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The tests were me pressing E and seeing how much damage it did to the training dummy. Please note that all tests were conducted on patch 9.24 at level 18, using conqueror, as it is the rune that Garen's kit is now based/balanced around. All other runes were chosen to not affect damage., except for the double +9 adaptive force option. Garen:TOP Damage/Tank. Garen build guides on MOBAFire. League of Legends Premiere Garen Strategy Builds and Tools. People don't see the potential Garen has as a DPS. In short, that's why a lot of them fail, because they play Tank Garen. Anyway, stacking Damage was very simple since i've got two Infinity Edges and also 'Atmog's' in this Build. This Build is VERY expensive though, so you need to be fed to complete this Build.

Garen does extreme amounts of damage for a character who can build completely pure tank. His kit makes him a near unkillable champ, because he can take enormous amounts of damage, and is nearly impossible to chase him down. He is completely devastating to mages in general, and it is a serious proble. The Garen E does crit, but the BONUS DAMAGE DOES NOT CRIT! The Base Damage crits and it adds the crit AS A BONUS. If you are going to get crit chance. I suggest to get 2 IE 2 Phantom Dancers, and an Armor Pen item. This will work very well against mages! Nov 20, 2017 why does garen e + aery do this much dmg? New garen top gameplay season 8! - league of legends solorenektononly.shrooms of death. full ap teemo mid does way too much damage. Wow classic bows by level.

Garen, Damage and Health Build/Guide

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How To Do Dmg Damage On Garen Edge

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The ONLY increases to wand damage are from buffs, debuffs, and talents. Spell damage does not increase wand damage in any way either. Vanilla



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How To Do Dmg Damage On Garen Error



Hello, this is my Health/Damage Build/Guide, it closely follows my Health/Damage Build/Guide. When I come out with more Builds, they'll be much more different than these two. Thank you for looking, and vote for this! (UPDATE 3/4/12, I've decided to replace two of the for a for Attack Speed, cause you want to get Damage out faster right? and so you can live more and kill more)

Pros / Cons

Pros: Tons of Damage and average Tanking, Carry most of the time
Cons: Not very Team helping wise, most of the times very depended on for fights (Equaling Underfed), HEAVILY dependent on laning with a Tank.


Farming with is a bit complex. At the beginning, you won't get very many Minion kills unless you make sure you Last Hit every time. But once you get your , it will be much more easier, granted it'll be easier to be Farm stolen from you. When you get your , you have to get Last Hits or your Courage will never get farmed, and you'll be left with not much Defense. Don't use your when farming unless you are in DESPERATE NEED of farming (Not including farming Courage, but Level or Gold wise)

The Build

Like I said before, this Build closely follows my Olaf Damage/Health, so sell your when you get to your , sell it on if you're being underfarmed. Make sure you farm your and .


Let me explain my Build a bit more in depth. You can consider this a Tank build because I've got but I consider it a DPS since I stack AD. People don't see the potential Garen has as a DPS. In short, that's why a lot of them fail, because they play Tank Garen. Anyway, stacking Damage was very simple since i've got two Infinity Edges and also 'Atmog's' in this Build. This Build is VERY expensive though, so you need to be fed to complete this Build.


Let me explain my Runes a little bit. These Runes focus HEAVILY on Attack Damage. I get Flat Attack Damage Marks, Flat Attack Damage Seals, Attack Speed Glyphs, and Flat Attack Damage Quintessences. Nothing else is focused because this is not made to be a Tank Build, nor is it for Attack Speed. Now, I'm thinking of changing the Marks to Armor Penetration, in case you go against a Tank.

Skill Sequence

If it isn't obvious what you need to get for your Skills already. You need to get your first so when you fight in Beginning Game, you'll burst a ton of Health with just one casting. Next is to help with your Farming and that little extra damage for when you're chasing them to their Turret. Then you get your and farm it until it's fully farmed at 25 Armor and Magic Resist (This should be all you need for Armor and such). And once you get your Ultimate; you start to rack up the Kills (As well as KS your teammates).

Beginning game

Beginning game will have the most DPS than anyone in the match (Hopefully). Because of this, I recommend you just lane with a Tank. Like with , try to get to the Enemies' Bush before they get there. And once they check it. Completely obliterate them with . If your Lane Partner has a Stun or Slow, tell them to get that first before anything else. If your Enemy is Low Health (About one Bar of Health) Use your , but if they're not going to die, take a risk and use your to get them. Risky, but it works a lot.

When in fights

When the fights start. You've got to be one of the ones to go in first. When you go in, the person on the Enemy Team that focuses on Skills ( for example). Then in the middle of your Enemies, don't forget to do your , so you don't die in the middle of your . Be careful though, if you take too much Damage, you have to run, use your Decisive Strike to help your escape, if they Slow you, use your to take the Slow off of you. But you shouldn't have to run that much if you get your early. Always focus the Squishy, Low Health or not, your will melt their Health insanely if they don't have enough Health or Armor.

Team Fights

So when you are initiated in a Team Fight, the first thing you need to do is focus the Squishy character, doesn't matter if they're Full Health or Low Health, your will do a lot of the work for you, if they're about to get away, and you can't use your to catch them, use your Ult, 9 times out of 10, it will kill them. Now, if there's a Champion on the Enemy Team that you know will take you down with, let's say a Burst (). When you go in, you need to Silence that Champion with , then chase the Squishy, hopefully in the time that the Enemy is Silenced, your team will kill that person, and you won't have to worry anymore, in that case keep chasing, but be careful, you will run the possibility of being Ganked by the others on the the Enemy Team in an effort to protect the Squishy. So chase, but be smart about it.

When Pushing

Pushing with Garen is quite destructive. When you get to a

How To Do Dmg Damage On Garen Eyes

Turret, use your whenever you can so you do a lot of Damage to take it faster. If you're ganked, don't forget to use your and to get away and escape. Use your if you have to. If you've got a Tank on your team, HAVE HIM NEAR YOU AT ALL TIMES! You will need him to Tank the turrets and Enemy attacks while you dish out the damage back.

In the Enemies' Base

The Enemies' Base, this is were things will actually get easy. If they charge at you on at a time, just take them down one by one, but if they all attack at once, don't be afraid to attack, just Team fight them, remember! Focus the Squishies

How To Do Dmg Damage On Garen Engine

! Don't retreat unless you

How To Do Dmg Damage On Garen E Darius

ABSOLUTELY have to! Remember, stay with the Tank if you have one.


I've been using this Build for a few Months now, and it's worked for me quite a bit, so I recommend you try this a few times, you may not get it at first, but it'll come to you at a later time. Partially because the Runes help A LOT with being DPS . Thank you for Reading up on this Build/Guide, if you liked this, please vote for this! If you've got any concerns or ideas for this Build, just leave them in the Comments below, or you can PM me. Thank you