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Drinking and throwing Elixirs give you Might and tons of boons to cover them while also providing something that other engineer builds lack: condition removal.; Note that while drinking elixirs removes conditions only from yourself, throwing elixirs from your toolbelt also removes condition from allies while giving them boons, providing you valuable party support options. R/Guildwars2: Guild Wars 2 news and discussion. FT only is going to be power. Based on my testing, an FT only auto attack based around huge might generation is roughly on par with bomb auto attack with an explosives build only when each is in a solo situation. Thats to say, the might gen from FT makes up for the lower damage, but if you have outside might coming in, basically any other kit. Feb 03, 2013  Best burst damage class? As the title says. I've been away a long time and I'd like to just do the deeps. (triggered on swapping to the grenade kit). The kit refinement grenades shoot out from you in a circle but if you stand right on the person you're fighting most, if not all, should hit them. Guild Wars 2 news and discussion. Start off with toolkit magnet pull then a grenade barrage from he toolbelt together with a static discharge, and a second from kit refinement (triggered on swapping to the grenade kit). The kit refinement grenades shoot out from you in a circle but if you stand right on the person you're fighting most, if not all, should hit them. What's a fun PvE engineer build to play that doesn't involve grenade kit? Question Ele main here, i've always wanted to try playing an engineer, as both of those classes are very high-button-clicking ones, and i've always found really funny to play classes like these with high versatility.

with the latest buff to firearms traitline i had a lot of fun with this build:
Dmg file windows. I used full marauder with grenade kit. stacking a lot of might was very easy with shrapnel and sharpshooter.

Prince, a former ruler of the blood elves.Ten thousand years ago, during the reign of the, there was an elite magic-using sect known as the, who dabbled in magics that many other considered heretical by drawing upon the power of the. Blood elf frost mage. They became known as. Fiercely loyal to their queen, the Highborne opened a number of portals under her direction that brought forth the, triggering the. Sometime after the, most of the surviving Highborne were exiled from and settled in the, founding the kingdom of.

But in big fights grenades suffers everything: high retalation damage, projetile hate and missing range:
1. Worst case math: 3 grenades x3 targets = 9 hits x250 retal dmg = 2250 retal dmg for a single skill.
2. Projectile hate is everywhere at zerging, especially warriors and guardian bubbles and walls are everytime on the field.
3. Necro shades, wells, and marks have more range as grenades that means you are always in damgerous range with a grenade build.
4. last thing I noticed is the projecile path of grenades. At bad terrain the grenades even dont reach the target, they explode somethimes at some flat hill which was on the way.

So now, when some of this reasons which make grenades bad for big fights could be reworked, maybe grenade engineers could be a part of meta for WvW?
My suggetions would be:
1. With retal dmg I am ok, there must be a weakness or some sort of counter.
2. Remove Big Boomer trait and replace it with a grenade specific trait: Grenades doesnt count as projectile.
3. Low range: in addition to the new trait, grenades get +300 range = 1200 range in total
4. Some QoL which changes the projetile path of grenades would remove this issue. When they fly in a bigger curve they wont hit terrain at the way.

Gw 2 Grenade Kit Hybrid Dmg Reviews


Gw 2 Grenade Kit Hybrid Dmg 2017

  • edited December 28, 2017
    • Retaliation as a boon needs to be reworked in general. It's not a fun mechanic as it exists, as its punishes players who do lots of small attacks (IE grenades) with a ton of unavoidable damage. It would be better if it was designed in such a way to add extra damage to the player with the boon based on received damage (IE you hit me, so I hit you even harder now).
    • As it stands, all engineer ranged weapons, particularly grenades, suffer from projectile hate. I've been an advocate for some kind of piercing trait for engineers that allows some hits to go through projectile hate (IE 100% of the time, or randomly 50% of the time).
    • Engineer needs better ranged options in general. The best ranged we have either has an incredibly long flight time and no damage (mortar), or is a single-target autoattack (rifle). Grenades still have a long flight time, and just don't make up for the range.
    • Unfortunately, I don't see any path around this particular issue, and I'm ok with this. LOS should be effective against grenades, because alterations to this would cause some really wonky flight pathing.
  • Grenades definitely need 1200 range or 1500 range back for WvWvW. There is no good reason, why 'nades should remain 900, considering their slow projectile speed and the amount of much higher hitting 1200+ skills other professions have (e.g. hammer revenant).

    Retalation (which is very common and easy to AoE apply on zergs) counters grenades, making it a liability to spam 'nades at an enemy group. I would still say keep this, spamming shouldn't be rewarded too much, but please consider making grenade skills unblockable e.g. shrapnel grenade #2 and flash grenade #3 (currently only grenade #5 is unblockable).

Gw 2 Grenade Kit Hybrid Dmg 1

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