Skyforge Necromancer Basic Guide by PiXtain

Skyforge Archer Guide by Stephen Strange. This is my guide to archer, which I believe is a very fun class with nice stable dps and good burst in pvp. Hope you find it useful. Archer basics. Archers is a ranged class that uses a resource called concentration, which is gained through your Sharpened Arrows(Ability section). Skyforge Berserker In-Depth Guide by Chaz Introduction. The Berserker is one of the unlockable classes in Skyforge that is only available to purple and orange founders or through approximately 4-5 weeks of sparks in the Ascension Atlas. Primary Stats. Character advancement works a bit differently in Skyforge than in other MMOs, but one genre staple that remains is character stats. In this guide we’ll be taking a look at each stat, how it impacts your character in combat, and ways they can be improved over time.

1. Introduction

I love to call my Necromancer the “Beastly Undead” and it was the first class I maxed. He has a very high survivability and is fun to play. If you are looking for a burst class, you need to keep looking, but it will help you with constant damage and a low death rate. This can help you in PvE and PvP as you can see. Instead of dying the Necro transforms into a Lich and can recover his HP.

It is a class where you pay with your life for some abilities and earn Lich Charge for it. The more Lich Charge the longer you can use the Lich form. The Beastly Undead tears his low life enemies apart with his finishing move Claws of Death.

2. Main Stats

You have a good boost of critical chance and critical damage:

  • +24% critical chance for Hellfire from a blue Offhand [Picture]
  • +70% critical chance and critical damage on plaque “Funeral Lament” [Picture]
  • 100% critical chance from Rift of Horror + Torments of Hell [Picture]

Luck delivers additional critical damage and Strength an overall damage boost. Both of them are essential for the highest damage. Try to get 4 rings with both stats to assure a perfect boost of your ring slot rank. You will lose a big portion of your stats if you even have one ring with another stat. [Picture] Valor would help your damage with full life enemies, but is not that strong.

Luck > Strength > Valor > Spirit

3. Secondary Stats

The “Beastly Undead” <3 is a Luck dependent class and as such you need your critical chance as high as possible. In addition will Accuracy increase the influence of strength on your base damage and bring the minimum base damage closer to the maximum. The only thing better than those two is Crushing Blow. It will double your base damage with a certain percentage. In a nutshell: Your crits can crit :-)

Crushing Blow > Critical Chance > Accuracy

4. Chapels

The chapels follow out of the points above:

  1. Critical Chance
  2. Accuracy
  3. Crushing Blow
  4. Range Damage
  5. Accuracy
  6. Critical Chance
  7. Crushing Blow
  8. Solidity (Might increase depended on Stamina)

5. Symbols

The symbols for this class should improve the Main and Secondary Stats as well as the use of the many DoTs and crits. I would recommend the following for sure (PvP & PvE):

  • Paladin Symbol: incoming DMG over 10% of your life makes you immune for 4 seconds with a 70 sec CD and will reset each fight! We LIKE!
  • Lacerated Wounds: Extra DoT proportional to your Luck – we should have enough
  • Warlock Symbol: Extra DoT ticking for 6 seconds
  • Maximum Recoil: 10% extra critical damage for each symbol – Whoohooo
  • Ultimate Strength: Effect on base damage increased by 10% for each symbol
  • Under Cover of Darkness: 7% if char has not been targeted for 5 seconds

6. Abilities

  • LMB: 1. Ghostly Strike -> 2. Plague Strike -> 3. Ritual Strike
  • Hellfire: LMB > RMB
  • Plague: LMB > LMB > RMB
  • Cursed Land: Slows your enemies down by 5% and dying enemies turn into a maximum of 3 Carrions and fight for 10 seconds
  • Wall of Pain: A wall moving from the Necro in direction of the target and doing dmg to enemies in its way – 125% more damage if multi hit
  • Wall of Souls: Same as WoP but with less dmg but puts a debuff on the enemy reducing the DMG to the Necro by 28%
  • Skull Throw: Does DMG to a target and has a 20% chance to be used instantly again
  • Lich: Switches you into the Lich form.
  • Shadow of the Past: Returns you to the position and the HP you had while casting in case you stay alive or are in Lich form
  • Summoning Stance: Ghostly Vipers (tanky), Ghostly Mantide (AoE), Ghostly Carrion (single target)
  • Shield of the Banished: Absorbs all summons and giving a 32% HP shield (life costing spells get subtracted of the shield first)
  • Possession: Increasing damage of summons by 66%
  • Rift of Horror: 4 second fear + dmg every 0.5 seconds for 15 sec
  • Grave: Pulls selected and close by enemies 20 yards (1 yard = 0.9m) away from the Necro
  • Ghostly Flow (Ulti): Reduces cooldown of Lich form by 6 seconds for every enemy hit

7. Lich Form

The Lich form is so important it got its own topic in my guide. If one uses the ability “Lich” the Necromancer will instantly switch into an immortal Lich form. Instead of dying the Necromancer also transforms into the Lich Form for a time depending on the Lich Charge (blue bar) you accumulated.

  • 0 Lich Charge => 5 sec Lich form
  • 50 Lich Charge => 7.5 sec Lich form
  • 100 Lich Charge => 10 sec Lich form

How To Increase Dmg In Skyforge 4

This form has a 30 seconds cooldown in which you can not use it. When you die during the cooldown is active you really die. The cooldown starts at the same time the Necro turns into a Lich in which you can not die. If you survive a period of max 25 seconds you can turn into a Lich again, which gives you a very high survivability.

During the Lich form the Necro is able to recover his health with different attacks:

  • Sickening Nightmare: Fly dot on enemy stealing life for 10 sec
  • Volley of Darkness: DMG + Life recovery proportional to released flies on target of SN
  • Reaper’s Sweep: Recovers life proportional to hit targets and 10% for each kill

8. Talents


  • Accelerated Decomposition
  • Cyclone
  • Funeral Lament (Vampirism if Boss without Adds)
  • Fast Recovery
  • Torments of Hell
  • Veil of Death / Hungry Skulls (depending on which you use)
  • Ritual Fire
  • Beyond / Vampirism


  • Accelerated Decomposition
  • Ancient Sorcery
  • Barrier
  • Cyclone
  • Torments of hell
  • Hungry Skulls
  • Cursed Viper
  • Vampirism

9. Equip

Ideally one only equips blue/epic items for higher and more bonuses.

In PvE you normally use Ghostly Carrion, so you need the scythe with additional dmg for Carrion (65% in blue).

The bonus on the Offhand should be Hellfire (24% on blue).

The amulets should have Skull Throw and Plague on them.

The rings should be chosen by the criteria given by the Topics “Main Stats” and “Secondary Stats”.

Do not forget to switch the trophies appropriate to the mob you are fighting.


I would recommend a scythe with extra damage in Lich form (22% on blue). The Offhand can be played with the Shield of the Banished bonus (66% more and 40% longer on blue) or the Shadow of the past bonus (8 yard 3 sec stun on blue).

The amulets and Rings will be the same as in PvE for obvious damage reasons.

10. Gameplay


Single Target (Boss):

Open with Cursed Land -> Shadow of the Past -> Summon Carrion -> Skull Throws -> Rift of Horror -> Plague -> Hellfire

Keep Hellfire and Plague up and use Skull Throw as often as possible and fill with Ritual Strike.

When you enter Lich form use Sickening Nightmare two times followed by Volley of Darkness. After that do three times SN followed by VoD and repeat.

Use Ghostly Flow to reduce CD of Lich and get Lich charges if you really need it, because the CD is very long and there is no high dmg in it.

One gets the feeling for using the Lich form after playing it a while.


How To Increase Dmg In Skyforge

With Accelerated Decomposition the “Beastly Undead” is very strong against low life enemies. A paladin with less than 20% life and a full shield will still get 400% more dmg by Plague. Use this to your advantage to help your Team finishing off the low lifes.

Cursed land with the Talent Cyclone not only slows the enemies down, it also pulls them back to the center once every 12 to 20 seconds.

Torments of Hell will give you 100% critical chance on the targets influenced by Rift of Horror.

If you want to play Necro from the 2. or 3. row of Defence/Attack, then you should use Volley of Darkness otherwise Reaper’s Sweep will rip their rows apart if you get between a few enemies.

Hellfire is a nice skill in combination with Rift of Horror and a group of enemies.

Use Shadow of the Past when you know you will get dmg and play cat and mouse with your foes. Shadow of the Past will only port you on a place, not over a gap and neither up nor down to another position. You will get your life back and be trapped in the animation for a short time.

There are many ways to trick enemies and use the manyfold abilities of the Necromancer but because this class is very complicated one can only explain a few of them. I will try to improve this guide, pimp and complete it. If you have Questions, write me a message and I will research and add it.

Skyforge Strength/Luck and Valor/Luck DPS Builds Guide by Amiel

The purpose of this guide is to share some insight into two particular builds that will maximize your DPS potential. They may also be applied to tanks, obviously to a lesser extent, since tanks have to sacrifice some DPS symbols and chapels with damage mitigation ones.

I have tested multiple builds and I have found these two to be the most effective, out of Luck/Spirit, Strength/Valor, etc.

1. Strength & Luck Build

A good thing to know for genji 1v1 is that you can dash through his deflect and still get the 50 dmg. View entire discussion (7 comments) More posts from the OverwatchUniversity community. Until you have enough skill, focus on what you could have done in your realm of ability, and fix that. Only when that realm is fixed can you move on. Has genji dash always done 50 dmg movie. Always animation cancel fan by using another ability immediately after Headshot Fan(168) + Melee(30) + Dash(50) = 248 damage Alternatively, he can throw three shuriken in a wider spread.

1.1 Strength

Let’s begin by understanding what each of the stats do. In your equipment tab, you may have noticed multiple stats displayed on your right side panel.

You’ll find two values that will display your minimum and maximum base damage (for instance: 900-1600). These values will increase with Strength, Might and Accuracy. Might will increase the overall base damage, Strength will increase the maximum damage and accuracy will increase the minimum damage.

The reason why strength and accuracy are really important for maximizing your DPS is because the interval in between your base damage will decrease dramatically, causing your output damage not to vary nearly as much as it would without those primary stats;as a result your output damage will always be closer to the maximum base damage value. To illustrate my point below will follow two links with, and without my strength build, by removing my rings and the accuracy chapel.

This is my minimum and maximum base damage without strength and accuracy, as you may have noticed the gap in between values is fairly large – proportionally to my prestige, causing my output damage to be either 737-1302 or anything in between that interval. The base damage doesn’t affect your melee/range auto-attack damage alone, it’s also added to your skills base-damage and multiplied accordingly.

And this is my minimum and maximum damage with strength rings, accuracy chapel and strength symbol 2x. As you can see the interval is much smaller, proportionally to my prestige, causing my output damage to be much more stable, and overall, if added, much higher.

Please do not skip this part: I didn’t have other rings, so had to remove them, making this comparison a bit weird, because of the prestige loss I had. The gap in between intervals in the first example is 567 and the second is 839. The more prestige you have the bigger the gap is, if I had rings with other stats and that would give me the same prestige value I could have illustrated how the gap is in fact much bigger without Str/accuracy. So keep in mind the proportion ratio of Prestige Base damage gap Accuracy needed. I had 3k less prestige in the first image; the base min and max damage increases with prestige alone, making the gap bigger and bigger.

To maximize the strength’s stat potential you want to go for chapels that give accuracy, in your Order System temple 1, 2 and 5 have accuracy – work it into purple. Up to a total of +30% more accuracy, 10% per chapel. Rings will also give accuracy, so keep an eye on those.

How To Increase Dmg In Skyforge 1

Order system illustration(click me)

Symbols wise, you’ll need the strength 10% multiplier symbol, you can obtain up to 6, giving a hefty 60% increase on later prestige values. The value of accuracy caps at 100%. In my case being a tank, I can’t have this build to its full extent and can’t showcase its full potential, a player with a DPS as a main will have accuracy above 50%, and i have 30%.

1.2 Luck*

Luck affects a fixed value that is added to any critical damage – as seen in the image above next to Critical Damage 2357 -, regardless of being a DoT a melee strike or a skill. Later on, after god form, critical chance is quite high, it caps currently at 50%, and most people have in between 30% and 40%.

There are 4 crucial symbols that will benefit a lot from Luck, and those are Lacerated Wounds, Lucky Shot, Taint from Witch, the maxed class symbol and Maximum Recoil.

Both DoT’s can critic themselves, so you can just imagine the DPS potential from them. Critical will come by very easily with Lucky Shot symbol, since it can raise your critical chance to 50%, when you first start the combat the first strike will very likely critic, and subsequent ones will be forced to critic.

Lucky shot symbol effectiveness is diminished in proportion to how fast the dps attacks, meaning a Kinetic that has to charge his attacks will gain more critic in that interval, versus a Berserker that attacks in various strikes under 1 second apart. It’s up to you to get it or not.
1. Ultimate Strength: the effect of Strength on base damage is increased by 10% for each level of this symbol.

2. Lucky Shot: every 2 seconds, the character’s critical hit chance is increased by 1% for each level of this symbol. When critical damage is dealt, the effect is reset and begins accumulating again.

3. Lacerated Wounds: applies a damage over time effect on your enemy every time your hits critic.The damage of the DoT depends on the value of luck.

4. Jinx: Chance to apply a DoT with each attack that deals 296-644 base damage and amplifies taint’s effect by 25%.

5. Maximum Recoil
Critical damage is increased by 10% for each level of this symbol. Up to 6 stacks, with a 60% total increase.

2. Valor & Luck

2.1 Valor

Valor is a stat that will increase your additional damage, displayed on your stats panel, as Bonus Damage – you may see references of additional damage or bonus damage, they’re the same. As you can see in the link below, this damage has in interval that varies from 0 to 962. I had for this example 4 rings with Valor.
This interval of damage is applied proportionally to the opponent’s health, meaning that the higher the health, the closest you’ll be from inflicting the maximum bonus damage, in this case 962. This build is, thus, more suited for endgame content, such as Raids, where bosses can have up to 60 bars of health.

The key for this build is to cap the Temper stat at 50%. Temper, works much like critical rate. It’ll offer you a chance to inflict the maximum bonus damage regardless of the opponent’s health; meaning that you’ll have at all times a 50% chance to have the maximum damage added to your base damage.

Without Temper, your damage will vary a lot, and it’ll be exclusively effective fighting bosses, so it’s pretty much mandatory to cap it. You can obtain temper from chapels and rings. You’ll want to work chapels on temple 1, 4 and 5 as seen below.

How To Increase Dmg In Skyforge Download

Order System Illustration(click me)

2.2 Luck*(check luck above)

Symbols wise, you’ll need the Mobilization symbol from the upper atlas. You can have up to 6 stacks of this symbol, to a total increase of 60% more Bonus Damage.
Additional damage is increased by 10% for each level of this symbol.

General hints:

It’s very important to have in mind what build you’re going for right from the beginning, because once you reach the order system, you’ll be able to level chapels with various effects, such as the accuracy one I mentioned, if you randomly level effects, it’ll cost you alot to fix wrong levelled chapels.

Other chapel effects that will work for your DPS is crushing blow, which has a chance of doubling your base damage and discharge recovery. Be mindful of your build, if you wish to test other builds, say Strength & Spirit (popular one for LB and Knight), check which chapels and symbols work with it (accuracy, discharge recovery and the impulse intensity symbol), that’s just an example.

Skyforge How To Increase Damage

Bottom line is level only those that benefit your build, don’t waste resources on anything else or you’ll spend weeks of farm correcting those mistakes.