Arms and eyes upraised toward the sun and a prayer on his lips, an elf begins to glow with an inner light that spills out to heal his battle-worn companions.

Chanting a song of glory, a dwarf swings his axe in wide swaths to cut through the ranks of orcs arrayed against him, shouting praise to the gods with every foe’s fall. Calling down a curse upon the forces of undeath, a human lifts her holy symbol as light pours from it to drive back the zombies crowding in on her companions. Clerics are intermediaries between the mortal world and the distant planes of the gods. As varied as the gods they serve, clerics strive to embody the handiwork of their deities. No ordinary priest, a cleric is imbued with divine magic.

Sep 20, 2010  The Warhammer Fantasy world is used for both the miniatures wargame and the roleplaying game with relatively few differences in WFRP 2.0 which has been set to match the miniatures game world after the Storm of Chaos. This means that many parts of the north or east in the Empire have been devastated by war and depoplulated. Oct 02, 2017  Is it me or do the spells do absolulty nothing? It doesnt mather if i cast a fireball, buff a friendly unity or debuff an enemy unit there seem to be no effect what so ever. Total War: WARHAMMER II. I think you may need to learn a bit more about how to use spell casting (not meaning that in a rude way), they can make or break battles.

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Cleric exclusive spells

Hitting icy palisade for 0 dmg free. These are spells are exclusive for this class and will not be available for other classes by default.

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