You might be heard of creating bootable USB flash drive for Windows, for Kali Linux, and Mac OS X El Capitan for several times but in our today’s topic, I want to show you one of the best ways to create bootable USB installer for Mac using UniBeast software. As in our previous articles, we have shown you the following methods of creating a bootable USB Installer for Windows, Kali Linux, and Mac OS X.

We’ll not only cover bootable flash for Mac OS X but also in the next article. We’re going to show you that how to Install Mac OS X El Capitan on PC using UniBeast.

Create Bootable USB Installer for Mac OS Using UniBeast

Create Unibeast Usb From Dmg Windows 10

The first task that you’re going to do is open the Apple App Store. The store will open up after some seconds and tap on “Featured” then click on the “OS X El Capitan“.

Download Mac OS X El Capitan

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To get macOS Catalina 10.15 dmg file is easy, whether you can download it from Mac App Store or using the developer account for downloading from developer beta programs. The next you need is to download the Unibeast, Unibeast is a software that allows you to create Bootable USB for Mac. Now you have to wait about 40 minutes until unibeast should create a Bootable USB for Mac in Windows 10. UniBeast will now create the bootable USB drive. The process will only take about 40 minutes, depending on the system and drive speed. Do not unplug or stop during this time. Copying File Process. Create Bootable USB with DiskMaker X 6.

That’s all about a new method and new idea where you learn how to create MacOS High Sierra Bootable USB on windows without Mac, TransMac, Unibeast, or any other software. With simple steps, you can easily create a bootable USB drive. So, I hope you learn the new method and I. Nov 18, 2012 UniBeast only needs InstallESD.dmg from the Install OS So, if you already have that file, you do not need to download the installer from Apple AppStore anymore. All you need to do is to create a directory structure (so called package) to satisfy UniBeast. Nov 15, 2014  Solved Burn to usb a dmg of unibeast drive. The thing is that I have a laptop with 2 partitions (mavericks and win 7) so I can't just put chimera in a usb stick and just install it since I only can boot win 7. At least my problem is solved. Here what I did: 1.drag dmg to disk utility 2.format mbr partition hfs+ the usb drive.

Now the Download button will appear. Click on the “Download” button then type your Apple ID with the password. If you don’t have an Apple ID or Don’t know how to create. Check out “How to create Apple ID without a credit card on iOS Devices“.

Download Mac OS X for Free

Once you have downloaded the “Mac OS X El Capitan”, the file will be downloaded to the Application folder on Mac operating system.

If you don’t have Apple device like “MacBook Pro, MacBook Air” or something like this. Download the OS X El Capitan from the link below.

The Second operation that you’re going to do is open up the disk utility on Mac OS then erase your USB flash drive for Mac OS X El Capitan. Once you open up the “Disk Utility“, then erase the USB as the given screenshot.

Create a new Partition for USB Flash

Create Unibeast Usb From Dmg Download

The third task that you are going to do is download the UniBeast. Go to tonymacx86 then download UniBeast.
UniBeast is a portable software that does not need Installation. Download UniBeast then starts creating bootable USB with it.

Download UniBeast Latest Version

Creating Bootable USB Installer Using UniBeast

Now, everything is ready to create a bootable USB installer for Mac using UniBeast. Open UniBeast that you’ve downloaded and tap on “Continue” button.

Step #1. Read the information about UniBeast software then hit the “Continue” button.

Important UniBeast Information

Step #2. Read UniBeast software license agreements then hit the “Continue” button. A small notification or warning will appear while you press the continue button. Click “Agree“.

Create unibeast usb from dmg windows 10

Step #3. Choose the Mac OS X El Capitan USB flash then tap on “Continue” button.

Step #4. You’ve two options “El Capitan” and “Yosemite”. Here, you’ve downloaded the El Capitan version so you must select the El Capitan. If you have the “Yosemite” version, select “Yosemite” then click on Continue button.

Select Installation Type

Step #5. In the “Bootloader Configuration”, choose the device boot support. If your computer support “UEFI Boot Mode” so select “UEFI Boot Mode”. If it doesn’t support UEFI, so select “Legacy Boot Mode”. Click the “Continue” button.

Step #6. In this step, a window will appear that you can check from these three options all or none of them. Choose “Inject NVIDIA” then tap “Continue” button.

Graphics Configuration

Create Unibeast Usb From Dmg Windows 7

Create Unibeast Usb From Dmg

Create Unibeast Usb From Dmg Mac

Step #7. Here, you’ll have the summary of what you’ve done. Click the “Continue” button.

UniBeast Configuration Summary

Step #8. Now, you’ll see a warning message that says “UniBeast needs your permission to create bootable drive”. Type your username and password then click the “OK” button.

Now set back relax. Because this will take around 40 to 50 minutes to complete. This is not accurate the exact 40 to 50 minutes. It’ll take time. It depends on the speed of your computer.

Unibeast Create Usb From Dmg

Copying files to Flash


This was how you could create bootable USB Installer for Mac OS X using UniBeast. Now eject your flash drive then install Mac OS X El Capitan on PC or your Mac device. If you don’t know how to install Mac OS X El Capitan, visit the following articles.