Mori Seiki NMV Programming G-codes and M-codes complete lists for cnc machinists programmers who work on Mori Seiki machining centers.


These G and M Codes applies to following Mori Seiki Models with listed below NC units.


  • NMV1500 DCG
  • NMV3000 DCG
  • NMV5000 DCG
  • NMV8000 DCG/40
  • NMV8000 DCG/50

True Value for Small Parts Machining The NLX 3000 700 is a high-rigidity, high-precision CNC lathe with a distance between centers of 700 mm, handling various workpieces. The model is equipped with high turning capability supported by a robust bed, and superb milling performance with the matured BMT (Built-in-Motor Turret). The model demonstrates the outstanding performance in a variety of. 133 rows  Mori Seiki NMV Programming G-codes and M-codes complete lists for cnc machinists. May 13, 2012  Hi on a job in india on a usa spec mv55 ex1061 motor interrup alarm. All ties in with X1009.7 on problem no drawning can any one give us some light on th fault or scan a few pages of their draning so i can chase it. Worked out how to edit pmc under fladder. Password ties in with 5 numbers in the drawnings thats all i say work the rest out for your selfs if that helps. Mori Seiki Manuals Instruction Manual and User Guide for Mori Seiki. Lyndex-Nikken DMG Mori Seiki NLX4000 High Torque Live Tools Catalog. Lyndex-Nikken Mori Seiki Rotary Table Catalog. Lyndex-Nikken Mori Seiki NLX NTX NZX Duraturn Live Tools Catalog cat2014. Mori Seiki ZL M-Codes List. Mori Seiki MF-D5 M0RIC-D5F Operating Manual.

Mori Seiki

NC Unit

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  • MSX-701 IV
  • MSX-711 IV


  • Mori Seiki G Codes and M Codes

Mori Seiki G Codes and M Codes

G Codes

G CodeFunction
G01Linear interpolation
G02Circular interpolation/helical interpolation/spiral interpolation/conical interpolation, CW (clockwise)
G02.2Involute interpolation, CW (clockwise)
G02.3Exponential interpolation,CW (clockwise)
G03Circular interpolation/helical interpolation/spiral interpolation/conical interpolation, CCW (counterclockwise)
G03.2Involute interpolation, CCW (counterclockwise)
G03.3Exponential interpolation, CCW (counterclockwise)
G04Dwell/Exact stop
G05AI contour control II high-speed processing (number of blocks read ahead: 1000) (high-precision contour control compatibility command)
G05.1AI contour control II high-speed processing (number of blocks read ahead: 1000) / Nano smoothing/Smooth interpolation
G06.2NURBS interpolation
G07Hypothetical axis interpolation
G07.1(G107)Cylindrical interpolation/Cutting point offset for cylindrical interpolation
G08AI contour control (look-ahead control compatibility command)
G09Exact stop
G10Data setting
G10.6Tool retraction data
G11Data setting mode cancel
G12.1Polar coordinate interpolation mode
G13.1Polar coordinate interpolation mode cancel
G15Polar coordinate command cancel
G16Polar coordinate command
G17XY plane
G18ZX plane
G19YZ plane
G20Data input in inch system
G21Data input in metric system
G22Stored stroke check function ON
G23Stored stroke check function OFF
G27Zero return check
G28Automatic zero return
G29Return from zero point
G30Second/third, fourth zero return
G30.1Floating reference point return
G31Skip function
G33Thread cutting/synchronizes feed
G34Variable lead threading
G35Circular threading CW
G36Circular threading CCW
G40Tool radius offset cancel/Tool nose radius offset cancel
G41Tool radius offset, left/Tool nose radius offset, left
G42Tool radius offset, right/Tool nose radius offset, right
G41.2Cutter compensation for 5-axis machining left (type 1)
G41.3Cutter compensation for 5-axis machining (leading edge offset)
G41.4Cutter compensation for 5-axis machining left (type 1) (MSX-5** compatible command)
G41.5Cutter compensation for 5-axis machining left (type 1) (MSX-5** compatible command)
G41.6Cutter compensation for 5-axis machining left (type 2)
G42.2Cutter compensation for 5-axis machining right (type 1)
G42.4Cutter compensation for 5-axis machining right (type 1) (MSX-5** compatible command)
G42.5Cutter compensation for 5-axis machining right (type 1) (MSX-5** compatible command)
G42.6Cutter compensation for 5-axis machining right (type 2)
G40.1 (G150)Normal direction control cancel mode
G41.1 (G151)Normal direction control ON (left side)
G42.1 (G152)Normal direction control ON (right side)
G43Tool length offset, +
G43.1Tool length compensation in tool axis direction
G43.4Tool center point control (type 1)/Smooth velocity control
G43.5Tool center point control (type 2)
G43.7Tool length offset for turning
G43.8Cutting point control (type 1)
G43.9Cutting point control (type 2)
G44Tool length offset, −
G45Tool position offset, increase
G46Tool position offset, decrease
G47Tool position offset, double-increase
G48Tool position offset, double-decrease
G49Tool length offset cancel/Tool center point control cancel
G50Scaling cancel/Programmable mirror image cancel (negative magnification)
G51Scaling/Programmable mirror image (negative magnification)
G50.1Programmable mirror image cancel
G51.1Programmable mirror image
G50.2Polygon cutting cancel
G51.2Polygon cutting
G52Local coordinate system setting
G53Machine coordinate system selection
G53.1Tool axis direction control
G54Work coordinate system 1 selection/Additional work coordinate system selection
G54.1Additional work coordinate system selection
G54.2Rotary table dynamic fixture off-set function
G54.4Work setting error offset
G55Work coordinate system 2 selection
G56Work coordinate system 3 selection
G57Work coordinate system 4 selection
G58Work coordinate system 5 selection
G59Work coordinate system 6 selection
G60Uni-directional approach
G61Exact stop mode
G62Automatic corner override mode
G63Tapping mode
G64Cutting mode (exact stop check mode)
G65Macro call
G66Macro modal call (call after execution of axis movement commands)
G66.1Macro modal call (call in each block)
G67Macro modal call cancel
G68Coordinate rotation/3D coordinate conversion
G68.2Tilted working plane command (euler angle)
G69Coordinate rotation cancel/3D coordinate conversion cancel
G73High-speed deep hole drilling cycle
G74Reverse tapping cycle
G76Fine boring cycle
G80Chopping mode OFF/Hole machining canned cycle cancel
G81Spot drilling cycle
G82Counter boring cycle
G83Deep hole drilling cycle
G84Tapping cycle
G84.2Synchronized tapping cycle (F15 format)
G84.3Reverse synchronized tapping cycle (F15 format)
G85Boring cycle
G86Boring cycle
G87Back boring cycle
G88Boring cycle
G89Boring cycle
G90Absolute command
G91Incremental command
G92Work coordinate system change/Maximum turning spindle speed setting
G92.1Work coordinate system preset
G93Inverse time feed
G94Feed per minute mode
G95Feed per revolution mode
G96Constant surface speed control
G97Controlling turning spindle at constant speed
G98Initial point return (hole machining canned cycle)
G99Point R return (hole machining canned cycle)
G107Cylindrical interpolation
G313Calling the load monitor macro program
G332Cutting mode selection / Specifying tolerance
G355Rotation axes measurement
G382Tilted working plane command (roll-pitch-yaw)

M Codes

M CodeFunction
M00Program stop
M01Optional stop
M02Program end
M03Spindle start(normal)
M04Spindle start(reverse)
M05Spindle stop
M06Tool change
M08Coolant discharge ON
M09Oil shot OFF Coolant discharge OFF
M10C-axis clamp
M11C-axis unclamp
M19Spindle orientation
M20Automatic power shut off
M21External output
M22External output
M23External output
M24External output
M25External output
M26External output
M27External output
M28External output
M29Synchronized tapping mode
M30Program end and rewind
M31Axis interlock bypass ON
M32Axis interlock bypass OFF
M33Tool return
M44Table-mount sensor UP
M45Table-mount sensor DOWN
M46Sensor selection signal ON
M47Sensor selection signal OFF
M48Override cancel OFF
M49Override cancel ON
M50Oil-hole drill coolant ON
M51Air blow ON
M53Sensor air blow ON
M55Oil mist ON
M58Sensor air blow OFF
M59Air blow OFF
M60APC start command
M61APC start command
M66Tool skip ON
M68B-axis clamp
M69B-axis unclamp
M70Work counter/total counter
M72Chip removal coolant ON
M73Y-axis mirror image OFF
M74Y-axis mirror image ON
M75X-axis mirror image OFF
M76X-axis mirror image ON
M77External output
M80Shower coolant ON
M81Shower coolant OFF
M82Automatic door open
M83Automatic door close
M84Load monitor (teaching, monitoring) mode ON
M85Load monitor (teaching, monitoring) mode OFF Adaptive control mode OFF
M86Adaptive control mode ON
M88Through-spindle coolant ON
M89Through-spindle coolant OFF
M90Tool-spindle/ turning spindle simultaneous operation mode ON
M91Tool-spindle/ turning spindle simultaneous operation mode OFF
M95Chip removal coolant OFF
M96Macro interrupt mode
M97Macro interrupt mode cancel
M98Sub-program call in NC memory
M99Sub-program end Repeat program
M119Spindle (second) orientation
M120External output
M121External output
M122External output
M123External output
M124External output
M125External output
M126External output
M127External output
M128External output
M129External output
M144Optical sensor power ON
M145Optical sensor power OFF
M165Oil-hole air blow ON
M166Cs contouring control mode
M167Cs contouring control mode cancel
M180Mist collector ON
M181Mist collector OFF
M182Auxiliary output 2 ON
M183Auxiliary output 2 OFF
M192ATC preparation mode ON
M193ATC preparation mode OFF
M198Subprogram call in external I/O device
M200Chip conveyor start (forward direction)
M201Chip conveyor stop
M203Turning spindle start (normal)
M204Turning spindle start (reverse)
M205Turning spindle stop
M216Lubrication cycle start for break-in operation
M226Semi dry ON
M227Semi dry OFF
M229ID reader forward
M230ID reader return
M252Through-spindle air blow ON
M253Through-spindle air blow OFF
M258Automatic opening/closing protector open
M259Automatic opening/closing protector close
M270Coolant discharge pressure level 0
M271Coolant discharge pressure level 1
M272Coolant discharge pressure level 2
M273Coolant discharge pressure level 3
M274Coolant discharge pressure level 4
M275Coolant discharge pressure level 5
M276Coolant discharge pressure level 6
M277Coolant discharge pressure level 7
M302Tool life count override set
M303Turning mode OFF (C-axis indexing mode ON)
M304Turning mode ON
M305End face coolant ON
M306End face coolant OFF
M510Fixture 1 clamp
M511Fixture 1 unclamp
M512Fixture 2 clamp
M513Fixture 2 unclamp
M514Fixture 3 clamp
M515Fixture 3 unclamp
M516Fixture 4 clamp
M517Fixture 4 unclamp
M6083D interference checking function ON
M6093D interference checking function OFF
M1003Spindle start (normal)
M1004Spindle start (reverse)
M1005Spindle stop
M1010C-axis clamp
M1011C-axis unclamp
M1019Spindle orientation
M1044Sensor down
M1045Sensor up
M1046Sensor selection signal ON
M1047Sensor selection signal OFF
M1068B-axis clamp
M1069B-axis unclamp
M1082Automatic door open
M2000 – M2020Multi counter display function
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DMG Mori Seiki Co., Ltd.
Native name
Traded asTYO: 6141
Founded(October 26, 1948; 71 years ago)
HeadquartersNakamura-ku, Nagoya, Aichi 450-0002, Japan
Key people
Masahiko Mori
  • Machining centers
  • CNC controls
RevenueJPY 160.7 billion (FY 2013) (US$ 1.57 billion) (FY 2013)
JPY 9.4 billion (FY 2013) (US$ 92.1 million) (FY 2013)
Number of employees
4,159 (consolidated, as of March 31, 2014)
WebsiteOfficial website
Footnotes / references

DMG Mori Seiki Co., Ltd. (DMG森精機株式会社, DMG Mori Seiki Kabushiki-gaisha) (formerly Mori Seiki Co., Ltd.) is a Japanese company, headquartered in Nakamura-ku, Nagoya, engaged primarily in the manufacture and sale of machine tools.

Since its establishment in 1948, it has grown into one of the largest machine tool builders in the world. With its sister company in Germany, DMG Mori Seiki AG, it markets machine tools worldwide under the brand DMG Mori.

Circa 2009, Japan's Mori Seiki entered into a strategic partnership with Germany's Deckel-Maho-Gildemeister (DMG) of Gildemeister AG, yielding the current two DMG Mori Seiki organizations. In 2015 it was reported that the company will carry out a takeover bid to acquire its German partner.[3]


DMG MORI SEIKI CO., LTD. is a manufacturer of machine tools, peripherals and systems, with more than 160,000 installations around the world. Mori Seiki is directed by President Masahiko Mori (森 雅彦, Mori Masahiko), Dr. Eng., and employs over 4,000 individuals worldwide.

In the 21st century, DMG MORI SEIKI CO., LTD. established the Digital Technology Laboratory (DTL)[4] in Davis, California, USA. The mission of the DTL is to develop advanced software for new products.

Corporate affairs[edit]

The worldwide headquarters are located in Nakamura-ku, Nagoya, Aichi Prefecture.[5][6][7]

The U.S. headquarters are located in the Chicago Technical Center in Hoffman Estates, Illinois near Chicago with locations in Boston, Cincinnati, Dallas, Detroit, Los Angeles and New Jersey.[8] The facility overlooks Interstate 90 (Jane Addams Memorial Tollway). The building has 102,000 square feet (9,500 m2) of space and includes classrooms.[9] In November 2009 the current U.S. headquarters opened during a four-day event with over 2,200 visitors.[10] On April 1, 2010, as part of the deal between Mori Seiki and Gildemeister AG (DMG) the U.S. divisions of both companies merged into one unit.[11]

DMG MORI SEIKI CO., LTD. has its offices in the Middlemarch Business Park in Coventry.[12] MORI SEIKI GmbH, the European division, has its head office in Wernau, Germany.[13][14]

In 2009, DMG MORI SEIKI CO., LTD. relocated its U.S. headquarters to a newly built building, designed by Itasca, Illinois-based Cornerstone Architects Ltd., located in the AT&T corporate center in Hoffman Estates.[citation needed]

From October 1, 2013 the company renamed from Mori Seiki Co., Ltd. to DMG MORI SEIKI CO., LTD..[15]

In 2016, DMG Mori opened its new 200,000 m2 plant in Ulyanovsk, Russia, starting production of its ecoline group of machine tools there, plus attendant training and service facilities.[16]

Products and Technologies[edit]

A Mori Seiki CNC lathe

DMG MORI SEIKI CO., LTD.'s major products include computer numerical control (CNC)lathes, parallel-twin-spindle turning centers, multi-axis turning centers, five-axis turning centers, vertical machining centers, horizontal machining centers, linear motor-driven horizontal machining centers, operating systems, machining support systems, networking systems, and production support systems. Mori Seiki has 29 subsidiaries and six associated companies.

Mori Seiki Error Codes

Throughout its history, the company has developed more than 200 models of CNC lathes and machining centers.


DMG MORI SEIKI CO., LTD. provides service and support over the life of its machines. Service centers throughout the country provide customers local support with global backing.

Motorsports involvement[edit]

In 2014, DMG MORI SEIKI CO., LTD. became the exclusive premium partner of the Porsche 919 Hybrid Team, supporting its return to the top category of the FIA World Endurance Championship.[17]

Dmg Mori Seiki Alarm List


Mori Seiki Nl2500 Alarm Codes

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