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  1. Thankfully, Guild Wars 2 works a bit differently. Firstly, you can unlock the core mechanics of each of the professions (think classes from other games) within the first day of casual play. This includes a few weapon skill bars, the unique mechanic for each profession, and even a utility skill slot or two. They can use wards to block enemy.
  2. Guild Wars 2 Dmg Meter. It uses Computer Vision techniques to read out numbers presented in the combat log by taking screenshots of the chat block.

Keti is a weaponsmith, a type of NPC that crafts weapons in exchange for crafting materials and gold and/or customizes weapons. It costs 10 gold to get a weapon customized.

  • 2Skillbar
  • 4Equipment


A self-sufficient build bringing limited Stability as well as personal Might, Fury and very high AoE DPS.


Guild Wars Block Fire Dmg 2


Skill Variants


  • better party support but lose a very strong block.


  • generally useful group condition cleanse.
  • condi hate and more burning.
  • area denial for choke points.


  • good group stunbreak.

Template Code



Download mavericks installer dmg. Sep 04, 2015  Mac OS X 10.9; This is a self made 10.9 mavericks full dmg. It only has osx 10.9 vanilla image. This can be use to make USB installer that will work on.

Guild Wars Block Fire Dmg 2017


Superior Rune of Balthazar
Malign WvW Infusion




  • Try to maintain 100% Burning duration since your primary damage comes from the 4s base duration burn of with .
  • Trailblazer's adds condition duration from the gear which you can use to reach 100% burning duration.
  • Viper's and Sinister's can be used in place of Trailblazer's and Dire's for more damage, gaining from Zeal spec, at the cost of survivability.


  • additional hits for activating F1 passive.
  • more damage than fire but much harder to land consistently.
  • general defensive sigil.
  • or trash condis to cover Burning from cleanse.


  • highest damage option if unconcerned about condition duration.
  • alternative hybrid damage option when unconcerned about duration.


Guild Wars Block Fire Dmg 3

  • alternate offensive option but reliant on frequent kills.


  • Most of your damage comes from a Burning, meaning that if it gets cleansed, the build isn't fulfilling its role. Always try to coordinate your main skills with you group bomb, to ensure trash condis get cleansed and your burn can tick longer and deal damage.
  • and grant more Burning procs through your symbols, making it one of your main sources of damage. Place and carefully to proc it as much as possible.
  • Use
    Chapter 1: Searing Spell
    Fueled by tales of the desolation in Istan, incite a great swelling of heat before you.
    Burning (3s): 393 Damage
    Range: 600
    as your primary attack on melee.
  • Activate
    Recall the memory of fallen heroes, granting allies the searing blades of justice.
    3Ashes of the Just (10s): Your next strike burns with justice.
    Radius: 600
    as often as possible while allies are in range to enhance their damage.
  • When it can be placed safely
    Detail the suffering in fire and blood inflicted during Vabbi's occupation.
    Bleeding (2s): 44 Damage
    Number of Targets: 5
    Duration: 4 seconds
    Radius: 360
    is your highest damage ability.
  • Rotate between your weapon sets while is on cooldown, use your symbols off cooldown and fill time with .
  • should be thought of as a DPS ability, the reflected projectiles will proc passive.

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