Jul 27, 2019  Note: Prices are always changing. So I wouldn't add the estimated price for the package. Keep in mind that Cheaper awakes = Weaker DMG. Don't hesitate to ask. Apr 05, 2019 Insanity FlyFF Crystal System Weapon: Safe points: 4, 8, 12, 16 To +6 CES only To +8 with CESS To +10 CES only To +12 with CESS To +14 CES only. To +16 with CESS To +18 with CES. To +20 with. I didn't include PVE% Awakes because I don't have one and I don't think newbies can afford it at the moment. Though PVE% Awakes can really boost up the damage output of any boss hunting class. And as I've said above, players are welcome to upgrade my guide along the way if they can.

  1. Pve Dmg Vs Adoch Vs Atk Flyff 2017
  2. Pve Dmg Vs Adoch Vs Atk Flyff Online
  3. Pve Dmg Vs Adoch Vs Atk Flyff 1
  4. Pve Dmg Vs Adoch Vs Atk Flyff 4
  5. Pve Dmg Vs Adoch Vs Atk Flyff 2016
  6. Pve Dmg Vs Adoch Vs Atk Flyff 2

For the%Boss vs%Atk, if you lie under the black line eg. 350% Total Dmg with 20% ATK, you would your range against bosses would increase more by getting 9% ATK when compared to 30% Boss, but if you lie above the line getting 30% Boss would boost your range more than 9% ATK. Jan 26, 2016  Also on the point of attack power vs additional damage, additional damage is flat while attack power is scaling so if your ability hits for 100 base with 2.0 scaling, it's damage would increase by 25 from 25 additional damage and 50 from 25 attack power.

Fly for Fun Jesters Guide by thief

Hey, this is RaytheRogue from the Lawolf Cluster. I have been through almost every possible build as a Jester, and I have seen what people say. And what has been shown, what I’ve done. So I decided to write a Guide.

Or, if your searching for a build for a Bow Jester or a Yo-yo Jester you may also search here.

A Note from Ray:
Times have changed and the population of Jesters is close to balanced.

I am now neutral on both sides of Jesters, although I’m a Yo-Yo Jester myself. This guide is built solely to help people, not to build competition between the two subclasses.

I guarantee this guide will help you. ^_^
Rogue’s Promise.

-RaytheRogue- Level 7x – Lawolf

Bow Jester –
Known as the Critical Kings and Queens of Flyff, Bow Jesters are basically Jesters that only depend on two Skills. Which are Perfect Block, and Bow Mastery.

.References on Bow Jesters.
Most Bow Jesters tend to drift towards the Youtube Videos for proof of Bow Jester power. I’ll display them below to make it easier for you. But read my guide before you restat.

-The Videos-
[Unbuffed Bow Jester]

[Bow Jester Fighting with No Weapons]

[Bow Jester Boss Hunting with RM]

Bow Jesters – The PvP Guide
Bow Jesters, like regular Yo-Yo Jesters are great for PvP. From what I’ve seen, and done when I was a Bow Jester. Bow Jesters are good against most classes in the arena, as well as the PK arena.

Bow Jesters have the ability to 1 Hit K.O. Some players the same level as them. Bow Jesters however, can die in almost any Pre-Casted AoE skill, or any skill casted on them when Dark Illusion is not in effect.

Bow Jesters are known to win against these Classes:
Note: I CAN be wrong, because I have seen Bow Jesters lose alot.
Please don’t flame this part of the thread because this is an opinionated set of statements.


Ringmasters. [Note: Almost any class can beat a Ringmaster if they are Full Support, However a Battle RM may serve up some trouble.]


Knights. [Note: Most Knights are either Full Stamina or a Sta/Str Build, Bow Jesters die in 1 hit from any leveled Knight skill or a Pre-Casted Power Stump while the Knight is on Follow to the Bow Jester, but otherwise if the Bow Jester has a Chain of Criticals, the Knight WILL lose. UNLESS they have Pain Reflection which they get at level 70.]


Billposters. [Note: Billposters are a VERY close match for Bow Jesters being that they are proven one of the top pvp classes in Flyff. Most Billposters find Bow Jesters as a Joke, and simply follow a Bow Jester before a Duel and just wait for the Bow Jester to appear, then use Belial Smashing in a Chain, and the Bow Jester loses. However, the Bow Jester can simply run, and if they see the Billposter chasing them, they can charge up they’re bow, and shoot the Billposter having a 60% Chance to send them flying back while shooting them with high criticals. In this case, the Billposter loses.]


Yo-Yo Jesters. [Note: The same class against each other. These Matches are usually VERY tense and either end up in a Stunned Victory. Or a 1 Shot K.O. from ANY of the Sub classes. It all depends on who uses Dark Illusion First, and who’s Dark Illusion is more trained. Jesters can’t take much hits from a Bow Jester, However, if a Yo-yo Jester has a level 16+ Crossline, and he catches the Bow Jester, the Bow Jester is Dead.

However if the Yo-Yo Jester is level 75 with at least level 7 Hit of Penya, the Bow Jester WILL die in 1 hit if caught. So you Bow Jesters had better train your Dark Illusion to a high level. Most Acrobats tend to leave their Dark Illusion at level 10. Catch the Yo-yo Jester in a chain of criticals and their bound to lose.]


Bow Jester. [Note: Once again this match depends on a “Who has the Higher Dark Illusion” 1 hit from a Bow Jester v.s. Bow Jester will 1 hit K.O. both of them. It’s all about Speed, and Strategy.]


Blade. [Note: This Class is said to be the weakest in PvP, but suprisingly they can kill Bow Jesters in 2-3 hits if they’re build and equipment are just right. But if the Blade does not use the right strategy, they will be killed easily otherwise. If they catch the Bow
Jester with a Skill, the Bow Jester will be 1 hit K.Oed.]


Ranger. [Note: Most people think Rangers suck, but I will state the following statement.

Rangers do not suck. DO NOT, I repeat DO NOT underestimate them.

Rangers, ALSO have Dark Illusion meaning that it’s a battle of Strategy and “Who has the better trained Dark Illusion” 1 Charged Shot from a Ranger can kill a Bow Jester, or they have the preference to use a skill like Fire/Ice/Poison Arrow.
Once again it all depends on who gets the first shot.]


Elementors. [Note: Bow Jesters, are almost unbeatable to a Elementor, due to they’re slow casting time, they usually have they’re spell dispelled because of the Bow Jesters knockback. Elementors have a definite win if they Pre-Cast any AoE before the duel. But then again, that’s not fair.

At level 75 Elementors mostly come with Myuran/Myurian sets, which allow them 20% reduced Casting time. This set is DEADLY and should also be underestimated as most Elementors equip a stick of Vel Parpone in combination with this set and spam Windfield which will slow your running speed by alot. So becareful and think before you duel.]


Psykeepers. [Note: Psykeepers are Unbeatable to Jesters, UNLESS the Psykeeper’s Crucio is turned off. Otherwise if the Psykeeper’s Crucio is turned on, it is IMPOSSIBLE for a Bow Jester to win, unless they use Crossline, which will only help you to win if they are an Intelligence Build, otherwise, if it’s a Crucio Psy, a Bow Jester can NEVER win.]


Bow Jesters – The Bosshunting and PvM Guide

Bow Jesters are GREAT for Bosshunting, making them one of the richest Sub-Classes in the Game.

As you can see if the Video I posted before, Bow Jesters only require one good RM to take on Bosses even saying that, they can use regular assists straight from the point they get their job change. All the would need is Haste, Heap up, and Cannonball. Because Bow Jesters get such a High Critical Rate, the Bosses can HARDLY touch them, and when they actually DO touch the Bow Jester, they are automatically spammed by Heal. Making the Bosses attempt pretty useless.

Without an Assist a Bow Jester can take a Boss 5 levels under them, which drops their chance for a good drop. But it’s still fun.

However as Bow Jesters level up, they receive more Crit rate and more ASPD, rendering the Assists/RM close to useless as most Bow Jesters will want to hog the items for themselves.


As For hunting Monsters, Bow Jesters are nearly the FASTEST levelers I have ever seen out of any class in this game, they can take opponents 10 levels above them and kill them with Ease making assists want to party with them more than any other class.
At 75, this becomes nullified because almost all the classes become 50% better than before.

When they are unbuffed however Bow Jesters find it VERY hard to stay alive unless they have some Sta and loads of Star Candies.

However as said before, when these Bow Jesters level, they start to require the Rm’s and Assists less and less.

But if a Bow Jester has a good Assist/Ring Master, they can level both the Ringmaster/ Assist as well as themselves in no time.


So, you wanna be a Bow Jester?

If you want to choose this Highly popular Sub-Class then you should follow my Stat Guide.

ALL Bow Jesters follow the Full Dex Build Plan. So if you want to Critical ALL the time and have UBER high damage. Then your build should look like this.

Str – 15
Sta- 15
Dex – xxx [XXX means that this is the only thing you have to raise]
Int- 15

If you actually like to live if you get Criticaled, then use this Build.

Str- 15
Sta- 30
Dex- xxx
Int- 15

Any Higher Bases of Sta will lower your Bow Damage, but will enable you to Solo monsters and not die in 1 critical which is good.


So, is that all I need?

Nope, if you want to be a GOOD Bow Jester these are a definite Must.

Cruiser Gauntlets +3 or more.
Cruiser Boots +3 or more.
Cruiser Suit +3 or more.
Cruiser Helmet +3 or more.
Flaming Bow +3 or more.
Guardian Bow +3 or more.

Note about Flaming and Guardian Bows:
There’s been alot of dispute about Guardian and Flaming bows, and which is better.

New Generation Bow Jesters tend to pick the Guardian Bow simply because of the +20% Critical rate.

+20% Critical Rate = Not being touched, at all.

Now as for the first Generation Bow Jesters, like myself and Rare, Ireakus, Papooze and a few others. Flaming Bows are simply the best because at level 60, Bow Jesters get 56% Criticals. +3% Criticals from the Flaming bow gives them 59%, and with that chance of criticaling, they’ll have already brought down the monster because of the damage they do.

It’s simply your choice, I say Flaming Bow however because it’s WAY cheaper than the guardian, and you can 1 Shot Kill several people in the arena which is GREAT fun.

As for Girls, you will need Hyper, which is the Female alternative to Cruiser.

Those Items are a MUST, but if you have alot of money then you can buy these items to make you a Better Hunter.

Plug +2 or +4
Mighteer +1
Dexion +1

Those Necklaces/Ear Rings will Help you GREATLY.

Last Note: After 75, you can ditch your Guardian/Flaming Bow and use a Historic Bow as any Ranger would. However, this is YOUR choice.

Now, with the release of the new Sets, you will be living off Cruiser until level 90 when you have to switch to the Restra/Rasra Set.

As I said before, after 75 Bow Jesters tend to use any Bow they want until level 105 when they get the most dangerous Bow I have ever seen in the game. However, most people just quit after reaching 75, so yeah, just look at this if your a serious gamer.

atk rate:292~294
death blow(critical dmg)+40%

But through levels 45-90, you will need to use Cruiser/Hyper and the strongest Bow you can get.


-FAST Leveling.
-Great Damage
-Enemies can hardly touch you.
-Good in the arena
-GREAT at Bosshunting and Fighting monsters
-Nice to showoff to Noobs.
-Money Maker.
-Becomes Non-RM dependent as you grow in levels.

-You can’t take much Hits.
-You can die in 1 hit.
-Your going to waste alot of money on Upgrading your Cruiser/Bows.
-Can’t beat Psys or 7x Knights in the arena.
-Only 2 Skills. Totally Kills the Purpose of being a Jester.
-Yo-yo Skills are cut down to almost half Damage.


My Overview

[color=darkblue]I personally LOVED being a Bow Jester, until 3/4 of the Jester Population became Bow Jesters as well. And Yo-Yo Jesters became so Rare, I couldn’t even speak of it without someone saying “Lol, Yo-yo Jesters Suck” I didn’t want them to say it, so I totally abandoned the name of a Bow Jester. I actually like the respect I get for being a Yo-yo Jester than the power I get as a Bow Jester. But hey, That’s MY opinion, not yours. So go ahead, become a Bow Jester, Chances are, you’ll love it as much as I did. ^_^

Note: I was only a Bow Jester for one level, which was 60.



Known as the Critical and PvP King and Queens of Flyff. Jesters are Grinders which are slow levelers. If you have a Str/Sta build you will have to Skill spam which will make leveling VERY slow but worth it in the Duel arena. Otherwise, people use Sta/Dex to level up fast, but it is still no where to be on par with Bow Jesters. If you want to level up like a Bow Jester, Yo-yo is not for you.
If you want Definate pwnage in the arena, Read ^_^.

After 65 However, your leveling suddenly boosts up to the speed of a Blade due to the skill Critical Swing.
Note: To those people who don’t think it’s worth it to train Snitch, IT IS, so hurry and get it to 10 ASAP.

As soon as you reach 75, the life of a Yo-Yo Jester takes a sudden turn as you will get Hit of Penya as well as being able to stop wearing cruiser because of the Historic Yo-yo.

.References on Jesters.

Yo-yo Jesters are very Rare because people would rather choose Bow Jester for fast leveling and because of their damage. However, I have a few Videos that show some Demonstration of Jester skills.

Note: Jester skills are pretty [I Have a Potty Mouth] flashy. So if you’re gonna lag, turn off your effects when using your skills for the first time.

-The Videos-
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KBJJeyTZ … f%20Jester
[Full Dex Jester Fighting with Yo-yos]

The big cat version is actually intended to bring some new capabilities and refinement in the way tabs are appearing, the media is managed and things are browsed. OS came with plenty of new features and improvements in the series to bring some imminent changes and is still there in Apple App Store for purchase. Mac os x mountain lion download dmg reddit.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KMtpIIah … f%20Jester
[Display of Jester Buffs and Attack Skills]

[Level 80 Yo-Yo Jester fighting Giant Iren]

[Level 80 Yo-Yo Jester fighting Giant Hoppre]

[Jester Compilation Video]


Jesters – The PvP Guide

Level 6x Jesters are normally seen in the arena, being able to kill things pretty easily because of the speed of the Guardian Yo-yos.

After 7x however, all classes take a sudden turn, and dueling becomes about 80% more fun, and more challenging.

Jesters have 4 consecutive rivals which are.
Bow Jesters
and Knights.

Just because some of the other classes aren’t listed here don’t think that those others can’t put up a fight.
[Yes, even Blades can win.]

Pve Dmg Vs Adoch Vs Atk Flyff


Ringmasters. [Note: Almost any class can beat a Ringmaster if they are Full Support, if a Battle RM is lucky, they may beat a Jester, but chances are, with the Unholy amount of Stun a Jester posseses, the Battle RM can’t touch them. One masted Hit of Penya and the RM will die.

Ringmasters get an attack at level 80 called “Merkaba Hanzelrusha” which is a NASTY skill to fight against.

Most RM’s tend to restat to full int as the classes they party with are all level 99+ rendering them safe against most monsters.

Full Int + Merkaba Hanzelrusha = 2k Damage every 2 seconds for quite a bit.

If your Merkaba’d get the hell out of the cross that lies on the floor and Dark Illusion ASAP.]


Knights. [Note: Jesters have a 50-50 chance of winning at level 6x, against 6x Knights because of the Guardian Yo-Yo’s attack speed

However, as soon as a Knight reaches level 70, they receive Pain Reflection which renders our Melee nearly useless, even at 75 it’s [I Have a Potty Mouth] hard to beat a High Sta’d Knight. Jesters HAVE to depend on HoP and Backstep for this battle or else we’re owned.

The BEST strategy that I use 90% of the time fighting High Sta’d Knights is, we cast Backstep while in Dark Illusion, and at Mastered Back Step we have a 60% chance to stun the Knight, with the 2k-3k damage that comes along with it. Then we cast HoP and the knight WILL be Dead, or close to dead.

However, after challenging the Knight again, I usually give them a hint of my strategy to make the duel more challenging.

The Knights best bet is to Nullify our attacks with Powerstump, because unfortunately the range for Backstep isn’t very far at all. If they are to catch us in a stunlock with Powerstump, we’re finished.

And what if I were fighting a Dex Knight?
Well, almost 90% of the Knights that come to the arena are ALL AoE Knights, because that’s their best strength.

Dex Knights are NO challenge with Mastered HoP, so don’t worry about that when your 75. And as for when your level 6x, Dex Knights don’t exist. At all.]


Billposters. [Note: Billposters are VERY challenging opponents, just like Knights, Rangers and Bow Jesters.

At level 6x, Billposters can either Melee or Spam Belial Smashing to bring the Jester down, but the Jester can easily stun the Billposter with counter and critical them down until they die.

However… At 7x, Billposters become an UNBELIEVABLY good fighting class when they receive Sonic Hand, which is a skill that hits 5 times in one Blow and totally nullifies Counter no matter WHAT you do.

Billposters spam Sonic Hand and the damage goes straight through counter and the Jester is left there waiting to die in the counter position. So DON’T BE FOOLED.

My Best strategy against Billposters is to stun them and then Backstep then HoP then stun them again, then finish them off with Melee.

However, your gonna need to train your Crossline to 20 or your Backstep to 10 to get a high stun rate like that.

If your not prepared with those things, the Billposter can and WILL win. End of Story.]


Yo-Yo Jesters. [Note: These situations are very fun as most Yo-Yo Jesters become friends after a while.

At 6x, it’s a competition of Dark Illusion, Stun and Critical rate as well as speed. Simply put, a Skill competion.

At 7x, it’s a competition of who has the higher Dark Illusion, HoP, Stun, and Crit Damage. These competitions are just TOO fun!

What I do, when fighting a fellow Yo-Yo Jester, is Dark Illusion and walk into someone, wait til they appear and HoP them, ALL Yo-Yo Jesters have the same health, which can only be altered by Equipment, Stats and Level difference. And ALL Yo-Yo Jesters can be killed with one mastered HoP.]


Bow Jesters. [Note: These are normally Very Tense duels, as any of these Classes can win, once again, it all depends on who has the better Dark Illusion.

If a Jester catches the Bow Jester once, the Bow Jester will be either dead or Stunned. If a Bow Jester Catches a Jester, they will be either sent flying, or 1 hit K.O.ed as well. Once again, a Very tense match of Speed and Strategy. These kinds of things last all the way through both kind of Jesters lifetimes.]


Blade. [Note: Blades are apparently rendered the worst PvP class in Flyff. But suprisingly some of them put up a very decent and deadly fight.

At level 6x, the Jester will have to stick to skill spamming Crossline to kill the Blade, despite having Critical Swing.

A Blades most powerful asset is their high block rates, which render melee useless.

At level 7x, most blades tend to restat to Axe Blades, which are ALOT more challenging then a Blade with Swords. Jesters must remain skill dependent and use HoP and Backstep as we would with any other class. Why? Because when we use Historic Yo-yo’s our ASPD will be reduced to 62% which is a 10% difference from using our very speedy Guardian Yo-Yo’s.

HoP and Backstep are our Trump Cards.]

Ranger. [Note: As I said before, DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT, underestimate Rangers, it will be your worse mistake ever.

Rangers have finally understood their existence in the game thanks to PoyzinPure’s guide.
80% of the Rangers found today are all Sta Rangers which is an EXCELLENT PvP build.

The other 20% are Rangers who want to be Bow Jesters, but don’t want to be hated by people.

Rangers are EXTREMELY difficult in the arena at level 6x and 7x reguardless of what people think about them.

Rangers DO NOT suck, and I HIGHLY reccomend you make one because they are GREAT in dueling.

Pve Dmg Vs Adoch Vs Atk Flyff 2017

Rangers and Jesters tend to have the same level Dark Illusion as Jesters, so they appear mostly at the same time, followed by a Ranger using Ice Arrow, then Fire Arrow.

Pve Dmg Vs Adoch Vs Atk Flyff Online

A Jester would be pretty nervous as Rangers now have a high reputation in dueling, immediately spamming HoP/Crossline/Counter and Backstep ASAP.

The Ranger would simply just shoot them with another Fire/Ice Arrow leaving them dead.

Mastered Ice/Fire Arrow do about 1k-2k each arrow and alot of continuous damage from the AoE, so don’t make the mistake of countering in a Ranger duel because you’ll be stuck waiting to counter in a burning ring of fire, watching your health get drained down by the fire.

It sucks, trust me.

Rangers also get Oska/Okas suits at level 75 which increase their recovery rate by ALOT. Trust me, this is almost as good as healing, and your HoP damage will just heal back up as you chase after them.


Your best bet is to follow a new strategy I came up with that works against 98% of the Rangers I fight.

Equip your Guardian Yo-Yo’s and stun the Ranger.
As said before Rangers have high recovery rates with that Oska/Okas suit, so Guardian Yo-Yo’s will leave you with 72% ASPD, and as you quickly critical the stunned Ranger to half damage, the Ranger will be nearing the end of the Stun timer.

HoP them to finish off the last half of their health and you’ll be victorious.]

Elementors. [Note: Jesters, tend to think Elementers are easy because of the way Bow Jesters kill them so easily. However, when an Elementer casts a spell we can’t dispell it by Meleeing them, so we have to depend upon stun to nullify the effect of the cast.

Pve Dmg Vs Adoch Vs Atk Flyff 1

Elementors also have high amounts of HP so you can either use two of my strategies which work 100% each.

For 6x Yo-Yo users-
Stun, and Critical with your Guardian Yo-Yo’s, it’s as simple as that.

For 7x Yo-Yo users-
You can either stick with the 6x strategy, or use the same strategy for the rest of the classes, simple as that. ]


Psykeepers. [Note: Unlike Bow Jesters, Jesters can easily take Int Psys and Full Sta Crucio Psys.

Psykeepers tend to be powerful in the arena if they are Int. But they are also weak if they are Full Int due to their low HP, however if they are Full Sta they have more of a chance to win because if they stun the Jester with Satanology the Jester can’t do anything because of our broken skill “Escape”.

Just as if we stun them, they’re doomed. Satanology is a Psy’s Trump Card. If they cast Satanology, then we’re doomed.

Psys tend to Action Slot Satanology and Psychic Bomb, so while we are struggling to break free if they get 1 attack on us, half our HP is gone. If Psychic Bomb succeeds in stunning during that, we lose.

But otherwise, they lose if their Satanology fails.

Yet again, another very Tense match of Strategy and Speed.

Escape worked in a previous version of Flyff, but now it’s bugged and it’s only there for looks.]


Pve Dmg Vs Adoch Vs Atk Flyff 4

Jesters – The Bosshunting and PvM guide.

Jesters tend to be GREAT bosshunters because of their extreme similarity to a blade as well as Counterattack which disreguards any attack that the Bosses Throw at you, and makes them suffer Stun, giving us a chance to attack and push them back. Bosses are highly reccommended for Sta/Dex AND Str/Dex builds because Counter attack works great with any near death experience. Though it might be slower than BossHunting the Giant as a Bow Jester, we DON’T Require an RM, which makes us get all of the drops ^_^.

80% of the Jesters now, including myself.
Simply turn on Critical Swing and fight the boss ourselves.
The High critical damage, or High ASPD let’s us take down the bosses just as easily.
But Assists/Rm’s are a GREAT addition.

However PvM wise, Sta/Str Jesters tend to be very Pot Costly and have to Spam Crossline ALL the time. However, Dex/Sta Jesters are known to kill as Fast as Blades at level 65 which makes us Great at leveling but still not as fast as Bow Jesters.

So you wanna be a Yo-Yo Jester?

There are many Jester Builds depending on your personality, if you like to level then theres a build for that, as well as a Dueling build.

I actually reccomend taking the Dex build until you get a higher level where you actually have nothing to do except duel. Other than that, I HIGHLY reccomend following the default build. Because other builds, like the emo build are rendered useless as the default build is almost the same.

Str Build. (HIGHLY Recommended.)
Str – xxx
Sta – 30/40
Dex – 60
Int – 15

Dex/Str Build. (For the Speedier alternative.)
Str – xxx
Sta – 40/50
Dex – 92
Int – 15

Str/Sta Build.
Str – xxx
Sta – 40/60
Dex – 15
Int – 15

Hybrid Build.
Str- xxx
Sta- 40
Dex- xxx
Int – 15

Emo build. (For Those who just don’t care)
Str- xxx
Sta- 15
Dex- xxx
Int- 15

-Display of Rare Yo-yo’s-

Pve Dmg Vs Adoch Vs Atk Flyff 2016

lv60 YOYO:
atk rate:207~209
Def Rate+30

lv75 YOYO:
atk rate:223~225
death blow(critical dmg)+28%

lv90 YOYO:
atk rate:247~249

lv105 YOYO:
atk rate:258~260
MAX HP+15%

At level 90, we become Godly, because the level 90 Set gives 40% Extra damage on Crits, along with the 28% we get from the level 90 Yo-Yo. Adding all the Dex we’ll have at that Level along with our Mastered Critical Swing, we’ll be unstoppable.

See what I mean?

And if your worried with PvP, we won’t be the best, I’ll tell you that now. But we will be good enough to take care of ourselves until level 75 when we get HoP and Backstep at level 70.

First, what your gonna need to do is get your X-Line to lvl 16-20, just to have a Guaranteed stun if the enemy is not too dumb to fall right into a Counter attack, Mastered Counter is HIGHLY reccomended, so I would start AFK training that right away.
As soon as we Stun them, Then we Bombard them with our Criticals, and Repeat if they aren’t dead in the time that they’re stunned. Oh, and make sure you have mastered Poison or Bleed it’ll help alot.


So is that all I need?

Pve Dmg Vs Adoch Vs Atk Flyff 2

Well with my build you can use Jester armor OR Cruiser armor, so it’s all up to you. Set armors however are HIGHLY reccomended. Since you can get good Bonuses that will help you kill monsters faster.

All of our new Set armor adds a GREAT Defence rating and it either adds Dex, Decreases FP Cost, or gives better Critical Damage.
All of those are VERY beneficial to us.
Same with the Yo-Yo’s and they’re bonuses, those, either help us in the Arena, or add more Critical Rates or Dex.

Note: Master Enchant Poison and Enchant Blood at level 60, then use Enchant Poison until level 65. Master Critical Swing as soon as you get it if your using the Dex build.

However if your going to use the STR build which is pretty rare, continue using Enchant Poison.

Enchant Blood increases the damage of criticals, so use this as if it depended on your life.


-Stun/Poison/Steal from your Enemy.
-Lag Peoples screens with your skills. (Ultra Fun.)
-You won’t die in 1 hit.
-Skills to look up to.
-HoP is a one-hitter-quitter.
-Vital Stab is also a one-hitter-quitter.
-Using other armor after 75 is relieving.
-Fun to use Strategy in the arena.

-Slow kills if your Sta/Str
-Still not as fast and powerful as a Bow Jester
-If you use your Jester armor your Damage will drop, unless it’s Set Armor
-You’ll get killed in the arena if your not using your skills right.
-Slower Bosshunting than Bow Jester

And with that. My Guide is done. ^_^
I hope you guys all enjoyed, and I hope it helped you all.

P.S. Contact me in the game if you wanna hang out, or if you need help.