I'm wondering how to build my mage, mostly on the offensive side. I'm planning to be a Force Mage and Blood Mage or Spirit Healer, and focus mainly on the Elemental Tree, unlokcing every spell and upgrade there. Then, I will choose Rock Armor, Tempest, and Chain Lightning (and upgrade the two) from the Primal Tree, and Mind Blast and Crushing Prison (both upgraded) from the Arcane Tree. i will also focus on filling in spells for my specializations. How does all that sound?

Dragon Age 2 Best Mage

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Dragon Age 2 Highest Dmg Mages

Never played Dragon Age 2 before, and I am about to start! Dmg of a longsword dnd. I always make a make for RPG games, so really know in which direction you'd recommend me to go to create an effective DPS mage.

Dragon Age 2 Force Mage

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  3. Mar 01, 2013  Introduction In this topic, I’d like to shed some light on the DPS vs Damage (Dmg) mechanics. For this, I went out to find the highest DPS build and compared it to the highest Dmg build, in terms of skill Dmg. I hope this will help understand some people what stats to focus on when making a Sorcerer. I’m looking at it from a PvE perspective in this discussion.
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  5. I’ve been wanting to try a build that doesn’t require any specializations for the mage class, and this was the result. This build takes spells in every mage tree (Spirit, Storm, Inferno, and Winter) with the aim of having access to a lot of different tools.