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  1. Melee Dmg Combo Duration Riven With Maiming Free
  2. Melee Dmg Combo Duration Riven With Maiming Meaning
  3. Melee Dmg Combo Duration Riven With Maiming Skin

current state:
Riven Top is pretty strong right now,
considering how many champs she straight-up beats in lane and how hard she snowballs i really think she deserves a nerf.
I think the most annoying part she deals so much dmg of gear.
With her passive and her spammable skill she easily deals 150% dmg per Dmg point all the time. Considering how she also has a triple-nuke spell, a shield and a stun thats bull****. She can easily wear down all melee opponents with E-Q-stun-Q-Q combos hitting autoattacks for 150% all on the time retreat and repeat.
Its totally risk-free harrassment for no costs - you simply cant lose a dmg trade against 95% of the toplane champs
So atm Riven Top pretty much means you have to set up ganks against her to not lose that lane, while every gank support she gets pretty much means that shes gonna snowball into a lanecrusher extremly fast. I pllayed games where a 2/0/0 Riven dived a full Hp Rammus under tower without any chance of getting killed before she would have killed that rammus twice.
I would make it so that any silence/fear/stun/knockup effect sets her active Q spell on cooldown so you acually have a chance to interrupt her insane dmg combo and her neverending chase/escape mechanism.
This would allow at least some champs to counter her top
and more importantly it would grant the opportunity to gain lane superiority by ganks.

Not Updated For Current Season

At max rank, Drifting Contact increases the total melee combo counter time to 13 seconds. Combined with Body Count and Gladiator Rush, the counter time is increased to 31 seconds.

  1. Dec 30, 2017 Selling this personal favorite of mine. 00:00 - Maiming Strike Build Test 00:45 - Quick Attack Build Test 01:15 - Attack Range Display and Stealth Attack Damage Test Enemies lvl 100 Heavy Gunners.
  2. Rivens still have a lot of other problems. Problems like the fact that they exist for heavily-used 'meta' weapons, and that they've created a 'new meta' revolving around weapons that become godly with the 'right' Riven (which, outside of melee weapons, is almost invariably a +damage +multishot).
  3. Nov 13, 2019 Maiming Strike Revisited after Melee update 2019 - Duration: 3:29. Weasle 513 views.

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page

Basic/Advanced/Hydra Riven Combos

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Hello! I'm Adrian 'ladrianariesl' I am a challenger level Riven main who wants to help YOU! Master riven and win lane every game regardless of her recent nerfs.
Riven is the kind of champion which at the highest level of play can single handedly carry games if she gets ahead even in very dire scenarios like a 4v5. She is my favorite champion and i have been playing her for a very long time. The purpose of this guide from my perspective is to make good riven players into very extremely advanced riven players. This is not a guide for players new to the game, this is a guide for somewhat experienced riven players. This guide focuses a lot on combos and ability canceling. I will add matchups when i have time, I will update the guide everyday possible.

Pros / Cons

Fun hypercarry
Can win every match up if played correctly
Snowballs out of control!

Melee Dmg Combo Duration Riven With Maiming Free

When behind it can be hard to comeback
Very unforgiving champion

Riven Basic Combos

Here i will be talking about the different combos with riven and the optimal scenario in which you would want to use each one. Rivens passive makes it so it rewards you for auto attacking in between each ability.
Skirmishing combo:[E AA Q AA Q AA Q AA W AA]. This basic combo maximizes your damage using your passive at its full extent. 'so why not use that combination for every engage?' Well sometimes it might be a great combo to do vs opponents with no mobility or cc but this specific combination gives them too much counter play which can result in death in high elo games.
Harassing under tower Basic combo: [Q W AA E out] This combo is pretty easy to do and it allows you to do damage under tower without taking any back.
CC lock Combo: [E AA Q AA QW AA Q AA] This combo Locks your opponent up by combining your w stun with your third q making them unable to retaliate while you kill them. Example : syndra uses her full combo on me, i have 30 hp left shes still full but rivens damage output against targets that are very squishy is very extreme!. I use this combo instantly killing her without any retaliation. All she would need is an aa to finish me off but the combo did not allow her to auto attack back.
Rivens ult can be used in the same combos by using the ult at the very beginning and throwing the windslash at the very end of the combo.

Riven Advanced Combos

These combos involve this neat and cool trick which you can do with riven which is Q ability canceling. Q ability canceling is done by clicking somewhere after using q and then clicking back to the opponent. What this does is allow you to get your auto attacks twice as fast as you normally would. Ill use 'FM' flick mouse For the input in combos.
Being able to do this with consistency on moving opponents will make you a way better riven and will allow you to do things you could not do before.
Advanced harassing under tower combo: [AA Q FM A Q FM A W E Q out] This combo allows you to do massive damage to your opponent in the right scenario without much retaliation from them. (COOL TRICK): When using ability cancels you are able to use your stun much faster than normally in the middle of a combo.
Advanced CC lock combo: [E AA Q FM AA Q FM AA W AA Q AA] Now this combo looks a lot like the first basic combo but the damage with ability canceling and the extra auto on w makes this combo deadly. It will kill your opponent instantly and cc lock them to the point that they wont be able to cast anything. Ability canceling makes this possible.
I did not add an updated version of the first combo which uses all of riven charges because its the same thing except the damage comes out much faster with ability canceling.

Hydra Ultimate Combo

Hydra is one of the most amazing items on riven because of its active. When the active is combined with combos and ability cancels you can see how absurd the damage output can be.
Hydra cc lock Death combo: For this specific combo you don't even need the first parts of your q. You only need your third q and i use this the most when i see the enemy team clumped. [ E R 3rd Q AA W hydra active AA windslash ] This combo can kill the entire enemy back line in a matter of 2 seconds. If done fast enough they wont be able to flash out. I have won many games because of this combo just flashing to the back line and getting an instant triple kill.

Melee Dmg Combo Duration Riven With Maiming Meaning

Remember all the past combos can be combined with hydra active to do massive damage.

Melee Dmg Combo Duration Riven With Maiming Skin