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Castle Clash: Brave Squads. Build and battle with over 70 million Clashers worldwide! Heat is on, see what the hype is all about. It would most probably reduce his inbuilt DMG deflection. Pitched my 4/8 fg Asura Vs a Devo team in lost realm and he did pretty well tanking and killing them off. He died to the same team before I gave him the 4/8 fg. I am also curious about unholy pact on Asura. Will the increased 20% DMG received make him deflect more DMG?

This shows the top ten legendary heroes in the game Castle Clash.

The Top Ten

1Pumpkin Duke

Let's celebrate! With this guy on your side, you will be unstoppable! He increases your allies' damage, movement and attack speed! It would have been nice if he was a ranged attacker, so he will be safe from incoming attacks and keep buffing up your units, but sadly, he is a melee close -ranged attacker. - Storm

The Pumpkin Duke, if got lucky in the beginning of the game, can be too op. The Pumpkin Duke increases damage, movement, and attack speed. They are too OP with cupids too. The cupid increases use of special ability, which then makes the pumpkin duke, attck and run better and better, until at an unstoppable level.

Pumpkin Duke is an absolutely insane hero that not only tanks up the rest of your heroes but is the best for all team dungeon battles. Combine this powerful hero with a minotaur chieftain and you can destroy entire bases in seconds! At a high level with a 4/10 plus celebrate and a decent talent, you are looking at an unstoppable hero, the best in the game!

My duke is 140, with 5/10 celebrate. Just this hero makes my troops to twice as much overall damage in boss battles! Combing druid and dukes skill, makes my heroes do 50% more damage! This hero is essential in so many game area, boss battle, arena, fortress feud, raid, team dungeons, lost realm, lost battlefield, and more! If you don't have this hero, you will not do well in the game, simply said.


He's just the best hero ever. He can heal 10 nearby allies in max ability level and increase their attack with 32% for 5 seconds! His range and high attack/ hp makes him unstoppable!

Druid is the one character you can not live without, heals and buffs. most versatile in raids, boss challenges as well as arena. An absolute must have, it is a shame it is given to you now after logging in for 30 days

Great overall hero but shouldn't be #1. true you can't live without one but you can't live without a kicker in the NFL and they don't go first round

Both my eyebrows are raised at this. This Is stupid. Druid is no 2? He is weak as hell and maybe he does heal but who cares some1 like vlad takes hits like crazy and then heals and heals and takes out all troops in milliseconds vlad and pd for the win no argument.

3Spirit Mage

He's me personal favorite hero. he does insane damage and if you put him with war god and life drain crest he becomes a self healing damage dealer that can do insane damage to random targets around the map. although hard to get he is worth it in the long run

Great player over all. Flies over walls then he's special can take out whole board

Amazing what a hero kills any thing from a distance kills on more than 1 front near and the other side of the board

Impossible to get without buying gems and insanely powerful


Combined with Pumpkin Duke in the arena battles, this hero makes your team much stronger. It is also a flying unit and has ranged attacks.

He is great I rolled 2500 gems got from maintenance break but got only death knight then I have done discover the chest event take name of god and clicked on one chest it opened and was written you have got legendary hero cupid

He is on MUST have. He should be top 3.

My favorite. He's strong, good in raids, arena, boss. Best all around

5Vlad Dracula

A 5/5 life drain dracula with revive crest and 9/9 skill can deal enormous amounts of damage and survive long that doesn't require druid to heal it or any other damage dealer. What it needs is a pumpkin duke to further strengthen its damage and increase its speed

He's the most destructive sole hero in the whole game because his skill 'blood banquet' can hit air and ground units and even annihilate any hero except orksbane when fighting but he has to be on the same star level or the same level as the opponent. Saying in one sentence he should be #1.

He is AMAZING. I now use him as my tank in boss fight and with help of blood banquet he is much better than paladin and does so much damage and stuns the boss at the same time!

Are you kidding me?! He should definitely be top ten


Very dangerous hero.. With spectacular skill.. His skill can hit all enemy hero with great damage.. If his skill 5/9 and level 100 his skill damage will be 16000!

Best hero for arena point blank period. Great for raiding, and an excellent addition to expeditions. Should be top 10!

He drains energy and locks your skills.. this guy should be top 5 easily. He is owning the arenas right now left and right

Man I have this guy and was SO LUCKY to get him, as soon as I put him on the field he was causing damage much further than my druid was and just eating away at those opposing heros. LOVE HIM! TOP 5!

7Santa Boom

A further upgraded version of spirit mage that can wipe out a lot more troops and heros without them even reaching you

Large splash attack that deals devastating damage to everything in it. Comparable to spirit mage as he deals damage to targets he can't reach with his basic. Also his firework proc makes for a pleasant viewing experience as you enjoy the pretty lights as you demolish the entire enemy base

Santa is amazing. He should be way higher up. I can kill most of a base without even being close to it. Not the best but sure is amazing.

Santa Boom is the Op Heroes ever but I didn't have it anyway, it's so cool it kill all my heroes all level 100 and the santa boom was level 87 an has 5/5 revitalize on that santa boom just using his special ability once.

8Skull Knight

Skull Knight is just ridiculously OP. At level 124 with skill 6/10 and inscription at 80 he does over 30k damage every hit and he hast the fastest attack speed of any champion with only a 600 ms delay. His buff lasts for 10 seconds with only a 12 second delay. So there is only 2 seconds of every 12 seconds that he does not have the buff and it not only gives him a huge attack buff it also lowers the maximum amount of damage he can take while the buff is on him and it has 8/8 revive built in. With Life Steal on him he is insanely hard to kill and when you do he just comes back with 100% health because of the 8/8 revive.

Skull knight should easily be #2 hero. Amazing tank at higher skill levels, incredibly fast attack speed, and move speed so he gives the most might.
With his move speed he will usually be the front line so he ends up being the tank. Unkillable by higher bosses once his skill activates.
Pair him with life drain and he is an unstoppable tank that has the most damage. All around amazing hero.
Wrecks arena teams and Lost Realm enemies BY HIMSELF.

One of the better all rounders in the game till date. Firstly his survivability coupled with his ability to fully revive and reduce the damage taken makes him the best tank. More importantly, the damage he deals is ridiculously OP because of which he can one shot most heros. So a 10/10 skilled skull knight with 8/8 lifedrain and 5/5 revitalize crest can really work wonders in ALL of the game modes.

This guy is just too awesome. Have him at level 120 and he can take down almost any hero with levels upto 140. And by this, I mean he ALONE can take down 6 140 level heroes. He has 8/8 revive so even if you kill him, he will come back with full health. Works very well when you team him up with Santa Boom. He blasts his cannons and weakens heroes before Skull Knight goes in for the kill. Destroys any walls and buildings with ease, he's a must have in every team. Let him loose on the Arena and lost relm and you have won already. Wins boss fight and will get you blue or purple in Storm Mesa ahead of others, even PD. He's just simply OP, and I have him teamed up with Death Knight. Clear other players bases in a flash.

9Thunder God

High power, high health, and devastating ability! Team it up with a healing unit and he can annihilate everything! - Storm

Thunder God is amazing.

This guy is good I am just going to save shards and buy him because he is only 2200 shards and that is a bargain cause this guy is a boss

Aside from the player castle, he stuns and hits heros from across the map. I've sent him in alone to wipe out the entire enemy team before using my other heros to clean up.


Her ability damages and decreases the enemy's attack. Better yet, she is very powerful and has ranged attacks. Awesome in the Arena! - Storm

Best individual arena character, absolutely pummels enemies as well as the base, but way better options for raids

The succubus definitely deserves to be in the top 10, her skill is amazing, especially in the arena.

Her deaths lash is so helpful in team dungeons and raids she easily takes down building

The Contenders


Moltanica is a very rare hero it can only be obtained by special events you can not rolled him by gems he has a power called fire breath it is the exact opposite of pumpkin duke not just that he doesn't just decrease heros and troops but can also attack this is the best hero for player who do not have pumpkin duke

Slap a 5/5 Tenacity on this beast at Level 100 and your looking at a FLYING tank with 40,000 yes FORTY THOUSAND hitpoints and an attack comparable to that of Pumpkin Duke. And did I mention that his Skill is the opposite of Pumpkin Duke's, and deals massive area damage? Can't hate on this hero just because it hard to get. Should be right under Druid who we all know is a nnecessity.

She has really good stats and her skill destroys. On 9/9 she can turn 9 star hero to 2 star hero, making her much stronger than other heroes.

I have had Moltanica for about 3 months and I've come to realize that he is just as much a game changer as pumpkin duke himself.. An absolute necessity!


Immortep and vlad are an excellent combination to wipe out a base easily without the need of any buffer

Beat hero in castle clash as it's all over health and attack is good.. And the best part of it is it's ability.. Which surrounds him and kills all other troops

It deserves to be in top 5. Not only it deals damage, but also stuns the units within the storm range. Useful in all aspects of the game. Best performance in HBM. Cheers!

Great hero but it sucks that you can buy him with shards because that makes him easy to get if he is as strong as vlad shouldn't he be as rare as vlad

13Minotaur Chieftain

I think This heroes is 2nd best heroes in castle, because his ability is very Dangerous.. All building will be destroyed, if Minotaur active his skill

The mino is the best he have a special attack called body slam it hit multiple enemy sadly only enemy on the ground and I great for boss fights or raiding this hero is really hard to get you need to buy 150000 gems to earn this amazing hero!

He is just too OP, that's probably why he costs a lot of money ($750-$900). This guy is crazy insane. - respawnthedoc

Expensive but if you have him dungeons are a breeze

14Grizzly Reaper

I can't believe this, only 10? Storm, you are overestimating how much speed matters, and there is always enemy units on the battlefield or you win, so there really is no down side to the reaper, and should be ranked higher, at least higher than the low health ninja!

His skill is what makes him dangerous. Remove the enemy troops (in camp) or find a base without any troops (in camp) and you can easily use this hero to its fullest potential. Slow movement speed but has high attack speed to fill up the skill quickly. The skill makes it easy to kill enemy heroes before actually fighting them. Even the strongest of heroes can easily fall because of him. Of course, the only disadvantage is that the skill has to take effect torwards the enemy heroes. He plays a sniper-like role.

He can steal life from enemy units! Sadly, this amazing ability only works if there are enemy units around. He is also a flying unit, but has a slow movement speed. - Storm

Once you get this guy and he has a Life Drain 2/5, you finally understand what a Legendary is supposed to do. Legendaries were simply made to be better than everyone else. Besides, he can kill all of the opponents heroes by attacking buildings. Ya hear, he can kill the people before even fighting them; and take all of their health!


This hero is absolutely a beast. With devastating health, healing and his skill can wipe out all your troops, building and your house. SO GOOD!

I have him and we is the best hero there is that I know of

Why is it that there are 2 orksbane in Rank 11 AND Rank 18

We all ready have irks bane higher in the list


Atlanticore is awful how could it be so high on the rankings!

Atlanticore is basically like a Paladin. If you roll an Atlanticore use it over a Paladin but otherwise they are basically the same

His ability to deflect damage makes him useful against opposing heros

This hero isn't great but it is my 6th favorite hero so it should be higher


Pixie is not the best hero, but is my favourite one!, 5block rate! Damage and restorer at the same time. Forget druid, reaper, siren, aries, forget all heroes, Pixie is a very complete hero. Sometimes when I wanna steal gold I use this pretty girl
Pixie level 156 ab 6/9 life drain

Pixie dealing damage to 3 random heros and healing ally heros is not the main reason what she was made for. It is her ability to remove buffs from enemies and debuffs from allies that makes her the PIXIE we all would love to have on our team. Her skill makes the skills of the so called OP heros such as skull knight, moltanica, pumpkin duke quite useless. Her unique ability makes her an ideal choice against the DEFLECT DAMAGE and REDUCE DAMAGE demons in the lost realm

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Pixie is just awesome, if you want to killed heroes, she is your friend. While you are destroying the buildings, she while took life from the 3 opponents!


The Ghoulem is a castle clash hero that is basically a druid, paladin, and vlad, all combined. It has the healing of a druid, the damage reduction of a paladin (+great health too), and a destructive aura, like a vlad dracula. You could add a berserk on him so that he procs exactly when you finish the cooldown, allowing him to become more and more powerful. It's only problem is it's cooldown. The ability (unfortunately) lasts only 5 seconds, while the cool down is 7. This means 2 seconds of weakness every 7+ seconds. Also, this overpowered hero is immune to stun. This is the perfect hero for storm mesa because of this. Lets say you are in storm mesa 2-4, and here will obviously be at least one pd, so it will proc every 7 seconds. So these bosses at storm mesa 2-4 will stun AND damage all the heroes around it. The ghoulem can take 20 heroes, the exact amount of heroes that 4 people can have in storm mesa. So, it heals them almost immediately after the stunning, since it kept attacking ..more

This guy is incredible! If you gem roll him you should be overjoyed. He should at least be in the top 5! I think the reason why he is ranked so low is because not a lot of people have him as he is one of the rarest heroes whereas clad is not as rare

Think he is an amazing hero because not only does he have as much health as Dread Drake and lots of damage but his special effect is so op because it deals tons of damage to 12 targets but he heals all your allies by double the amount of damage dealt and can't be stunned or shocked! One of the best heroes in the game.


I don't even use druid anymore because ghoulem heals everyone up almost better than druid.


This guy is useful in many places in the game. His ability is devastating in the Arena, and his high damage and fast speed makes this guy a powerful attacker. Too bad that he can't take as much damage in return. - Storm

This guy is beast in the arena. One time, I went up against Vlad, Dread drake, and cupid all at once. I thought I was screwed! But my heroes splash damage one shot all of them! And to think, he only costs 1200 shards!

Champion is a muff diver

Belongs way higher on this list he isn't amazing but he is my 7nth favorite hero and he deals so much damage its insane

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20Death Knight

My death night is at level 60. He was fighting an army and he almost died but he used his ability and wiped them all out!

I have no clue why he isn't on top 10 list.. he is SUPER rare to get. nobody ever gets death knight. and he has better stats at level 90 than thunder got has at level 110.. and his talent is AMAZING

Why isn't Death Knight not in top 5?! At level 80, it has 20k+ health and 2k+ power! Apparently he is rare but I got lucky enough to get him. Death Knight and Druid goes quite well together and is able to defeat many heroes that has a higher level without the use of spells! If you have Death Knight, you will know how powerful Death knight.

Insane hero should be in top 3 I got lucky and got him. he's only on level 80 and goes up against level 100 110 and wins..


Bro, this is my favorite hero and should be at least in the top 5, he's so OP with his healer, dmg, buff. he's just a great hero overall.

Why is this hero at 25? He is just OP. So many times all my other heros dies and he finishes everything by him self. He should be number 1 not 25 lol

It is so good, I used him in a lucky 150 gem roll. Whenever I raid I just use him and he can almost max revive and destroy 3 to 5 buildings at once!

Just got him last night can't wait to level him up and see what his potentials are. I heard a lot of great things we will just have to see how he does.

22Beast Tamer

My beast tamer is an op with 10/10 skill and 8/8 life drain and level 8 berserk crest with level 200..he alone can wipe out an entire base

His bear provides so much protection since it has very high health, very fast, and reduces damage. Should be in top ten easy

Dumb cheating hero and the bear that comes with it is a fat ass

Amazing Hero. Not the best health, but the bear makes up for that

23Phantom King

His attack speed is great, he can attack multiple things at once and can save you by flying quickly everywhere and damage other things. He is also great for arena battles since whenever he attacks he hurts the opponents hero and that will save you in many situations.

This dude is awesome. His ability to attack 3 random targets on battlefield makes him a must have

He does way more than 3 targets. He has a 5/5 revitalize crest which every second he does his skill. He also walks through walls.

Should be way higher in my opinion the 5th best hero super fast I bought him from the phantom king event pack


His skill is devastating at high levels, because the damage increase effects each snowball and he throws one every 0.5 seconds for 4 seconds. He's awesome at arena I don't think he should be top 5 or anything but 18th come on! Give the guy some love!

This guy is awesome my friend has him and he is level 105 and he never dies and does a lot of damage this guy is top 10 material and plus who can argue against olaf its almost summer!

Very good hero should be top 5 looks cool and his power is great

Snowzilla is one of the most powerful heroes in the game I think he should be in the top 10


I have him and with a 5/5 berserker roll he is a monster! Coupled with a revitalize crest he almost never dies. I can't wait for him to level a bit more and be a 9 star hero

Hasn't been released but his proc is just so overpowered can multi kill but not as good as tg it has level 5 healing it can also reflect 50 percent damage and can stun for 2.9 seconds also it can raise attack speed by 50 percent

I have this guy is so awesome

Way too expensive even spirit Mage is better


Why is this hero so expensive?

I got her by rolling 150 gem one morning! Unexpected but really cool character!

Only voting this chick because I want one!

Awesome rolled 150 got it the lightning stuff is cool and its 1 shard less then phantom king


I have never gotten him but he sounds like an amazing character.Most people with 300k have this beast on there team so a definitely reccomender.

Demogorgon should be near top because his process is so overpowered and he can take out bases fast

Demogorgon has a lot of health and good damage

He can't even get stun he needs first place he is so OP


Very good hero overall, with his Whirling Axe he is a very heavy damager and with his ability to fly his mobility is very helpful. I use him to attack from behind and slaughter.

Dracax is a flying crazy beast! Ability can destroy anything you need too! Personally, think if is with Cupid or pumpkin duke, it's #2! Overall, great. Should be top 10

I have level 80 with Cupid he can wreck expert dungeons so fast

Dracax is the best legendary ever

29Master Slime

Awesome at upgrading your heroes so glad they put it in the game

Castle Clash Deflect Vs Reduce Dmg File

I would rather spend all my shards on these dudes than on Sirens and immorteps. These guys give unreal experience because these heroes aren't really 'real' heroes. But these guys are a hero's hero.

Love master slime by them daily

Best Thing Ever. Very Hot.


Yeah it's good because she is the latest hero after phantom king and she has all the equipment a hero must need

She's excellent. She improves your energy and cancels Aries' skill, and if paired with a 5/5 Revitalize, she negates Aries' skill.

Very good hero and is the new hero of 2016 she deserves be in top 15

Amazing hero. When she and Minotaur are working as a team no base can be left alone!

31Candy Kane

My team is Skull Knight, Aries, Vlad, Druid, Dread Drake, and of course Candy Kane. I personally felt extremely disappointed when I used Candy Kane because I thought that she would be very good. I honestly think that Death Knight or Thunder God might be a batter choice. Doesn't have more health then most heros and her ability is horrible

Great hero. Makes other hero's spam skills which is always helpful. Combine with stun team for full OP effect. Pair with dread drake for hilarious map wide cannonball spam.

I personally love her. She is a great all round here and I don't understand why people don't like here

She has a lot more life than your average hero does reasonable damage


You can't mess with this guy. His power and skill is almost invisible.

He is so op and epic

Impossible to get exactly like molt

he/she is the holy best he/she can destroy the whole base

33MedusaMedusa is a fictional character, a superhero appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics.

Oh my gosh how is she so low in my opinion she is the 2nd best hero his ability is amazing

Her aoe damage is incredible and turns them to stone for a short time good to use nice set up is Medusa pumpkin duke candy can valintino aries

She’s not the strongest, but paired with the right team she’s invincible. I have Medusa and Gunslinger, Frankenstein dude etc, and as a team it works out perfectly. They’re able to deal out a max amount of damage, while receiving very little since the enemy is stoned/stunned. It’s very helpful in Boss battles, or any battles where the enemy is way stronger— because as long as the enemy can't attack, then you can win.


Very underrated hero. He knocks heroes at a distance, buffs your heroes and stays out of trouble. Excellent support hero. If you roll him, level him up and get him in the game.. You will not be disappointed.

Deals insanely high damage from long range. Pairing him with cupid, I can easily beat all 10 levels of expedition, almost always at 100% each. All that without even taking any damage. I wouldn't say in the top 5, but an extremely underrated hero.

Better than this ranking by a far margin. He's new but people will come to fear him. A one man sniper unit on your town.

One of the best heroes in my collection. I just drop him at a corner in raid and he finishes off all the heroes.

35Lady Leo

Really good I have her double evolution with a 9/9 skill she can destroy a vlad level 180

I got lady Leo on my first roll on my first day and she really great in raids hbm dungeons, with her skill she can kill even enemy hero from afar and with my druid they make the best team well as best as they can be as I have only those legendary saving up shards for paladian to tank even more with them already completed dungeon 1 and 2 halfway through 3 and cleared up to level 9 of expert dungeon 1 and it's my 4th day playing it both of my legendary are in level 70

Good and rare hard to get by rolling gems it's a new hero. Lol.

She's my favorite of all the heros


Dude why is he so low in my opinion he is the best hero and yes that does mean I think he is better than pumpkin duke

This hero should be WAY HIGHER than ordinary heroes

He is good for raids he gives life for dead heros

I love him he will bring back dead troops


Who even added this, this list is top 10 LEGENDARY heroes.

Ok kinda hero

sick ass

Total OP

38Harpy Queen

Harpy Queen is definitely one of the best in the game, her damage is very high and her skill is very effective for killing troops which is far away from her. She flies pretty fast in arena too!

New hero, recovers 100 energy with 1 hit which is pretty cool. Have her at level 80 and she's hard to kill. She flies so difficult to kill as she usually won't come close enough.

She is great I got her by rolling 150 gems great for attacking buildings.

How is this 0% and beaten by a hill giant? Definitely deserves to be in top 30, at least

40Cow Killer

Very rare hero. Nobody has it.

This is a fake and if u said u were breeding thunder god and pixie u r a liar it's not possible and that's a fake hero

Castle Clash Deflect Vs Reduce Dmg Windows 10

In my opinion it should be number one you can tank storm mesa with just this hero

This hero don't even exist.


Deals 130% DMG to 3 random targets nearby

Uhm, I thought this top heros list was for legendary heroes

She sucks


42Ice Demon

This hero isn't that good for anything, except for slowing heroes. Not my recommended hero. I have all heroes, so I should know

He does great damage and if you get the correct attacks he can be a beast

Castle Clash Deflect Vs Reduce Dmg 1

He's not great but he is really good for beginners

He is good for beginners


This hero is boss teamed with vlad, pd, druid, pixie and the blue beast (on the game start up screen) most of my heros have revive as their secondary ability so I get most of these heros alive 3 times per battle! And when they do manage to kill treantaur I have 7/8 self destruct! Best hero in the game bar none!

This hero is a top 5 hero. With revival ability and strengthening defense he is a must have!

It's the ultimate best hero cause it can revive dead heroes

His a very good legendary and very strong


His skill the fire fart can kill all heroes behind him. The only downside is that he usually kills his own teammates with this.

What the heck is this hero! I don't think it exist.

This is a fake

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Hardest hero to get and best as well.. ALtamash is like legit impossible to get

45Frost Witch

WHAT SHES NOT ON THE LIST?!?! She is so overpowered but due to high demand is super rare. If you get your hands on one I highly recommend using her due to her extremely high damage ability.

This gal is OP. Level her up and she's better than many legendaries. I cannot believe she's not on this list. By far and it's not even close, she's better than any ordinary or elite.

She is no where near as good as any ELITE, much less a Legendary. This one should be last. She can be one shot killed by a Level 128 Skull knight with a 4/9 ability at level 200



If you have to choose between paladin and Triton pic triton het takes care of all the troops with one special attack

Coo, amazing kills troops fast should be legendary almost

In my opinion the best elite not that is saying much

Can kill all enemy troops

47CyclopsCyclops is a fictional superhero appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics and is a founding member of the X-Men.

Love you Scott!

Marvel is bae

But of course

No comment.. what does he even do?


Fastest moving hero in the game. He is also very strong, and can pick off lone enemy heroes easily with his slash ability. - Storm

Seriously! Last rank! I am pretty sure ninja is better than a DRYAD and FAKE HEROES. Ninjas can be devastating when it attacks, it's power-up is amazing, very underrated hero

Not very good unless with another hero (a strong one) because he dies very fast even before he dose his special move

Amazing best damage, melee attack and fastest


A very nice unit that can soak up incoming damage. HE has the most health of all heroes, but slower movement speed and attack. - Storm

I know he isn't the best but for his price he can be essential. And he was my first legend

Don't know why people even like paladin: his health actually sucks, well better than other heroes but still,

Where is Santa Boom


Love getting these guys at heros alter really help upgrade heros

Slime is the best

Helps level your heroes skill up. You need these guys to have fun in the game. - respawnthedoc

They suck they are useless

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