After dropping the program to the Applications folder, a small box written with copying items will be shown. When the installation is finished, you can right click the DMG file and then choose Eject option to exit it. You can also delete the DMG file by moving it to trash. Related Articles: 3 Ways to Open DMG. Aug 13, 2018  Note: Do not launch the app right from the DMG. The app will no longer be there after you eject the DMG. When you’re done installing the app, you’ll be left with two copies of it, one in DMG form, and one in your Applications folder. The DMG one can go since you don’t need it anymore.

  1. Can You Delete .dmg Files After Install

DMG is a disk image format used on Mac OS X and it is difficult to open on Windows computer. So, the guide below will let you people give a way to open DMG files on Windows through a free utility name HFSExplorer. Continue reading after the break to read the complete process to do that.

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How to Extract DMG File Data on Windows


Download and install HFSExplorer on your PC


Just follow the installation wizard of HFSExplorer and check mark the box followed by “Register .dmg file association” while you reach on this screen


On completion of HFSExplorer install process, you will observe that all DMG files on your computer will get associated to HFSExplorer software.


Now, double click on your DMG file to whom you want to open


In an explorer window all of the contents of your DMG file will display, so select the file of your choice and click on “Extract” button

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Just choose the destination folder on your computer and click on “Extract here” button


Click on “Yes” button while it asks for “Do you want to follow symbolic links while extracting”


Extraction will start and on completion “Extraction finished” message will display, so click on “OK” and that’s it

Can You Delete .dmg Files After Install

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