1. Melee Hunter Dmg Vs Ranger Scout 2
  2. Melee Hunter Dmg Vs Ranger Scout 2
  3. Melee Hunter Dmg Vs Ranger Scout Game
Since vanilla, PvP has been an arms race of ranged vs melee. Melee will have plenty of snares and stuns, and ranged classes will hav plenty of ways to get out of them. Seems like each expac favors one or the other. Who do you think is winning the metaphorical arms race so far?
Imo i feel like its pretty balanced (i play rogue enhance shammy mainly in pvp), but i feel like ranged is winning. Maybe it's just because frost mages let me move about 10 feet during the entire fight (cept the few seconds i have cloak/wolves up) so that blows things out of proportion. even not counting frost mages i feel like for the most part, they have more peels then i have stuns/slows.

C9 Scout Skills Build Guide by HeartlessOne

Class analysis.
Anti-close range, defensive traps makes it really hard to get close to a scout.
Excellent in team vs. team pvp, extreme good crowd control with aoe traps which provide protection for your teammate.
Excellent in pve; both solo and team, scouts have a skill that reduce enemy mag/phys def by 65% (level 50 cap)
Middle range domination.
Easy to start, traps are AI controlled.
Less lag affected, traps are AI controlled and not affected by delays.

Mar 20, 2007  worst warrior in WoW. Jun 17, 2011 The hunter's attacks deal debilitating conditions or target many opponents (with Rapid Shot you can hit up to 9 targets, whereas Twin Strike only gives you 2). Two-Weapon Ranger vs. Scout Ranger: the Scout, being Dex-based, will be equally competent in melee and in ranged combat, and his AC will likely be higher. Hunter Ranger Trapper VS Combat. Which paragon path will help you do higher dps? Save hide report. (massive dmg). Feb 27, 2018 Vanilla rangers were pretty meh, literally walking surveillance cameras with some occasional flank kills. Now that we have the katana, how good and viable is a melee ranger? I'm mostly worried about their survivability, their dmg seems acceptable.

Hard vs. long ranged classes, Scout lack long ranged attack and charge skills, which makes them very vulnerable vs. classes like Ranger, Elementalist and Illusionist. To win those classes you have to know how to get close.
Lack super armor skill & charge skill, this class is no doubt one of most squeezy character, without any super armor skill or charge skill you will need to know how to protect yourself and counter attack.
Limited potential, all traps are destroyable, and in end pvp with experienced players they know how to destroy your traps before getting to you. And then you will have no choice but rely on your ranged/melee skills which are weaker than everything else.
Lack grab skills, makes it harder to break guard.
Lack combo.

The ranger's ranged DPS just outshines a rogue in every way. A lot of the rogue's abilities are melee or short ranged as well. I also didn't want a pet and wanted to play ranged DPS. But now I have a lion named Muffins. So it all worked out for me. Fairly sure most, if not all of the rogue skills are weapon dependant, not melee. Apr 21, 2015  (Also, having a WF means that you'll have a +6 acc bonus in some melee weapons for those times when you're forced into melee.) As for Rogue vs Ranger for better ranged combatant, I think that it's sad that Rogues are better than Rangers. IMO, rangers should be the best ranged weapons combatants by wide margin.

Overall: Low potential, easy to play, excellent team support, good vs. melee, bad vs. ranged.

Skills build:

Preliminary uses: PU
Secondary uses: SU

Active skills.
1 Lift kick.
PU: connect combo (Lift kick + Grab throw + Normal attackx1 + …)
SU: Close range disable, keep enemy knock down while they stuck in your flame trap.

2 Multi-shot
PU: combo starter (Multi-shot + speed aim + shatter kick +…)

3 Shatter kick
PU: connect combo ( Shatter kick , turn your camera 180 degree and F (eagle kick ) )
SU: Escape (will allow to kick a bit away from your enemy), Push effect (Shatter kick +charged arrow will launch your enemy quite a bit away from you, perhaps into water.)

4. Turn slash
PU: Charge retaliation, right moment of this skill will break Taoist/warrior/guardian/blade masters charge.

6 Bomber shot
PU: Disable casters. Hit your enemy at long range if he doesn’t get up use speed aim for extra dmg.
SU: This can be an awesome skill if you max it in intrude dungeon, max burn effect is around 5000 hp.

7 Fire support
PU: Close range defense, Close range AOE dmg. One of your greatest skill, huge impact, huge aoe, combine with Find weakness + Flame trap + knock down skills while flame traps still active… This combo is deadly for any enemy, if you successful pull this combo you will win the round. Use this skill carefully since the cool down is very long.

8. Line trap
PU: Control, defensive. This trap aims automatically at your enemy; this will prevent your enemy from casting skills at the same position. However hp of this trap is relative low, be sure to protect this trap from enemy attack.
SU: Flank attack, use this trap and attack enemy from different position.

9. Buster Impact
PU: Defensive, Charge retaliation. You will be invincible for 0.75 second after using this skill, which gives you time to strike back.
SU: Connect combo, break guard. (Buster Impact + turn camera 45 degree + Eagle kick + …) Break guard (jump + normal hit x 1 + Buster Impact + … the aoe effect of this skill will launch your enemy to air even they guarding)

10. Explosive trap
PU: All around skill can be used defensive or offensive with Aerial trap .

11. Bullet trap
PU: Defensive, shoots projectile around with 30degree between each projectile. Use this skill to prevent your enemy getting close.
SU: Charge retaliation, this trap will stop charging enemy immediately and do huge dmg on the charger.

12. Pumpkin Bomber
PU: Long range disables Long range approach. One of your best skills you can cast while on air, this skill will launch enemy on air. (Pumpkin Bomber +eagle kick + …)
SU: Connect combo, this skill will allow you to launch enemy on the floor. (Kneel press + Pumpkin Bomber +eagle kick + …)

Melee Hunter Dmg Vs Ranger Scout 2

13. Flame trap .
PU: Dmg output, this skill burns hard and has long duration, no doubt one of your best dmg skills. However use it wisely since cd is long. (Use after Support fire will give max effect.) And keep your enemy stuck in this trap.
SU: Cover, this trap will provide you cover while you going offensive. HP of this trap is pretty high, enemy will mostlikaly run away from this trap.

14. Freezing trap
PU: All around skill can be used defensive or offensive with Aerial trap . This trap will reduce enemy’s moving speed upon hit.

15. Lethal Mist .
PU: Defensive, Advantage will be yours if you stay in its field; this skill is used to let your other skills cool down. Enemy who stays in this field will be damaged and speed reduced.

16. Enchant Ice
PU: Increase melee dmg & freeze effect, your best buff skill, this skill will increase your physical skill dmg by nearly 3 times, skills such as multi shot and speedy aim and normal shots.

17. Busting touch aka teddy bear bomb
PU: Connect combo, melee impact at higher level (Grab throw + turn slash + Busting touch + eagle kick + …)
SU: Distance maintain, this skill will push your enemy away from you.

18 Find Weakness
PU: De-buff, reduce 65% of enemy phys/mag defense. Use this skill after Fire support .

19. Crouch
PU: Dodge range skills 3second, invincible frames 0.5second.
This will be your best tactical skill vs. long range classes since you lack speed and long range attack.

20. Eagle kick
PU: Combo, Combo starter. Great skill with low cool down. (Grab throw + jump while turning your camera 45degree to left/right and then turn immediately back on your enemy+ Eagle kick while in air + … Pumpkin Bomber +eagle kick + … Impact + turn camera 45 degree + Eagle kick …)

21 Grab Throw
PU: Retaliation, break guard, combo starter, combo extent. This skill should be one of the first skills you should know about (How to use it, see next phase).

22. Dmg mori lathe. Evasive Maneuvers + Attack
PU: Retaliation, dodge. Useful as well, this skill also contain very short time of invincible frame, use this attack on charging targets flank will cause them to stop (Double usage; pressing A or D and left mouse, hold it and then immediately click S + left mouse, this move will allow you to dodge twice)
SU: Combo Starter, combo extent (Press S + left click and then press W at targets direction, quite useful when you don’t know or lack combo skill due cool down).

23. Kneel Press
PU: Connect combo, knock down. This skill allows you to hit enemy on the floor (Kneel press + Pumpkin Bomber +eagle kick + …)
SU: Kick enemy into water.

24. Speed Aim
PU: Range disables melee dmg. With Ice Enchant this skill actually does quite a bit of melee dmg, this skill can be used to shoot casters really quick before they release their skill. This skill will even stun enemy for few milliseconds which you can use to launch your combo, and you can even freeze enemy if you are lucky.

25. Aerial Trap
PU: Approach, escape. Final cut pro dmg free. Press Shift + left or right mouse button will allow you to use Explosive/Freezing trap while in air, which will look like Assassins double jump, very useful.

Try to get moving speed as much as possible since scouts lacks speed.
You will suffer lack of mp in PVP, I suggest you to put some point at max MP.

Combat Experience.
Phase 1 – Starters.
Learn to use your traps in a correct way.
– Do not spam all the traps at the same time, unless enemy using super armor buffs (Guardian/Taoist).
– Do not place traps at the same location, the best would be 10m between each trap.
– Learn to use traps while in air, use them to get close or escape.
– Remember all your traps cool down; be sure that you always have at least 1 trap you can use and at least 1 trap on the field.

Long Range.
Learn to aim, even though you are not a ranger.
– Multi shot ; splash aoe, useful to stop running enemy. Use it while your traps targeted enemy, this skill will stop enemy from dodging your traps.
– Bomber shot ; 3×3 aoe impact, useful to break enemy guard.
– Speedy aim ; fastest arrow skill you have, use it to lock your enemy and cause extra impact.
– Normal shots; use them to lock enemy.

Phase 2 – Average Players.
Physical combo & Approach.
You pbly noticed that you cannot longer rely on your traps since enemy knows how to dodge them; you will have to learn about physical combo and how to get close to your target.
There are basically 5 skills for basic melee combo, Grab Throw, Pumpkin Bomber,Buster Impact , eagle kick, Kneel press.

Best skills to approach enemy are Pumpkin Bomber +eagle kick combo and Multi-shot + speed aim +shatter kick combo.

By the amount of time you learn your enemy’s weakness. You will be able to break enemy charges, dodge and counter attack.

Melee Hunter Dmg Vs Ranger Scout 2

Crouch ; you can dodge 90% of skills if you use it right.
Buster Impact ; Use the invincible effect to dodge all incoming attacks.
Turn Slash ; counter charging enemy.
Correct usage of this skill will provide you invincible frames which you can use to avoid or break enemy skills.
– Can be used to break/avoid almost every fighter skills if used in right time. Exceptions: Back End Upper, Counter stance.
– Taoist; cannot break/avoid Dark Emotion and Electric Swing.
– Ranger; cannot break/avoid Arrow Rain.
– Elementalist; cannot break/avoid ground casted skill, such as meteor, lighting strike.
– Assassin; cannot break/avoid Shadow Bomber, Q+Halfmoon kick.
– Scout; cannot break/avoid every traps.

Grab Throw, Turn slash and arrow break guard works for all hunter classes.

Phase 3 – Advance (incomplete).
Combine traps and physical combos.
In order to maximal traps effect you will have to combine them with physical attacks.
Secret move 1: Long distance push.

Melee Hunter Dmg Vs Ranger Scout Game

Busting Touch + Press F (falls immediately on the ground with eagle kick) + W-F (Shatter kick) + Charge arrow (right mouse) + Finish with bomber shot for extra distance.
This combo is very useful when you want to knock your enemy into water.

There’s no such thing as no brain class, no brain traps only works against no brain player. – Heartless