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In R20, when you make an attack roll using the built-in char sheet for 5E, it outputs 2 results (with modifiers and everything) in a single line. I'd like to do this with a Macro, so that I can access this functionality quickly through the Toolbar (I read the Macro section and the Dice reference from the R20 wiki, and no luck). Jan 07, 2015  I still reach out for the Dungeon Master’s Guide over all others. That’s the role I prefer. And the DMG is the book for me. If you haven’t been following along with the previous three posts in this series, then let me catch you up. After picking up a copy of the new 5e Dungeon Master’s Guide in late November 2014, I read it. Front to back. Note: The names you give your roll buttons must be unique from any Ability or other roll button on your characters, if you want to reference them in Abilities or Macros. Final cut pro x download free. If a character sheet have several roll buttons with identical names but different values, calling the roll button name will prompt the last entry in the sheet's HTML.

/roll 1d12+8 And /roll 20+1d6 You'll have to figure out when to roll which on your own. The other option would be the set up your attack and regular damage as a macro and then have your critical damage as a second macro that you use to replace your normal damage roll in the even of a critical hit. To show any roll equal to or less than 3 as a critical failure, just do /roll 1d20cf3. To show any roll equal to 20 or 10 exactly as a critical success, just do /roll 1d20cs20cs10. Note: These values will not affect other things that by default work on max roll value (including exploding, penetrating, etc.). Below is a list of all current D&D 5e damage types with possible uses for a DM as well as examples. Damage Types. Slashing - (Cut) Attacks can cut through flesh or armour which could lead to a Bleed effect. So this macro kinda works for an 'All Save' button, however it is using the characters stat mod not the save mod which would be different if the character was proficient with the save, not sure of the name of the trait for a save vs just the stat modifier.

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Short Sword
Martial Light Melee
Range Increment:
Small10 gp1d41 lb.1
Medium10 gp1d62 lb.2
Large20 gp1d84 lb.4
  1. For values marked with an asterisk, the SRD gives neither this value directly nor a means to determine it.


Short Sword Material Enhancements
Steel10 gp310 gp102
Adamantine3,010 gp202Bypass hardness less than 20
Deep Crystal1,010 gp102Psionic
Mundane Crystal310 gp81No rusting, not metal
Iron, Cold20 gp320 gp102Magical enchantments cost an additional 2,000 gp.
Mithral1,010 gp1521/2 weight
Silver, Alchemical30 gp330 gp81−1 damage
  1. Masterwork weapons have a +1 enhancement bonus on attack rolls.
Magical/Psionic Weapon Enhancements
Bonus ValueAdditional Cost1Hardness Increase2Additional hp2
+1+2,000 gp+2+10
+2+8,000 gp+4+20
+3+18,000 gp+6+30
+4+32,000 gp+8+40
+5+50,000 gp+10+50
+6+72,000 gp3+12+60
+7+98,000 gp3+14+70
+8+128,000 gp3+16+80
+9+162,000 gp3+18+90
+10+200,000 gp3+20+100
+11 or more+ bonus squared
× 20,000 gp
+ enhancement bonus × 2+ enhancement bonus × 10
  1. Increase total cost for magical enhancement by 2,000 gp for cold iron weapons.
  2. Unlike the additional cost, the increase the weapon's hardness and hit points are only gained from its enhancement bonus, not its special abilities.
  3. If the weapon has a magical bonus greater than +5 or a special ability worth more than +5, the weapon is epic. Multiply magic cost by 10.

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