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The object is to cast Elemental Arrow into large packs of trash enemies and Rapid Fire on Elites since Rapid fire does more single target damage. And with Marked for Death - Mortal Enemey equipped, you should be making more hatred than you are spending. Amulet Question - Main Stat vs% Element Dmg QUESTION I guess this is more of a question aimed at people who are either competitive, high grift tier, and/or have an overwhelming knowledge of the game. Hellfire amulet choice would be Confidence Ritual, a Flavor of time is also extremely strong for High GR pushing. There are a couple issues with the build being, that we don't really have enough skill slots forcing us to use a Wormwood to activate RoE, we also need quite a lot of CDR to have 100% up time on Rain Dance, we may need to take GI on.

Hellfire Amulet of Intelligence. The Hellfire Amulet is truly a badge of dedication to those who, at great cost to themselves, have sworn their lives to eradicating the demon scourge from the lands of Sanctuary.

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Hellfire Amulets: Are like normal amulets in the game….except OP! They naturally roll a socket & main stat and grant you an extra PASSIVE (Random Roll)!

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Plan Location: Act 2 – Hidden Camp (Town): You will be able to buy the plans for the Hellfire Amulet & Ring at Squirt the Vendor!

Jeweler: Right click to teach the plan to the Jeweler! You will notice an option to craft a Hellfire Amulet or Hellfire Ring that has a main stat of either Dexterity, Strength, Intelligence of Vitality. At this point, all you have to do is select the proper main stat and pray RNGesus is on your side for a GODLY Ancient Roll!

Hellfire Amulet Of Strength

Infernal Machine of Regret

Odeg The Key Warden of Regret – Location: Act 1 – Fields of Misery

Dmg d&d pdf 5e. Bosses: Leoric and Maghda

  • Leoric: Teleports around the map to you. SO BE CAREFUL! If you are carrying a person in ubers and they are standing back to the side, I can GUARANTEE you…Leoric will teleport to them every time (hardcore players beware). Focus on killing him first!
  • Maghda: At every drop in 25% HP she will become invulnerable, throw up a shield and spawn minions. She also throws out Arcance Beams and Arcane Butterflies thorough out he entire fight. Hint: Arcane Immunity Necks are GREAT on this boss fight!

Infernal Machine of Putridness

Sokahr The Key Warden of Putridness – Location: Act 2 – Duglar Oasis

Bosses: Rakanoth and Ghom

  • Rakanoth: Teleports around the map, watch for his “slash” animation. He also summons minions in the fight to attack heroes.
  • Ghom: Produces Poisonous Gas through out the fight and summons mini mucus balls to target heroes. Hint: Poison Immunity Necks are GREAT on this boss fight! No preference for who you kill first, however, you do want to try to keep the two monsters as close to each other as possible in the small map to maximize area damage on both of them.

Infernal Machine of Terror

Xah’Rith The Key Warden of Terror – Location: Act III Realm – Stonefort

Bosses: Siegebreaker and Zoltan Kulle

  • Siegebreaker: He is REFLECT DAMAGE so be careful, you can one shot yourself! He charges around the map and can also pick you up and throw you dealing huge damage to you.
  • Zoltan Kulle: Summons Tornadoes and Bubbles throughout the fight. These will not only slow you, but do massive damage as well! You will also get rocks falling from the ceiling so be aware, no where is safe! I suggest killing Kulle first, as his tornadoes and bubbles are more problematic then Siegebreaker’s charges.

Infernal Machine of Fright

Nekarat The Key Warden of Fright – Location: Act 4 – Silver Spiral?

Bosses: Uber Diablo + 2 Random Ubers

  • Diablo: When he gets to Hint: Fire Immunity necks work great!
  • 2 Uber Bosses are random spawns! The best way to work this map is to either stay out of range or dodge as soon as you see fire from Diablo. Always focus on the newly spawned boss to get a kill in BEFORE going back to killing Diablo, trust me, you don’t want 3 Uber bosses chasing you around!

Ideal Hellfire Amulet Rolls

Hellfire Amulet: Naturally rolls with a socket! If you are unsure as to what additional passive you should look for…you can always press “Shift L” and see what those near the top of the Seasonal Leader Board are rocking! Keep in mind you may have to roll dozens of hellfire amulets before you get a OP Ancient One! Don’t give up and keep the grind up!

Best Main Stats: The best in slot rolls depend heavily on your class and build. Be sure to check out the leader board for your class to see what the top players are rocking! The go to stats can slightly change depending of nerfs/buffs as the seasons go on! With that said, it is usually safe to have any of the following stats on your Amulet!

  1. Main Stat/Elemental Damage
  2. Critical Hit Damage/Critical Hit Chance
  3. Reduce Cooldown/Area Damage

KEEP IN MIND: Use *CALDESANN’S DESPAIR* to add extra main stat to your AMULET! HardCore Players have been know to take advantage of this to add a bit more Vitality to the mix in many gear slots!


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Hellfire Amulet Plans

Hellfire Amulet Intelligence Or Elemental Dmg 2

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