repeats in a line out from you. If you want to cluster Cremations on leading of each other, cast Cremation at a 90?? Angle to your Desecrate and they may stack up nicely.
Don't overlook that Cremation is there to proc Elemental Overload also as deal damage. It is vital to maintaining it operating though carrying out bosses.
Cremation is just not just for bosses! It is excellent for abysses, and even for packs in incredibly confined spaces when you know they won't move much.
You benefit hugely from possessing the setup time. Cremations last 8 seconds and VD balls perhaps 5. Whenever you can (e.g., strongboxes, phased bosses, bosses using a smaller angry range), try to have your Cremations running and some VD balls waiting before you begin the fight. Check out the video beneath to find out this applied to significant impact against Dominus' second phase.
You have got to cast two spells to deal damage against a fresh pack, and your stun immunity is only if you've killed lately. Be careful about wading into boxes and obtaining unlocked.
+ quick to play. No have to manage buffs or flasks meticulously, positioning is just a matter of maintaining your distance, and you barely must aim your skills. Also pretty forgiving as a result of having the ability to face tank most content.
+ Excellent harm. DPS is strict to estimate due to the mechanics of the skills, but you could get north of 200k Shaper DPS without as well substantially work and push the previous 500k having a bit a lot more spending. Boss DPS numbers are incredibly comparable to squishier, harder to play crit versions.
+ Great AoE coverage. Volatile Dead homes in on enemies from over a screen away. You'll never miss stragglers.
+ Tanky. More than 8k EHP, and you're leech capped on each life and mana (even against single targets) because of hitting exceptionally frequently. Facetanks a lot of the game when you so wish, such as most bosses as much as T15. Can survive all guardian skills except for Phoenix Discharge.
+ Can do just about all content material. Have to steer clear of Elemental reflect and no-leech maps, and slower recovery may be annoying for tough bosses. Have personally performed Atziri, all Guardians, Elder, Vaal Temple, etc. with ease. Ought to be fantastic for Shaper (but I suck at Shaper so cannot confirm). Wouldn't suggest for Uber Atziri as a result of Volatile Dead's target splitting mechanics generating split phase awkward.
+ Easy to gear. No uniques expected or even strongly suggested, entirely SSF viable, can efficiently do on a spending budget.
+ This could be a pro or possibly a con depending on your opinion but plays differently to most builds in that you do not just hold down one particular button.
- Evident speed is okay but not excellent. Have to use two skills to kill a pack in most situations. Somewhat created up for by having lengthy variety homing missiles in search of out packages that you only aren't focusing on, but apparently not a top-tier clear speed build.
- This can be a pro or even a con based on your opinion but plays differently to most builds in that you never just hold down one button.
- Can't-do Elemental reflect and no-leech maps.
- Can't-do Uber Atziri, in addition to a reduced option for Uber Lab farming as you'll nearly usually accidentally destroy Lazaro's helpers and lose keys.
- Can't use Volatile Dead for early leveling as other variants can. Need to wait until level 40+.
Video Link:
T14 Palace Run - https://youtu.be/qDs3IJxUAZI
Instance Link: http://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/2053804
NO.3 [Ranger] Smoothly cast Volatile Dead! Rapid clear speed! Now with Uber Lab video!
Do you need to play Volatile Dead, but hate the concept of having to cast Desecrate or Unearth first? Want a fast-clearing character that can get via bosses too? And no six-link required?
If this sounds fantastic, attempt out my build! It's 3.1-tested as much as map tier 16 and level 93. I'll be updating my build as I progress through the league, it's nevertheless slightly rough around the edges, but I don't consider I'm far off.
This is a softcore-only build. I don't advise it for hardcore. Also, resulting from the number of travel nodes at the starting of the tree, you'll need to level as freezing pulse or a different leveling skill ahead of switching over to Volatile Dead at about Act 3. You could use Poet's Pen, an excellent build special, at level 12, so if this is not your first character, you may use them while leveling to substantial effect.
Attack with Frenzy to trigger Unearth and Volatile Dead. The initial attack may well only have a few Volatiles spawn, but soon after that it??¥s smooth. You may also create Frenzy and Power charges although attacking, and your Frenzy attacks may have Culling Strike.
In case you are usually not utilizing Kaom's Heart, make use of the following set-up as well: For bosses and tough mobs, I have a Spell Totem with an Unearth setup on it. This is to make a lot more corpses due to the fact Volatile Dead gobbles them all up. I then cast Cremation three instances near the boss, and immediately after that spam Volatile Dead till the Cremation times out. I then recast the Spell Totem and Cremation, starting the approach once more.
+ Rapid clearing
+ Smoother skill spam than self-cast Desecrate
+ Tanky
+ Uses Pathfinder ascendancy: movement speed, bonus flask charges, Elemental harm penetration
+ Kills bosses Rapid!
- Calls for you to utilize extra than one skill in boss fights
- Requires excellent flask management
- Gearing might be too pricey
- Leveling is slower than other builds devoid of celebration play or investment in leveling uniques.
Video Hyperlink:
Final Izaro fight - https://youtu.be/VlAaT7Uppn4
Instance Hyperlink: http://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/2053804
NO.4 [Scion] Cremation Build LL Build Occ Deadeye
Required Special - Sire of Shards Serpentine Staff this can be to provide the further projectile harm as well as the five more projectiles and not sacrificing injury of GMP
Skill Gems:
Unearth + GMP + More quickly Casting
Cremation + Spell Echo + Controlled Destruction + Elemental Concentrate + Concentrated Effect + Fire Penetration
In order of value
Lightning Warp + Significantly less Duration + More rapidly Casting - my movement skill
Decoy Totem - employed to keep boss stationery to possess the volcano shotgun the bosses
Summon Stone Golem + Minion Life - used to tank
Discipline + Blood Magic - for low life employed to discipline and blasphemy when CI
Blasphemy + Flammability + Clarity + Haste - added auras haste isn't as essential far more of a QoL with some damage boost.
The concept should be to produce corpses with Unearth and GMP then use cremation for all damage.
For bosses drop a decoy totem and develop the three volcanos under the bosses shotguns them die swiftly.
Example Hyperlink: http://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/2051039
NO.5 [Shadow] Poet Shakespear's CoC Guide
I've just got to maps, the harm from glacial cascade is quite lovely but being squishy as hell is not entertaining. need to kite bosses and cast in-between glacial dodging, so it is hard to perform. Not positive if this ascendancy is suited to this style of play to become sincere which can be a shame
+ Fastest evident speed you will ever see
+ Entertaining to play
+ 60k Armour with flasks up
+ Lightpoacher helmet is great
+ Insanely rapid and smooth leveling utilizing Poet wands
+ Can do all map mods except Elemental Reflect
- Build expense
- Flickering screen
- Boss DPS troubles (the Final update Should fix! )
- Not HC Viable
Video Hyperlink:
Basic Clearspeed - https://youtu.be/OALK7i0aJnE
40 Seconds Zana T8 Beach - https://youtu.be/IMH2QbcKPhY
Example Link:http://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/2043679
NO.6 [Templar] ASMR Inquisitor: Elemental Crit Ethereal Knives - Extreme evident speed & sound orgasm
ASMR EK has taken PoE by storm by becoming 1 with the most satisfying builds in modern time. The Herald of Ice oriented build with all the high critical chance, and apparent speed will leave both you as well as your potential celebration members drooling following hearing the constant CRACKs and BANGs from Herald of Ice.
It is a single with the quickest map clearings builds available. Built around EK's threshold jewel, which gives you incredible evident speed, coupled with 100% physical -> elemental conversion together with ignoring resistances from Inevitable Judgement.
It has few requirements in your character, regarding both uniques and character level, but have tons of opportunities to make your characters incredibly strong over time!
This build will likely not get majorly nerfed in 3.1 and CI might be within a much better place because with the VP nerfs, which is why I believe it is 3.1 ready and propose CI more than Life!
+ insane clear speed
+ See above
+ Low gear requirements
+ Clean progress throughout the game (all the approach to level 100)
+ Can run both as CI (Better in both harm and survivability on account of aura nodes) and Life devoid of problems
+ OK single target with new Abyss Jewels and Weapons.
- Less single target than you could wish for.
Main DPS Setup
Ethereal Knives + Increased Critical Strikes + Spell Echo + Physical to Lightning + Pierce (6L = More quickly Projectiles)
Physical to Lightning is used to convert the other 50% (after Hrimsorrow) to elemental damage. More rapidly Projectiles might be switched in with Increased Critical Strikes in the event you feel that your build is just not covering sufficient area.
For single target, use Cremation + Mana Leech + Controlled Destruction for significant harm and continuous mana leech with 100% uptime!
Video Hyperlink:
Peninsula Run at level 83 - https://youtu.be/d0G-XJyIZf4
Instance Hyperlink:http://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/2035487
NO.7 [Witch] Corpse explosion necro - detonate dead/cremation with max block and MoM
The build is meant for use with all the Scourge individual claws (dropped by chimera boss), and I haven't managed to acquire one particular yet, but I'm surprised how nicely its been carrying out even without all that extra harm (+200% minion harm with all the claw and my current tree)
The concept is usually to cast desecrate with spell cascade (instantly creates 15 corpses) and after that use detonates deadly with spell echo + cascade. This creates a region of overlapping explosions which Occasional Instagibs almost everything except bosses and a few rares. It is possible to usually get a chain reaction going for any even though devoid of having to cast desecrate once again manually. I use unearth + GMP using a low-level CwDt setup to keep creating other corpses for bone offering or additional chain reactions(because find has no cooldown).
For single target, I use cremation within a five-link which has an insane amount of single target DPS.
Skill gems + links
Still playing with all the links. Might switch cremation to 4l and detonate deadly as 5/6l later, but so far this setup is working well.
main - detonate dead + spell cascade + spell echo + elemental focus (when you choose to utilize this within a 6l instead, the last two would probably be fire pen and controlled dest.)
single target - cremation + GMP + impact + elemental concentrate (5l - fire pen, 6l - controlled dest.)
Videos Hyperlink:
T6 atoll - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZhsFR5wgzVM
T5 channel - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1XrcFeinDIk
Abaxoth kill - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DS8agDoDIpQ
Abyssal depth totem in t5 - https://youtu.be/Hbazx1u0sQo
Instance Link:http://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/2041296


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