• So this guy right here. He simply just does too much true damage. Let me break it down as simply as possible: If you get /w devourer, you already have magic damage on your basics. However, the passive has is just way too damn powerful for Yi. It gives you true damage.
  • What I have thought of with Jax is once you reach 8 stacks of your passive, while you have 8 stacks, your 3rd hits do%max health true dmg, something low like 5%. That is 5% max health gone every 3rd hit with his passives, which are fairly easy to stop him from keeping stacked on.
Countered? -.-
Jax counters pretty much every champ and has no natural counters, aside from perhaps Yorick and Morde and that is given that he doesnt get a kill elsewhere cause he'll just faceroll them as well, he's NOT snowball reliant yet one single kill can propell him lightyears ahead of whoever he's facing on the lane.
The fact that so few champs can deal with him despite the game having a champion base of over 100 pretty much speaks for itself.
His Ult allows him to tank dmg from all but true dmg sources, he does hybrid dmg and his scaling is off the charts, (Thresh crying in the corner).
He has an areal stun that has a longer duration than Pantheons with a fairly low cd, he's got escapes, gap closer, the games most potent AS steroid as a passive and double damage empowerment. Did I also mention all of his skills does damage?
The quesiton is rather, what does he not have? Squishies cant go against him cause he'll down them in a second, tanks cant go against him cause once his AS is maxed he chomps them down as fast as squishies. He's the only champ that benefits from pretty much every available item in the game and that my friends, is nothing short of gamebreaking.
He would be acceptable if his early was really weak, but its not, jax can outduel must champs from lvl 1.
At lvl 3 when he gets 3/4 of his kit his power actually skyrockets, take it from a player who's tired of facepalming delux with Jax.
I know just how retardly strong he is, that's why I don't play him. But then again, all that most players seem to care about is winning, not actually having a fun and ballanced game with cliffhanger moments that keeps u fully on edge.

Jax W does bonus damage to towers now or did it always? Have I really played jax to 450k mastery without realising this or is this some ninja buff that got sneaked in for 9.16? I swear I checked this at some point and found it didn't but it definitely does now.

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Does Jax Do True Dmg Mean

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Wasup guys, this is my first build so Im kinda new. Jax is my favorite player because in my opinion he is one of the best dps, doing a ton of damage, with a lot of attack speed. Another positive aspect is the fact that at full build he has a lot of health letting him be able to solo numerous people at one time.

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You always want to use empower(second spell) before using leap strike(first spell). This allows for your leap strike to do a ton more damage than it would do alone. This is good for harassing. While in battle it is good to use your counter strike(third spell), stunning your enemies and others around you. Another plus to this is the fact that it allows for good get aways. When Im dying I like to start spamming my counter strike so that right as I am allowed to use it I stun them, leap to an allied minion, and get away easy.