1. Dmg Mori Dmu 80 P Duoblock Series
  2. Dmg Mori Dmu 80 P Duoblock 2016

DMC 80 U duoBLOCK - 5-axis CNC milling machines and 5-axis CNC milling centers from DMG MORI. DMU 50 3 rd Generation.

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Complete machining

  1. Product Information: Universal machining centres DMU 80 P duoBLOCK® of DMG MORI. Contact the manufacturer and find a merchant in your location.
  2. DMU 80 P duoBLOCK - DMG MORI의 5축 CNC 밀링 머신과 5축 CNC 밀링 센터.
  • Milling and turning in one setup with the DirectDrive table and rotational speeds up to 500 rpm
  • Best surface quality with technology integration grinding


Dmg Mori Dmu 80 P Duoblock Series

Dmg mori dmu 80 p duoblock price
  • Maximum accuracy through completely water-cooled feed drive
  • SGS: Spindle Growth Sensor for Compensation of spindle increase
  • Significantly improved temperature response

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  • Up to 50 % higher cutting power with the roughing package
  • Also available in mill- /turn - version
  • powerMASTER motorspindle with 1,000 Nm and 77 kW
  • 5X torqueMASTER with 1,800 Nm and 52 kW


Dmg Mori Dmu 80 P Duoblock 2016

  • Low space requirements, extremely compact wheel magazine with short tool replenishment time of max. 5.6 sec with 453 tool pockets
  • Optimal ease of maintenance and ideal ergonomics thanks to unrestricted accessibility
  • High machine availability with 96 %